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Share, recommend, and discuss recipes: Spells, Potions, Cooking, or Baking with Magic are all welcome! Also ingredients for spells, and how to use them.

Get help when looking for a long lost recipe, or share your favorite recipes with other Witches!

This is a new category, as suggested by @Amethyst! Let’s see where it goes from here! :alembic: :cake: :spoon: :sparkles:

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Thank you so much @Francisco! I think this will be used a lot!


Hey, thanks Kasie for suggesting this!! :pray:t3:


You’re welcome! I thought it sounded like fun. I can’t cook, I don’t have the stamina to really stand that long, but during the Yule season I post a lot of recipes for my friends online for fun. So I thought this would be fun here, to see what people are making! :hugs: