A Simple How to Change your Energy using Chaos Magick

So, you need a spell. You don’t have time to think about moon phases, correspondences, the right ingredients, you have a situation, you want a spell and you need it now. What can you do?

Well this is right up Chaos Magick’s street. For spells like this, that’s what Chaos is for.

Example: You know at work today you’ve got a stressful meeting with that client, they always stress you out, but you want to stay focused, you need to keep that stress at bay. What can you do!
Through the spell I’m going to share, you can use Chaos to transform one energy (what you know you’re going to feel) into another energy (what you need to feel).

You’ll Need:

Any Candle (white if correspondences are important to you, but really any candle is fine, you control the colour, the colour doesn’t control you.)
A note pad
Pen and Pencil
That’s it.

Breathe and centre, call in the help of any deities if you work with them.
Light your candle.
Now we’re going to do some Emotional Crafting using Chaos Sigils.
Take your pad and pencil, and write out the feeling you’re going to feel at that meeting, the feeling you want to change. Is it Fear, Stress, Anger, Frustration? Whatever it is, in one word write it on the paper.
Now feel it, as you feel it, pour that energy into those letters and start rewriting them, moving them around the page, drawing them instead of writing them, scribbling them, stretching them until they no longer look like a word but now represents the emotion behind the word.
You now have your Chaos Sigil.
Below, I’m working with Anxiety

Now take that sigil, and transform it into the energy you want. To do this, write a simple sentence to state how you want to feel. Like this:
I am Calm
Write that down on your paper.
Now, using the same method above, start creating your Chaos Sigil using the sentence and combining it with your first sigil. Keep scribbling, drawing, recreating as you feel that first energy melding with your statement. Keep drawing, be free, don’t control it, let the chaos drive your drawing, meld the sigil with the statement until you feel the new energy. You now have a new sigil.
I melded the Anxiety Sigil with I am Calm here:

You now have the Sigil that represents the energy you will be feeling at that meeting.
Here’s mine.

Now get a fresh piece of paper, using a pen this time, draw that sigil on the paper and put a circle around it.
Fold it up.
Put it in your pocket/purse/wallet or wherever you want to carry it, and that energy is yours.
Thank any gods.
Blow out the candle.

Remember this is Chaos Magick, so if you re-visit this spell, don’t worry about trying to do it exactly the same. The whole point of Chaos is you work the spell with whatever you have to hand on the day, however you feel moved to do it, on the day. You can do it anywhere, anytime, anyway. I’ve done quick chaos spells in the car, a quick prayer to Beastie, no candle, just pen and paper and off you go. :green_heart:

Have a blessed day. And remember embrace the daily Chaos, it adds a zing to any day. :rofl:


I don’t currently identify as a Chaos Witch, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit that the pure freedom of Chaos Magick isn’t appealing and tempting! :grin:

I love how you guided us through your process step-by-step but still left the door open to personal interpretation. This is a wonderful spell and a very helpful guide to working with chaos :cyclone: :sparkles:

Thank you so much, @tracyS - this is a gem! :pray: :heart: Hope you have a blessed day too!


Love it using it for sure


@tracyS That’s a great spell :heart::two_hearts::blue_heart:


Thankyou lovelies :sparkling_heart:


@tracyS I love singles and I really like what I saw!
Am I a chaos witch and don’t know it?
we will see with time… :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts: :revolving_hearts:


@AIRAM Maybe you are, yeay :partying_face::sparkling_heart: