A shaman must understand that they cannot dedicate their time to one person or one spirit

A shaman must understand that they cannot dedicate their time to one person or one spirit. They must come into contact with many people and forces, as tribal formations seldom exist anymore. Their initiation was to cure their own sickness, as delirium was at the onset of their spiritual death. A shaman is no longer of this world, as they have died to it. Likewise, they possess supernatural abilities far beyond what the average can fathom nor understand.

Shamans are selected through three processes, election, trained, or birthright. Of course, it is ultimately up to the shaman’s guardian angel to train them, or their guardian spirit. Guardian spirits are selected in such way as well, with each experience being unique to each shaman.

A shaman is an ancient magician, one who links the spiritual world with the physical world. Their ability is in the atmosphere around them, the very air itself. They know that the spirits exist in everything, as animism is at the core of shamanism. To mistreat a spirit is unheard of to the shaman, so they must keep their emotions in check around the commoner or “everyday” person.

We are a dying breed, shamans as a whole. The intricacies of our world and each candidates future will always be eliminated by this physical world. All that is carnal is the greatest foe and temptation of the shaman. They are masters when it comes to their interpretative art, meaning their eccentric allure can attract many. Because of this, the skilled shaman lives in seclusion, separated from what could tempt them.

Shamans support themselves in many ways, both spiritually and financially. They can easily become great artists, with the “good” spirit’s influencing their work. It is not up for the shaman to decide their fate, as alas, a shaman is ultimately the pawn of the Gods. Their ultimate dream is to die, and it is very common for the shaman to become preoccupied about death as well as their own.

This is just a little that I wrote today for you. I related my own life and translated it to writing. Such teachings have stuck with me, and I hope that they can stick with you. As always, I look forward to connecting with all of you. Furthermore, may the light shine on you and guide you through your darkest days.

Bryan Varner

Bryan VarnerAncient Pagan Witches Shamans and Heathen Souls.


Thankyou for sharing this insight. Very deep and soulful. May blessings go with you. :sparkling_heart:


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