A lil nutritious sea magic in the kitchen

So i got some simple ingredients for miso soup in my last shop ie miso paste, tofu and seaweed. Today i was making a 3hr late lunch and first actual food for tge day and cause tofu has iron and protein i thought seeing my energy levels have been low and i suffer from low iron anemia at times. Meat is so expensive esp for part time person. So i thought since i like miso soup ill give it ago. Call me crazy but liking sushi i also like me some good seaweed. And as i looked up benifits of miso soup n individial ingredients i was pleasantly suprised it was all good for so many reasons. So i was even more excited. And as i make the soup i realised it was a good way to draw on sea magic energy for healing the body through a meal so i also decided to sit and eat my miso soup with tofu and seaweed near my ocean/sea meditation space with stuff id found at the beach previously. It was spontaneous at first and just got led to it but maybe my clan was helping me to get what i needed by leading me to the right thing. Which is so appreciated. And yummy :yum:and as im eating the soup im finding myself seeing waves come in and out and feel im drawing of tge energy of tge ocean and im not even there. Which is also very cool.


Thats beautiful! Miso has so many healthy benefits, especially protein.

This is interesting because there are many simple ways of magic that I’m missing out on! Thank you for sharing.

I took a Japanese cooking class and we would get a surprise ingredient in the mail and we had to build the meal around that ingredient. I ended up getting a huge bag of miso. I ended up making miso soup and miso cheese toast (I forgot the actual name).


I love miso soup! I’ll keep tofu and seaweed in mind!


I think a dish with seaweed and salty miso are great (and very clever!) ways to connect with your sea magick- that’s brilliant, @Phoenix_Fire! :blush:

Not to mention it’s a very tasty meal with some good health benefits too- good for you! Enoy your yummy miso soup :bowl_with_spoon: :sparkles: