A weird question

I interested in anyone that may have an idea of cuts on hands the day before thanksgiving I was very anxious this is the first holiday without my son who his birthday is this Friday bring my family to 3 months without one of my children. I cut my middle finger badly on left hand then within an hour or so my thumb on the right hand they are still both bleeding and very painful. Does anyone think this may mean something I’m always interested in hearing thoughts. Thank you :pray:t3:


I honestly don’t think it’s significant in any sort of metaphysical way. It could be that your hands just haven’t been as study with the anxiety you’ve been feeling around the holiday. In any case, if you feel that it’s significant, signs are always very personal and you’ll probably be the only one who can interpret that. I would advise you to see a doctor or go to your nearest urgent care or emergency room if the bleeding doesn’t stop. You may need medical treatment!


Yes thank you for replying,the bleeding did stop and I think I need to slow down and get through the holidays with some peace and calmness. :pray:t2:


I’m sorry that you cut your thumb. I wasn’t going to comment but I remember that my mother cut her same thumb the day before Thanksgiving too. I just thought that was strange.


I know it was just weird the way it happened


There are a lot of superstitions about knives but none that I know of that would apply. In palmistry, a hurt middle finger can denote anger while a hurt thumb is about worry. I could see a connection between the anxiety and pain you felt about being separated or cut away from your son (I remember my first Thanksgiving without my son - it was excruciating) and the fact that you are connected by blood. And of course, a birthday cake is also sliced with a knife. So that is interesting. But I think it’s more likely you are just stressed and we always have more accidents when we are stressed and distracted. I am sorry about your poor hands. Do you see signs or portents usually?


First I am so sorry to
Hear about your son :disappointed:the pain is unbearable, I dream of him almost every night ! The lights in my living room are always turning purple ! We will have them set on orange for thanksgiving and we are sitting there and they change over to purple which is my favorite color . My grandma is 98 and the other day she saids HELLO michael ! We all looked at her and starting crying. And says to us Michael is doing. Wonderful :pray:t2: Most of the time she doesn’t know who anyone is but he must have gone to see his great grandma ! I am very desperate to connect with him .


@darlene3 maybe the dreams you have of him are his way of reaching out to you. Ppl are easier to communicate with through dreams. Just something to think about


Once I went to school and we learned a word called entropy which I looked upi for you and it might explains things first
I found this on google

  1. a thermodynamic quantity representing the unavailability of a system’s thermal energy for conversion into mechanical work, often interpreted as the degree of disorder or randomness in the system.

“the second law of thermodynamics says that entropy always increases with time”

lack of order or predictability; gradual decline into disorder.
Do you feel that this can be almost predictable?

Definition of Entropy from Lexicon

“a marketplace where entropy reigns supreme” and got me thinking how my room is always seems to be in a cense a catastrophe down right disorder. Or the time when I was in the kitchen and somehow there was almost a complete disaster withing seconds there could have been a fire like three times. I cant even remember what happened alls I know is that I was glad it didnt turn out worse. Dont feel bad shit happens sometimes we make mistakes! Dont judge yourself and be a critic! I think accidents are bound to happen sometimes and they will happen. Just try to be more focused. My teacher gave a good example of entropy its like when you just cleaned your room and its dirty again. Think about the person that never cleans the room! I hope this makes sense!
Yes you made a mistake and hurt yourself and I have hurt myself with the knife once or twice in the same day too! sometimes our lives feel like a totall mess but thats just entropy its like we just have to keep cleaning the mess!
Blessed by the Moon


Yes I was thinking about this when I went to bed last night and had a very realistic dream of my son again !! I think you are 100% correct on this :blush::blush:


@darlene3 thats great. I’m so glad you dreamed of him


Aww, honey, perhaps you were concentrating on your lost chick and not on the task at hand. Relax, take a deep breath, slowly blow it out. This too will pass.
I’ll light a white candle for you.
Sending you support and strength.