A very bone shaking dream what do you think?

Hi so i hope i can keep this short but i wanted to share a dream i had and the events that very soon followed…

So after dawn i naturally went back to sleep for an hour or two and had a dream about going to Africa with my husband and his family. It started of beautiful with me wearing a blue princess style dress blue in colour with blue matching heal and a crown. Straight away in my dream my husband said “maybe you shouldn’t have worn this dress for this holiday” and as i noticed the bottom of the dress was covered in red dirt from the road as it was an safari type of landscape i was walking along.
We came on the holiday to go on an air balloon to see the beautiful African animals and flew in the air balloon without issues. Shortly after as our holiday was ending as i was walking back down a similar road, i came across two young African local girls in their late teens if not adulthood selling a little hand made scruffy written book in English. As i knew the money in their currency would be of no use to me after the holiday and i wasn’t willing to exchange the money (around $500), I decided that for a great cause to make these girl’s day, i would purchase the book.
I quickly went through it and said “I’ll buy it”. Although worth around their asking price of $20, i was going to pay them $500. The girls looked at each other and was ecstatic. However as i was about to pay them, two men one older than 50 years and the other around in their 30’s foreigners too, came and told me to hand over the money and a belt with i little compartment strapped around my waist i had been concealing.
now this belt most likely held important information on a usb and i wasn’t willing to give it up. The older man then said “hand it over and don’t or i will k*ll you”. I said no and he tasered me in the neck and i was convulsing on the ground and decided to play dead.
Although their intention was to get the money and belt at all costs, the older man nudged me with his foot and said in a worrying voice “hey you okay get up”. I kept playing dead and then decided to scream help over and over again for my husband and his family who were close but out of sight. The men became worried and even agitated and were not sure what to do and decided to flee as they thought my family was coming.
I finally got up brushed myself off and proceeded to pay the girls. I then sat on the side of the dirt road and just space out. Finally my husband came and was just talking as if everything was okay. I was upset and heartbroken in the dream as i couldn’t believe he didn’t hear me or even help me.

Anyways, after i woke up this morning i was shaken not because of the taser incident but because i felt betrayed by my husband for not caring. It took me a good hour to process it and remind myself it was a dream. However i was struggling with painful stomach pains as soon as i woke up and even ran for the toilet 3 times and couldn’t eat all my breakfast.

Following this i read a message my mum sent telling me she had skin cancer and she was going today to get it removed from her face and yesterday when she found out on the same day, my cousin’s cat (who lives with my mum and sister and her husband) fell off the kitchen counter top went into a fit and died.

The only relatable thing i can things i can think of in my dream is the dress which l actually own one in a pink colour and the belt as i have one that looks very similar which is actually a heart monitor for when i exercise.

So what so you think? Be grateful if there is anyone who is good with dreams to give me their opinion :blush:


Gosh, it sounds like it was a really stressful dream- and certainly not made better by the news you got the following day. I’m really sorry and I’m sending you big hugs :people_hugging: :heart:

I used to be in the school of thought that everything in a dream could be read and examined, but my views changed over time. I currently now believe that dreams come in two main categories: magickal (communications from the divine, prophetic, messages or warnings, etc) and mundane (the natural and scientifically proven function of the brain to process information while we sleep).

Dreams are extremely personal and intricately woven into our daily life experiences and perceptions- as the one who experienced the dream, the immediate aftereffects, and any longer-term synchronicities, I truly believe that you are the best person possible to analyze the dream and determine whether or not it has a deeper message for you :+1:

If you do believe that the dream holds deeper meaning, I’d recommend using your favorite method of divination to examine it closer- who is the message from? What was its purpose? Is there anything else you need to do?

Sorry I can’t be much more help here- but I am sharing my deepest sympathies for the stressful dream, cancer (wishing your mother all the best with the removal process! :pray:), and loss of your cousin’s cat. Perhaps the coven (and anyone who does offer dream interpretations) will have some deeper insights for you!

Lots of love and blessed be! :sparkles:


I am glad you mentioned this up and i think maybe i should look deeper into this dream. It is far off from what i usually dream even in the unusual or crazy terms this left me feeling like i had an out of body experience. I just did not feel like myself at all. :blush:


I’m with @BryWisteria on this one. Dreams are so personal that even if we tried our best, you would be the only person to accurately interpret it.


Honestly if i am go deep enough i think the dress part was because i was airing out my wardrobe and had try the dress on so i was using my hallway as a catwalk :laughing: The husband part i think is most likely due to my trauma here and everything i go through i feel slightly betrayed so much so that actually physical pain like being tasered is not as painful as what i go through. I tend to ‘dim’ my situation down a lot and when close friends or acquaintances ask how i am i say ‘I’m okay’ or if they ask directly about my partner i tend to say ‘no it’s not his fault i understand why he does what he does’. Unfortunately after mentioning here about my mum’s skin cancer and cousin’s cat dying, me and my husband also had another quarrel and now i am getting the silent treatment even though i decided to be the bigger person and apologise on my behalf for arguing for what i believe in.
Anyways, i hope for brighter days :blush:


My heart and thoughts are with you! Fighting with loved ones is the worst. I hope you two are able to resolve it quickly and peacefully and that the future, the near future, holds lots of happiness for both of you. And I’m glad you were able to get a bit more clarity on the dream. Dreams can be unnerving to say the least!


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