A perfect Quote

Reading a non-craft related work of fiction by Tom Robbins and was struck by this:

“The moon invented natural rhythm. Civilization uninvented it.”


This could not be more true! Thanks for sharing. You little quote reminds me of a non-witchy book i read saying if you are lost in the woods you just have to see what way the moss is facing and go that way… Not that i want to be lost in the woods but hey i may have to research that to back it up, but is a nice fun little thought :blush:


Beautiful quote!

Being more aware of the moon and her phases helped me become more aware of nature in general. The passing of time is the passing of seasons, and the changes are really beautiful when one stops to enjoy them :blossom: :sunflower: :maple_leaf: :evergreen_tree: :blush:

That is to say- the moon and her rhythm helps with mindfulness and being present, which increases gratitude and appreciation for life- there are many benefits to tuning into the moon’s rhythm! :full_moon: :dancer:

Thanks for sharing the quote, @tracie4! :heart:

I’ve heard that before too, but lucky haven’t ever been lost in the woods and had to use it! (knock on wood lol!)

I always heard the moss tends to grow on the North side of the tree (which can help you regain your bearings) but I’m in the Northern Hemisphere- I wonder if moss grows on the South side of the tree in the Southern Hemisphere? :thinking: :deciduous_tree: :sparkles: :compass:


@TheMuslimWitch Thanks for sharing! I love the specific reference, as I’m a semi-recent transplant to the moss-laden Pacific Northwest. :smile::heart:

@BryWisteria @BryWisteria

May we never be lost in the woods unless we do it on purpose! :wink:

“That is to say- the moon and her rhythm helps with mindfulness and being present, which increases gratitude and appreciation for life- there are many benefits to tuning into the moon’s rhythm…”

I create my habit trackers from New Moon to Dark Moon with prompts to try and keep me in the lunar flow. But i confess i ignored it completely this month. :woman_facepalming:


I love this quote so much! :heart_eyes: :revolving_hearts:

I love it so much that I created an image for it :laughing: I needed something to keep the quote in my heart and mind.

Feel free to download and save it if you want!


@MeganB Sweet Lordissa, that’s awesome!!!

Thanks so much for sharing! Ill definitely print it and post a pic once it’s displayed!!



You’re very welcome! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sparkles: :sparkling_heart:

I’m glad you like it!


So true. :sparkling_heart:


Awesome. This is great


Thank you! :blush:


@MeganB I might have to send off for a quality print to do it justice, but I’m still grateful to have it. :heart: Many thanks! :heart:


So mote it be! :laughing: :+1:

This is beautiful- what a lovely tracker! :heart_eyes: Even during busy times, I imagine it’s really nice to have it handy to refer to it throughout the month :blush:

This is so pretty! :crescent_moon: :heart:

It looks awesome on display, Tracie- I love the hanging scroll you put it in! :scroll: :sparkles:


Trust me this happens to the best of us. Me for instance, i had ignored the lunar calendar for a few months after adopting my Macaw Blue who takes up as much time as a new born baby!


@tracie4 – Oh wow, it looks beautiful there on your wall! :heart_eyes: I really love the little hanging frame you’ve got it in. That’s such a neat way to hang images! I’m glad you like it!

Thank you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :sparkling_heart:




Awwww… congrats on the adoption!! What’s your blue’s name?
:blue_heart: :parrot: :blue_heart:


Thanks! The simple magnetic frames are my decor go-to. Inexpensive, but minimalist-chic! :sunglasses: :laughing: It’s a special blessing to display art that was inspired through the forum and shared among the community. Thank you again!!


Oh his name is Blue lol. I know very ordinary but i wasn’t sure what sex of Macaw i was going to adopt just that i was so when i got the Macaw and he was a male, i decided to call him Blue. If he were a she, i would have named her Ocean or Sky i think just from the beautiful rich variations of Blue on him. On the other hand he has a nice sunny yellow almost golden on him i could have called him something related to that but i though Blue maybe easier for him to remember… So far he knows Hello. What you doing (i taught him that one, step up (i use that when i want him to step on my arm), Assalam Alikom (Arabic for hi how are you), Good boy and i even heard him tell my son to Shut up once as he was banging on the walls for long period of time (the previous owner taught him that and Assalam Alikom, but i ignored him when he said it and hasn’t said it since). :blush:


Oh, I love that! And Blue is a great name! My dad’s blue and gold macaw is named Beaux. He’s nearing 30 now — likes to spread his wings to full span and say “Look! I’m an eagle!” :laughing:

I delighted in them when I was young but never took on caring for one of my own. What a joyful privilege! :heart: