A Quick Fire Protection Spell

It’s super easy and all you need is 3 white candles, a lighter and your voice.

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You will need 3 White Candles, a lighter and your voice.

Light your first candle and repeat:

β€œWith this candle I call Elemental Fire energy to my spell, may it be strong when I am weak and shield me with protection when I need it the most.”

Light your second candle and repeat:

β€œI invoke the powers of Elemental Fire to protect me from all that would harm me; this includes physical, mental and spiritual harm.”

Light your third candle and repeat:

β€œWith your flame, I add strength and stability to this spell, by lighting this final candle I seal the deal. So, it is spoken, so it shall be!”

Sit quietly and think of the protection you just invoked. Let the candles burn out on their own, thank Elemental Fire for his aid. Use birthday candles if you are short on time!


Thanks for this spell and recipe, Laurie!!

This is great for this Waning Moon! Banish, Clean, Protect! :broom: :waning_gibbous_moon: :fire:


Another beautiful and easy spell- and it’s always good to have some extra protection! :pray::fire:

I love this!!! Thanks for making your spells so accessible- and for very creative thinking! :birthday: :laughing: :+1:

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I love protection spells. I’ll try your spell for sure and recently I had been doing magick with three candles so your idea really fits what I’m doing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: