A Magical Kitten 🐱

So it’s been like almost 20-25 days now since something happened that is pure magic. :sparkling_heart: I was (i think probably in september’s beginning) out on my terrace in early evening hours, around 4 pm. I was standing by the lovely green tree that just touches the end of my balcony and was taking pictures with it!! :smiling_face: :evergreen_tree: :green_heart: I will upload just one of those… :joy: :kissing_heart:

So, what happened next, is that i turned around for a second where the stairs are and saw a small kitten from behind, with the tiniest size of a head, :heart_eyes: sitting quietly on one of the steps and eating some crumbs maybe. She was too damn cute & i wanted to pet her but i have never been soo familiar and free with animals because i never had a pet myself and also, here, it’s almost considered a bit weird for anyone to get too close to any stray animal. That’s what we were always taught as kids - don’t go too near, don’t show too much freeness and affection as it will make the animals think they can even harm you easily if they want. “Literally inducing enormous amounts of fear.” So naturally I didn’t move further and she also looked scared a bit. So i left it at that, gave her a warm smile & went inside. A few days later she started to come on our terrace again & again and almost everyday. I will admit, that there was this one particular night when I couldn’t resist and slowly came closer and pet her on her back and her small head. :face_holding_back_tears: :cat: :black_heart: Since then she always came to me for more and of course she is so cute i kept petting her. :smiling_face: :hearts: Later I was sitting in my sacred space one evening and was casting a home cleansing spell when “The Magic Happened”. I won’t say much, just first look at this picture below, where my white spell candle burnt half of itself shortly after lighting it and that molten wax started to take a bridge like shape next to the lit candle on my altar pentacle.

Now see, what it was looking like… by the time my spell was complete and I was carefully removing the candle separating it from the wax formed on its side. Nothing was special looking in it but then,

What do you think it looks like at the first glance? The moment i registered this wax formation i literally saw a cat in it!! :scream: :astonished: :cat: See how she is looking in side direction - that is the south of my house and her paw is visible, as she looks seated comfortably & royally. :scream: :heart: :heart: :white_heart: :white_heart: Omgg i immediately got the message, i instantly recalled the baby cat that had been in our house since that last week. I felt like she is a spirit guide!! Also, just two days before I had seen her eyes shine an iridescent “teal colour” in the light at late night, when i was sitting outside. I obviously knew that a cat’s eyes do shine several bright shades at night but… something very very much “felt” magical and i didn’t even know of anything then at all! :face_holding_back_tears: Here are a few more picture of her with me and solo too! :grin: :innocent:

That’s it! :smile: :kissing_heart: :heart: I am actually very eager and need to have some insights on this magical little incident, oh and she just went back, downstairs after playing on my shoulders and with my skirt! :laughing: :heart_eyes: Anyone who wants to or would like to say something on this is most welcome to do so very freely. :hugs: I am feeling this is something otherworldly. @SilverBear I also request you my dear, to please take a look at this topic and do share your beautiful & abundant knowledge about magical animals and spirit guides and all that you feel it might be. Thank you to all of my lovelies for reading! Blessings & Love to all. :sparkling_heart:


Oh my she’s soooo cute, look at those beautiful eyes :sparkling_heart:, your picture of you is beautiful too lovely :sparkling_heart:. Bringing animals into our lives is always a magical experience. I wish you many blessings. :heart_eyes_cat:


@tracyS :face_holding_back_tears: :face_holding_back_tears: :face_holding_back_tears: Thankyouuuu my sweetest Tracy. :kissing_heart: :kissing_heart:

Wishing you loads of beautiful & soft, sparkly blessings too! :hugs: :sparkling_heart:


Kitty is beautiful, as are you. Thank you for taking care of each other. :heart_on_fire:



@Shadeweaver thank youu my sweet friend! :heart: :hugs: :sparkling_heart: :sparkling_heart: And If you feel any thing about this magickally, i would love to hear it from you, too! :innocent:

Stay Happy & Blessed always…:kissing_heart:


What a beautiful kitten and such a wonderful meeting of lovely souls. :black_heart: It’s great that you two found each other, saw the light in each other to trust each other despite what you’ve both learnt, and have been able to connect. :silver_heart:

What is your kitty spirit guide’s name? :smile:

She looks like she’s old enough to not drink milk anymore, so perhaps be a little careful with that – most animals are lactose intolerant once they stop being babies, cats included. :black_heart:


Ohh omg, I didn’t know about that! :cold_sweat: Idk she always starts sniffing whenever there is milk nearby and immediately jumps to the bowl and strats drinking it everytime. That is why we thought maybe, she likes it and cats actually do like to drink milk, i guess? :thinking: Anyways the age factor is so right, please tell me what could be given to her for eating then, except any non veg because it’s not possible for us obviously. Anything else cats can eat without any worries?? :heart: :blush: Thank you :heart:


That’s the problem: they still love it. :joy:

I have to defend my milk tea against my kitten whenever I’m pouring the milk because he tries to drink it as it comes out of the bottle! Oh, and don’t try to grate cheese near him – he will fight you for it. :joy:

We give our cats a small amount of cheese or milk as a little treat sometimes, ensuring it’s not on an empty stomach. (I inherited a mild lactose intolerance from the Chinese side of the family, so I can relate.) Some milk is okay! Just not too much. :black_heart:

Vegetables that cats can eat… There are quite a few, as long as they’re cooked and not in huge amounts. Similar to us, they don’t have a great way of breaking down the plant cell walls, so cooking is important. Except for them, I think their digestive system is even more tuned to meat, so they don’t benefit as much. Anyway, here are some safe ones I know of:

Chopped carrots, chickpeas, peas, pumpkin, corn, broccoli, green beans, zucchini, cucumber, potatoes, lettuce, spinach, lettuce, and winter squash. Small amounts of strawberry, banana, apple, and mango are okay, too.

Some of them might need to be mashed. But that doesn’t necessarily mean the cat will like them. :sweat_smile:

Our kitten goes nuts for rice, noodles, and pasta, for example. But I don’t think they’re too good with the gluten. A safe bet might just be to treat them as though they have IBS and go with low FODMAP things. :joy:

Also, avoid onions, garlic, chives, leeks, scallions, shallots, tomatoes, and parsley!

That’s all I know, as our cats mostly just eat fish, chicken, and what’s in their dry food. I hope it helps. :pray: Some more research might be necessary. :smile:


Asked my girlfriend, she knows cats…

A thing you might want to point out in the treat, be extremely careful about giving a cat anything with seasoning… Like, if she wants to try rice, don’t boil it with salt water. :smiley_cat:

Rice (plain) was actually one of the things the vet recommended I could try one of the times Sammy was sick and didn’t want to eat. :smiley_cat:

Another thing to keep in mind is not to fill the kitten up on rice or vegetable treats… A balanced diet for a cat needs a lot of protein, they need to stay hungry for meat. :smiley_cat:

We heard how things can go wrong when people feed lots of bread to young birds… Similar problem there, they like it, but if it’s all (or most) of what they eat they don’t get the nutrients they need to grow up healthy. With the birds depending on species nuts and fruits and similar things are often a better option, but we’re not aware of anything that could replace meat for a kitten. :smiley_cat:

Hope this helps…


Godd, :rofl: poor cuties! :hearts:
And your kitty sounds like a CUTE & bigg foodie! :smiling_face: :cat:

Okay, that’s good & important. :silver_heart:

Noted, :blush: will tell my mom tomorrow. :heart:

Woww that’s so good to hear, they can eat from such a great variety of veggies & fruits! :hugs: :pink_heart: :pink_heart:

Thankyou, i will keep this in mind. :innocent: :heartbeat:

Thank youu agaiin soo much! @starborn :kissing_heart: :black_heart: :silver_heart: :hearts:


Yep… The health of birds in urban areas is terrible for so many reasons, such as their bread intake. :pensive:

I haven’t heard of cooking rice in this way. What’s the salt for?


Lowers the boiling point of water, for quicker cooking times



Ohh wow, that’s amazing. We can give her some plain boiled rice too at times. :smiling_face: :silver_heart: :white_heart:

Truue about those sweet birds. :pink_heart: And i know this fact about cats too but I can not provide anything like meat, to this little kitten soo i will be hoping she gets happy with whatever we “can” give her and of course she goes for hunts outside… so she will hopefully stay contended. :heart: Thank you again Celestia. :pink_heart: :silver_heart:


Cats are like wands… they choose their wizard…er… witch! She’s gorgeous!!


What a beautiful little soul! :silver_heart: You are so blessed to be this kitten’s chosen person! :cat2:


I find that animal just can sense who is a magickal being and can even sense their kindness… I have had many occasions where pets and wildlife alike just come to me and my kids always say “what is so special about you? I am kind too”, and even mock me singing that little melody and calling me snow white (like when she sings a melody to the bird lol). So i would say she knows who she can trust and i cannot express how lucky i feel when an animal comes to me… Hope you guys form an unbreakable bond and know pets are very loyal so your kindness won’t go unnoticed to her :heart: :blush: :cat:


Beautiful pictures. Sometimes you don’t adopt a cat, sometimes the cat adopts you. Enjoy your friendship!


Also, you know, taste… :sweat_smile:

Cats are very different to us when it comes to taste. No spices for them, they can make them very sick… I remember reading a research paper about cats not tasting sweetness or sourness, but they do taste umami and they love it! :smile_cat: That’s why pretty much every cat out there loves tuna.

The little kitty is so adorable :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Implying rice isn’t already tasty, eh. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I’m going to tell my ancestors on you!

Interesting, though. I do this for pasta, but I guess we just don’t cook rice that way. We already salt the hell out of our toppings, so I guess more salt is the last thing we need. I mean like, the salt content in soy sauce is huge, and that’s part of the holy trinity of Chinese and Japanese cooking: soy sauce, sake/rice wine, and mirin/sugar.

Did it say anything about loving spice? (Despite the sickness.) My kitten goes absolutely nuts for chilli sauces and oils. :face_with_spiral_eyes: We’re constantly fending him off whenever we eat and we have to deal with the bowls ASAP when we’re done. :joy:

My middle child will argue that salmon is the superior fish. :joy:

I’m starting to think my cats are foodies and probably have their own YouTube channels in secret…


You know I’m the kind of girl to put sauce on a cake… :laughing:

Now I’m drooling over here :drooling_face:
I think you’ve proven your point :sweat_smile:

I don’t think it did… :joy:
So we aren’t the only species who love hurting ourselves with that stuff :laughing: :hot_pepper:

Of course, they just love breaking our precious theories just as they push off our physical items off the tables :smile: My favorite argument to why the world could not be flat is because the cats would have already pushed everything off its edges :sweat_smile:

There are lots of things our feline masters do that we don’t know of, that might just be one of them :wink: