A Scary black figure in my Dreams

Yesterday I was listening to a podcast it was about a sleep ritual in which we lock ourselves in a empty room with blank walls and at fix 12:00 we open a portal in our room and we go into another realm specifically a realm of demons It was just a podcast I didnt take it seriously but i got scared
Then i slept and in my dreams I was flying in the air and suddenly air started to blew and i stoped flying i felt as if something has grabbed my neck then i saw a dead dog after which a black figure which has large eyes and sharp tooth demon like face coming towards me then strangling my neck and i knew it was a dream but i couldn’t get out of it then i tried screaming but i couldn’t it was tremendous amount of pressure on my shoulder. Then finally i woke up. It was 12:10 am .Read hanuman chalisa and some protection chants. But i couldn’t sleep. It was just a dream or something else i am confused af I always have many problem sleep sometimes sleep paralysis and sometimes nightmare idk why because i keep care of my sleep hygiene


Hi Kiash,

I’m sorry, it sounds like a really scary dream! I would be frightened too.

Our minds are very powerful things! Although your conscious mind that guides you during the day might know and understand that the podcast and the things it discussed couldn’t hurt you, when we sleep our conscious minds are also resting. As we dream, we sink into the deeper and more mysterious levels of our sub and unconscious minds.

In our inner world of dreams, emotions and instincts are very powerful - any fear or uneasiness you had felt when you heard the podcast may have been brought back and exaggerated by your mind. Without your conscious mind awake to rationalize and reassure you, it can feel really scary! But that doesn’t mean it’s real, or that anything there can actually harm your physical body.

I would gently urge you to make some time for peaceful meditation before bed. Give yourself some time away from any media (TV, podcasts, even books, etc) that may give you feelings of unease, fear, discomfort, or stress. This is something that has helped me a lot!

Sending you positive energy - I hope that the nightmares don’t return! If they do, and you feel that it may be an actual demonic or negative entity reaching out, then it may be time to look into cleansing and additional protective spellwork.

Either way, wishing you sweet dreams and good rests! :pray: :blush:

Blessed be :sparkles:


This sounds awful, I’m so sorry you experience these sleep problems. Not all dreams are magical, some are our subconscious trying to deal with stuff, or your mind living out the podcast you listened to. :flushed:

If the dream repeats, then a home and self cleanse may help. However, how about trying to fill your mind with positive energy. Maybe choose a podcast that doesn’t involve monsters coming through portals. Our minds absorb everything, and we are what we eat.

So try before bedtime to listen to a podcast about a portal perhaps that opens into a beautiful garden, the sun is shining, it’s warm, birds are singing, butterflies flit past your nose. You hear laughter, it’s your friends beckoning you to join them, they’ve prepared a picnic etc do you see where your mind is now going, it’s drifting into the light before you sleep.

If you continue to have problems, a doctor can help with a sleep clinic that can see if there is a health problem. Sending you love and light and all things nice sweetheart :sparkling_heart: