A prayer or chant to Morrigan

Does anybody have any prayer or a chant related to Morrigan? I’ve been trying to search for one but I haven’t had any luck yet. :frowning:


Hi, I am currently learning & honoring the Morrigan myself. I have found this small prayer:

Prayer for Morrigan

“Morrigan goddess, I need you,
support me, guide me,
let your strength and your power show me the way to succeed.
I am ready for it, I am ready for you.
Blessed be.”

I started with this website The Morrigan for a jump-off to how to learn more & the books suggested are well written.

There is also this post with a meditation for the Morrigan & in the replies there is one for Macha

The Morrigan: Celtic Goddess


Here’s a link to Morrigan on the Spells8 website there is a prayer there for her:

“Great Queen, the Morrígan
Hear me, I am your Priest and your Warrior,
Protect me from harm, be it by intent or by ignorance,
In the face of life’s trials and joys,
May I be ever steady: calm in mind, body, and emotion,
May I be centered, present, embodied,
My mind like water; clinging to no thing and untroubled,
May I act decisively, truth and wisdom as my guideposts,
May my actions and words move from a place of honor, wisdom, compassion, and love,
May I know when to cut, and when to be cut
Clothe me in guile and cunning;
That I may move with suppleness and resiliency between the worlds.”

I’ve been looking into Morrigan after I bought myself a brand new book the other day. 'Dark Goddess Magick: Rituals and Spells for Reclaiming your Feminine Fire ’ by C. Ara Campbell.

There are 20 of the leading ladies in there. When I get home from work I’ll have a look and see what prayers and chants are in there for you.


Greetings @ximena,

Looks like Siofra and Jessica have come to the rescue! :heart:

Apologies that I don’t have too much when it comes to prayers, but adding to resources for you to consider, I know @Amethyst just shared a great book about Dark Goddesses in Book Club that you might find interesting. There’s also @Silverbear’s Morrigan anointing oil recipe and this discussion about all things Morrigan.

Wishing you all the best on your work with the Morrigan- blessed spellwork, Ximena! :sparkles:


From: 'Dark Goddess Magick: Rituals and Spells for Reclaiming your Feminine Fire ’ by C. Ara Campbell.

Morrigan Invocation:

"Morrigan, I beseech thee, stand beside me in my battles.
Give me the courage to make to choices that I need to make and the strength to act upon them.
Give me your protection and your guidance as I walk forward.
Gift me your sight so I may see the path ahead that serves me best.
Oh, great goddess, guide me as I walk in the unknown."

Morrigan Affirmation:

"I am courageous. I am strong.
I am capable of handling all that comes my way.
I weather all storms that enter my life.
I am shielded from the self-serving intentions of others.
I embrace the messages that flow to me.
I open to my intuition and inner guidance.
I honor the dark mysteries that flow through me

Hope they are of some help to you :blush: