A Touch of Tarot: Digital Tarot Readings & My Career Reading

Challenge entry #3: A Touch of Tarot

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Digital Tarot Readings

Initially, I was quite sceptical about the feasibility of digital tarot readings. I wondered how it could be possible without the personal touch and intuition usually involved in drawing the cards. In traditional tarot, the physical interaction between the reader, the person seeking the reading, and the cards is seen as integral to the process. The challenge for me was understanding how a digital format could replicate this level of personal and intuitive interaction.

My scepticism began to wane as I thought about how computers generate random numbers. This was a turning point in my understanding. In traditional tarot, the randomness of shuffling and drawing cards is seen as being influenced by spiritual or subconscious forces. Digital tarot readings, however, depend on a computer’s ability to generate a random sequence, albeit through a different mechanism.

The most common method uses algorithms to produce number sequences that appear random. These algorithms often start with a ‘seed’ value, which can be influenced by various factors, including the system (CPU) clock. It dawned on me that while these numbers aren’t truly random in a mathematical sense, they are effectively random for practical purposes, like tarot readings.

When I interact with a digital tarot reading website, the process is more complex than it seems. My action, like clicking a button or touching the screen, initiates a series of digital events. This is similar to how our brain sends signals to our body.

The signal from my interaction travels to the server hosting the website. Though this happens almost instantaneously to us, it involves multiple steps and interactions with various hardware and software components. The server then processes my request, which includes generating the tarot cards based on the random number algorithm.

The timing of these interactions is critical. The difference of milliseconds leads to different outputs from the random number generator. This sensitivity to timing aligns with the concept of synchronicity in tarot readings, where the timing of events is seen as meaningful.

Finally, I began to entertain the idea that even in this digital realm, there could be room for spiritual or universal influence. The notion that a higher power or universal energy could impact the precise moment of calculation. This bridges the gap between the physical and digital worlds, suggesting that the spiritual aspect of tarot readings can transcend the medium through which the reading is conducted.

Now, I will throw all that out the window and do a normal physical tarot reading. :joy:

My Career

The Empress

As a representation of maternal figures, love, and abundance, the Empress suggests that my purpose here is rooted in nurturing and offering support. This reveals that I am naturally inclined towards roles where I can provide care, guidance, and protection. Reflecting on this, it appears that I chose my job because of a deep-seated desire to foster growth and development. This could be in nurturing a team, guiding a project to fruition, or contributing positively to my community.

Her appreciation for luxury and the material world, as depicted by her heavy jewellery, resonates with my inclination towards creating or being immersed in an environment of beauty and abundance. It implies that part of my motivation in choosing this job was the desire for tangible achievements and to be surrounded by a work environment that is not just productive but also aesthetically pleasing and comfortable.

The Empress’ quiet possession of a short dagger, symbolising her protective nature, also speaks to an aspect of my job choice. It suggests that alongside my nurturing qualities, I have a strong instinct to defend and protect what I care about in my professional sphere. This could manifest in my dedication to my team, my commitment to the integrity of my work, or my resilience in facing challenges.

The garlands of flowers and the lush plants that flank the Empress symbolise a love of beauty and suggest growth. This resonates with my desire for continuous personal and professional growth and my appreciation of beauty in all its forms, whether in nature, art, or the workplace. This aspect of the Empress reflects my aspiration to evolve continuously in my career and to contribute to creating an environment where creativity and growth are valued and nurtured.

The Hanged Man

The Hanged Man, swinging from the branches of two bahera trees, signifies a period of suspension, much like being in a state of limbo. This suggests that my motivation comes from being in situations where the outcomes are not immediately clear, where I am forced to pause and reflect. It’s in these moments of uncertainty and anticipation that I find the drive to seek clarity and understanding. This aspect of my job, where I often find myself in phases of waiting and contemplation, pushes me to stay engaged and to look for deeper insights.

The fact that the tree shows no fruit yet, symbolising potential that is yet to be realised, motivates me. It’s the possibility of what might come to fruition that drives me every day. The anticipation of what could be achieved, even if it’s not immediately visible, is a powerful motivator for me. This aligns with aspects of my job where the impact of my efforts might not be immediate but is expected to yield results in the future.

The card’s symbolism of martyrdom, hardship, and facing consequences speaks to my resilience in the face of challenges. It’s the hardship and the need to endure and overcome obstacles that motivate me. The job’s challenges push me to adapt, learn, and grow, often forcing me to consider different perspectives. In facing these challenges, I am inspired to give my best, to find solutions, and to emerge stronger.

This card is an invitation to consider different perspectives suggests that my motivation also lies in the ability to see things from various angles, and to understand different viewpoints. This aspect of my job, where new problems and conflicts arise, turns my world upside-down, but also inspires me to learn and to adapt. It pushes me to rethink my strategies, to question my assumptions, and to continually evolve in my approach.

The imagery and symbolism here reflect the complexities and challenges that motivate me in my job. It’s the uncertainty, the potential for growth, the resilience in the face of hardship, and the opportunity to see things differently that drive me to do what I do every day and inspire me to give my best.

Five of Swords

The Five of Swords, often associated with loss, dishonour, and defeat, suggests that part of my responsibility might involve managing conflicts or challenging situations where there are no clear winners. The presence of the broken khanda, a double-edged sword, in the card’s imagery resonates with delicate balance. This could imply that I frequently find myself in situations where I have to navigate through moral dilemmas or complex interpersonal dynamics, making decisions that may sometimes feel unsatisfying or lead to difficult outcomes.

The theme of “defeat even in the event of victory” speaks to the nuanced nature of my responsibilities. It suggests that my role involves understanding and accepting that some triumphs come with their own set of challenges or consequences. This aspect of my job could mean that I am often tasked with finding the most viable solution in scenarios where a perfect outcome is unattainable. It’s about recognising that in some situations, compromise or sacrifice is necessary, and part of my role is to manage these outcomes as best as possible.

The card could indicate that a significant part of my responsibilities involves learning from these challenging situations. Even in scenarios that feel like a loss or a hollow victory, there are opportunities for growth and understanding. Thus, my role might also encompass being a mediator or a problem-solver who not only navigates through immediate conflicts but also draws lessons from them to prevent future issues.

This card reflects that my responsibilities and role go beyond the conventional job description. It involves dealing with complex situations where clear-cut victories are rare, managing the aftermath of difficult decisions, and learning from each experience to better navigate future challenges. My role is not just about achieving objectives but also about understanding the deeper implications of those achievements and finding balance in the midst of conflict.

Eight of Swords

The Eight of Swords, with its connotations of bad news, powerlessness, loneliness, and self-sabotage, suggests that I might be currently facing some significant challenges in my projects. The tooth in the card, symbolising the mouth and words, implies that communication issues or negative feedback could be a central theme in these challenges. The daggers facing inward reinforce the idea that much of the struggle might be internal or self-inflicted, perhaps due to self-doubt or a critical inner voice.

This imagery resonates with a feeling of being trapped or restricted in my current projects. It’s as if I am bound by unseen forces or limitations, possibly of my own making, which hampers my progress and ability to move forward effectively. The sense of powerlessness and loneliness depicted in the card could be reflecting my feelings of isolation in tackling these issues, or a perception that I am not getting the support I need.

However, the sissoo and kadam leaves in the card, representing attempted healing, offer a glimmer of hope. It suggests that despite the difficulties, there are efforts being made towards finding solutions and healing. This could mean that I am actively seeking ways to overcome these challenges, be it through seeking help, re-evaluating strategies, or trying to shift my mindset.

This card reflects a challenging phase in my projects and work environment. I am currently grappling with feelings of constraint and possibly facing communication issues or negative feedback. However, there’s also an undercurrent of resilience and an attempt to find healing and solutions. This card encourages me to acknowledge these challenges, to understand that some may be self-imposed, and to actively seek ways to break free from these limitations.

Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords, traditionally associated with suffering, betrayal, and desolation, suggests that I am currently at or near a point of significant challenge in my career. The imagery of a skull impaled in every possible direction, heavy with gold, conveys a sense of being overwhelmed, perhaps by responsibilities or difficult situations. This could imply that I am undergoing a period of intense stress or facing considerable obstacles.

However, the symbolism of the skull also indicates that this period of hardship is laden with valuable lessons and experiences. The weight of gold suggests that despite the difficulties, there is immense value to be gained from these challenges. This could manifest as financial rewards, as the gold implies, but more significantly, it could translate into invaluable personal and professional growth.

The idea of pain reaching an apex and a resolution soon to be found gives a sense of impending transformation. It implies that by enduring these hardships and learning from them, I am nearing a point of significant change and renewal. This could mean that the struggles I am currently facing are preparing me for a new phase in my career, one that will offer fresh opportunities and perspectives.

The card’s message of arriving at a precipice and needing a new starting point reinforces the idea of a forthcoming shift. It suggests that the culmination of current challenges will lead to a critical turning point in my career. This turning point could open up new paths, offering opportunities for reinvention, innovation, and a deeper understanding of my professional journey.

This card reflects that there are significant potential rewards I stand to gain from my job, despite being shrouded in challenges. I am learning valuable lessons from the difficulties I face, which will contribute to my financial, spiritual, and personal growth. This period of struggle is shaping me for a transformative change, preparing me for new beginnings and opportunities that lie ahead.

Three of Wands

The Three of Wands, with its forsythia stems symbolising foresight, suggests that my future is being shaped by the vision and planning I am currently undertaking. This card speaks to me about the importance of looking ahead with an open mind, and considering various possibilities and paths that lie before me. It implies that the choices and plans I make now are crucial in determining the direction of my future.

This card encourages me to actively engage in mapping out my path, considering both the opportunities and challenges that might arise. It’s a reminder that my future is not just something that happens to me, but something that I have a hand in creating. The emphasis on foresight and planning resonates with me, suggesting that by being thoughtful and strategic about my decisions, I will benefit greatly in the long term.

This card indicates that my future involves expansion and exploration. It hints at the potential for personal and professional growth, perhaps even venturing into new areas or taking on new challenges that I haven’t considered before. This could mean broadening my skills, exploring new career paths, or even expanding my current role to encompass new responsibilities.

The underlying message of the card is one of optimism and potential. It reassures me that my efforts and plans are leading me towards a future where I can realise my ambitions and goals. The foresight and open-mindedness that the card emphasises are key tools that I will use to navigate this journey.

This card reflects a future that is ripe with opportunities and growth, shaped by my current planning and vision. It suggests that my path ahead is one of expansion, exploration, and the realisation of potential, as long as I continue to look forward with foresight and an open mind. This card is a positive affirmation that my efforts now are laying the foundation for a rewarding and fulfilling future.

Does it resonate?

Every time I engage in these readings, I find myself astonished by the accuracy and depth of insights they provide. It’s as if each card holds up a mirror, reflecting my innermost experiences with uncanny precision.

I do possess a desire to foster growth and development! It’s not just about leading a team; it’s about nurturing each individual, helping them to bloom in their unique ways. This role of a nurturer in a professional setting will be both challenging and rewarding, but I hope to be able to do this soon!

The motivation I draw from facing challenges is another aspect that strikes a chord within me. It’s as though each obstacle I encounter is a stepping stone, pushing me to stretch my boundaries and enhance my skills, even if I hate it at the time. Every difficulty, no matter how daunting, seems to carve out a stronger, more capable version of myself. It’s so empowering when I look back on it all.

Communication challenges in my current project have been a significant learning curve. Initially, these issues seemed like roadblocks, preventing us from creating something we can be proud of. But on reflection, they have been invaluable lessons in understanding and navigating complex interpersonal dynamics. This is a skill that transcends the confines of any single project and will serve me well in all future endeavours.

While my current project has had its share of stress, I’ve developed more resilience, a deeper understanding of team dynamics, and enhanced my problem-solving skills.

The future I envision is filled with excitement and potential. This journey of discovery is not confined to professional growth alone; it extends to personal development, intellectual expansion, and perhaps even spiritual awakening. Because the thing is…

Actually, I will save that rant for another post. :wink:


Thank you. This is quite interesting.

I have two favorite sites where I draw a daily 1 card reading. What I see is a set of cards spread out before me, which I can pass my fingers over to “feel” the energy of each before I choose. In one, I’m even allowed to “shuffle” the pack.

There was a time I tested to see if the cards were always the same in the same places. After all, not all the cards are shown at once. I found variation which was a comfort to me.

One of the decks is focused on the specialties of angels. They advertize 71 total angels… and one card says there are 8 Cherubim. I have 4 left to find: I’m writing down each one I meet so I can learn to recognize their personalities. For some reason, those 4 never seem to show up, which means to me that their energies don’t match mine right now. Only Nathaniel, Daniel, and Gabriel were familiar from other studies, and I wondered why until I saw a post, here, which said there were 288 angels, total. I still have a lot to learn!

It would be interesting to see a multi card layout, or even to choose a layout for deeper meaning.


Would it be alright to share those sites with me? I’m just curious to try a lot of these sites out and (personally) log how they work. Like, whether the cards are determined before you click one, or they’re determined on the clicking.

True! And I think setting intention is important. So if I were to try this out myself, what do you think might be a good layout to start with? A general, 3-card past/present/future one?


Going backwards, here. Start easy and work your way up. There are thousands of possible layouts. The most common is the Celtic Cross. I’ve seen Gypsy readings which cover a table- never could figure out how those worked. The 3 card would give you experience in making it work, though. Get the bugs out and then get fancy. When you’re ready, I’ll try to draw you out some of the Native American layouts I’ve run across, since you’re out yonder.

The sites I have been feasting on daily are emailed to me. Can I forward them in a PM?


Not sure how to do this. Help?


I like this plan. I’ll try that when I get a chance. :smile:

Sure! That would be great. :black_heart:

Sorry. I’ve been busy with work. Do you mean how to PM? Or something else?

In case it’s the PM, you should be able to click my face and see a “Message” button:



When I put this link up, I got an error message and misread it to mean it could not be used. Sorry. It does work after all.


The above is a new set of oracle cards, not based on the tarot. Below is a set from the same company based on the tarot.


The third set aims to sell stuff. They only continue daily emails a few days. I saved an old email for the daily link access.


Ohhh, right. Yeah, that’s not you. Sometimes, websites don’t provide the data that allows them to create nice previews like that last link. :smile:

Thanks for sharing these! I’ll have a closer look at them after work. :black_heart:


I love this :heart: The Universe and higher beings are beyond the limitations of the physical- I agree that They could easily have a hand in technological matters if They feel that is the best way to get messages across!

It makes me think of @tracyS and her chaotic deity who likes to change the radio station around :laughing: :+1:

I’m with you! :handshake:

Although they may appear like cardboard with some art on them at first glance, Tarot cards are overflowing with value. Whether they connect the reader with the divine or with spirits, or in use for powerful self-reflection and self-development, the possibilities really are impressive! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I loved reading your interpretations of the cards, and I loved seeing your cards too- this is a gorgeous deck! So shiny :sparkles: :blush:

Thank you for sharing, Tarot Reader Katerina! :raised_hands: :two_hearts:


I’ve never thought too much about how the digital tarot reading websites work, even though I created the first “Ask a Pendulum” page we had here on Spells8 with very, very rudimentary Java… like… I taught myself how to code Java just so I could make it :joy: but we use something different now, so that’s okay. Anyway, your correlation between the randomness of the computer code and the randomness of shuffling physical cards is interesting to me. Both actions are random to the average person, but the computer-literate person knows how the codes work in the background the same way the spiritually inclined person understands how entities can energetically influence the way we shuffle.

I’ve never been a fan of digital tarot readings because I enjoy the feel of the cards in my hand the same way I prefer physical books over digital books. However, I feel that I have probably given them a bad connotation in my own mind based solely on that :joy: I might have to give them another shot!

And every time I read your interpretations (or any post, for that matter) I am astonished by your command of the English language :sweat_smile: – and I mean this as like… I envy your ability to string words together so fluidly and to create imagery with your word choice. Anyway, all that to say I’m envious of your writing style lol

From what I know about you, I think the reading fits you perfectly. Since you joined Spells8, you’ve always jumped right in to help others when you could, leading them on a path toward growth. Different perspectives haven’t been a challenge for you, either. Instead, you embrace them and use them as learning opportunities! :revolving_hearts:


I’m impressed! :black_heart: Using Java isn’t easy.

Pure Java was the first thing I tried making a game with, and it was quite painful. I did just enough of the logic to say that I could finish it with more time and effort. But I was so glad to stop. :joy:

Same. I love the feeling of a physical book, but as I’m about to move, moving my bookshelf of books is going to be very troublesome. :joy:

I’ve talked to my psychologist about this and how the physical feeling of these things is a practice of mindfulness in itself and very soothing for us. The feel of the paper under our fingers, the act of turning the page, the weight of the book in our hands, the care we use to ensure we do not damage such a precious tome, and so on. :black_heart:

Aww, thank you! :people_hugging: :black_heart:

I felt that growing up, I had to try extra hard because there was bigger scrutiny on non-native speakers’ English. It’s almost like people were judging my intelligence based on my (in)ability with the language. So, I rectified that quickly and then took extra classes in year 12. My reason was that I wanted to write a short story (defined as about 10,000 words) for one of my assessment tasks. (The 4-unit English class’s year-long assessment was writing something fictional.)

Anyway, being forged into a better version of myself from the Mt Doom fires of challenge seems to be a theme in my life. For better or worse. :sweat_smile:

And thank you again. :bowing_woman: It really means a lot coming from one who inspires me so much! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It was definitely a learning curve! I think it helps that I taught myself how to code HTML and CSS back in the days of Myspace just so I could make my own profiles :joy: it isn’t something I would pursue for fun, that’s for sure!

Hmm… I never thought of it like that! I’m sure that’s what it is for me, too. I also get very distracted when I’m reading something digitally. It’s very hard for me to stay focused on an eBook, and audiobooks have to have the right kind of voice for me to listen. Even then, I still find myself distracted and not paying attention :joy: they’re nice when I want to crochet and read at the same time, though!

You’re welcome! I’m sorry that it was because of scrutiny, but I feel like it may have been worth it? I know that can be a kind of crappy thing to say :joy: and I hope it comes across that I mean it in the best way possible!

You’re so sweet! :heart: I’m glad I can also be inspiring lol we can just inspire each other, then lol


Love this- not that it is a theme in your life but that this is how you describe the challenges and results of those challenges in your life.


I go on this one site for tarot card readings and then I do my own tarot card reading and then my other friend does mine as well and I cross reference each one and so far very accurate