A Letter to My Anito

To the one who always does his best to safeguard me along with the other two accompanying spirits,

Thank you, I don’t know how I’d have survived all the perils of my life if you all hadn’t revealed yourself in the nick of time and for all those nights of comfort whenever I was tormented by the happenings in the old days, questioning why I had never been given the chance to experience the care and love a granddad would have given to his grandchildren in this physical living realm.

Turns out that I’d actually be given and experience it too, Only that I’d have to wait for it to occur, the only difference is that you’d be in the spirit realm and show up in the living realm whenever it’s only about wanting to talk about trivial to complicated subjects towards me and life in general, I’m truly grateful, for all of this time you do keep and do your words, I can only hope that one day should the season for being picked up arrive I’ll be beside you and the rest of those who’ve left or still resides in the mortal realm whom have loved and I had loved back will be together in the next life guiding each other’s backs,

Your Grandchild,

  • Anne / Garet

That’s beautiful @anne2 :heart:


Thanks, @christina4


You’re welcome :relaxed::rose:


It sounds like you are blessed by a truly wonderful and caring presence indeed, @anne2 :blush: May your Anito continue to watch over and protect you :pray::heart:


The Anito’s really kind even if he is sometimes sneaky @BryWisteria , It’s probably an attempt to give the sort of acceptance and love the abusers I had in the past denied and took delight in denying that, I understand sometimes he had to force himself to have me near the same instrument used to physically harm me in the past so I wouldn’t keep running away from it, I did feel betrayed when he first did that without warning in the dreams yet even if he holds it, he has promised not to use it to inflict pain on me, that promise is still being kept and hopefully a day will come where my phobia of that instrument finally ends, certain types of food though are a different kind of phobia (to this day I never ever dare to eat the food that the abusers forced down on my throat or risk being harmed physically again by them, my parents and non abusive relatives know I don’t eat this or that but don’t know my reasoning why I wouldn’t and refuse politely, I’ll probably be able to handle bits of it if It’s just the Anito and me, However any more than that will likely cause the side effects of an eating disorder that comes with the mental illness symptoms I did have to resurface and it’s not a pleasant experience)

In a way he’s giving both soft and tough love, yet he is mostly doing the soft version to make up for all the lost opportunities had we met and known each other in the living realm, my friend did say he’d likely spoil all his grandchildren with love without favoritism clouding his judgement and he / she is correct about it