Abundance and gratitude

Good morning everyone and blessed be.
I have wanted to move for a while Because I don’t think that the environment where I live is a good one .I became consumed with moving worried about finding a place to move. I made me physically ill.
I continued during this horrible time to do meditations offered in Spell8.

While meditating I discovered that the reason why my prayers ,my petitions ,my intention did not come to fruition may be because I attempted to set an intention while being muddled in my own thoughts.
My worries became my prayers , my petitions. I let my worries be stronger than my faith, my magic.

Someone recommended a book to me titled The Powers of the Psalms and the cover listed revenge as one of the many things I could ask for .
I threw the book in a trash .

I just want to say I I am grateful to find Spells8 ,and my wiccan practice. I am greatful that whatever our hearts may desire, we asked while not doing harm to others.

Thank you


The love we find on Spells8, the positivity of the members, and the comfort and freedom Wicca brings us is inspiring and fills me with gratitude. :pray:t3: I am glad you found this place and I hope your intentions will now get you where you want to go.

If you want to try another book, I recommend Karma. Here is part of my review during The Spells8 Book Club II.

An Interesting Quote from the Book
There are 15 chapters in this book, 12 on the “Universal Laws” of karma. Each chapter is full of quotable material. It was hard to pick just one so I included three that, when placed together like this, tell a summary of the book.

However, karma is not a reward and punishment system. Karma has a basis in understanding.

There are close to 7 billion people on this earth, and if you asked each one to write down their thoughts about people, circumstances, health, and themselves, you’d get 7 billion answers. To each person, this would be a true reflection of how the world really is, and they would not completely agree with anyone else.
Your world can be heaven or hell, depending on how you view yourself, people, and events…
If there is something wrong in our world, there is something wrong in us.

Your world is a paradise waiting to be discovered but it must first exist within you, and it cannot exist without you. Choose to believe in great things, and act out of love, and love and great things will make themselves known to you, or form wherever you may look.

:star2: Blessings to you while you follow your path. :star2:


Hello @Deborah813! I’m glad you’ve figured out what your general problem is. You need to focus on the results and not worry about what happens with the spell. I know, easier said than done, but that’s what I feel. Maybe someone else will have a different view.

Good luck!


@Amethyst… So true … Thank you
Blessed be



@praecog29 thank you … I chanted for 20 years… I love the quote that saids Karma is not a bitch it is a mirror…


Greetings, @Deborah813!

So sorry to hear you’ve been troubled and weighed down with worries lately. Planning and hoping can help get you to where you want to be, but I know it can be surprisingly quick for hope to spiral into worry and become tangled in a web of anxiety :spider_web:

It is good to hear you are sticking with your meditations- I hope they bring you positivity and clear thoughts! :relieved: It sounds like you have determination in your heart and are moving towards the goal you want to achieve- I hope you are able to move soon! :house: You may be interested in this Spell to get a New House.

I think you’re on the right path with reading books that help you move forward (rather than become stuck in darker habits like pursuing revenge- that book sounds yikes! :laughing: ) Feel free to check out Book Club for recommendations and reviews of books as well! :books:

Lots of love and light to you- Be well, Deborah! :sparkling_heart:


Thank you again @BryWisteria.
You are the best … I am printing and will do the spell to get a new home .
Thank you for being here …


I get being muddled in your own thoughts and losing track of what you want, I really do… I’m kinda there in my life right now too. Guided meditations are wonderful for clearing up the confusion, even if just for a little while at a time but I guess you’ve got to start somewhere. As long as they’re made with good intentions and not by horrible people who suggest seeking revenge of course.

I’m grateful for this place and all of you too, it’s a safe haven in middle of so much chaos and hurt.

Blessings and clarity to you, and stay safe :purple_heart:


I am grateful as well …


I am grateful for all the wise words and advice you received in this topic, Deborah.

My recommendation is to stay grounded through writing. I consider it even more powerful than reading. I think writing your thoughts down is a wonderful exercise. If you haven’t already, check out the Book of Mirrors journaling course

Grounding is also very important. Try to get some direct contact with the earth, go out for a walk. Let those feelings of anxiety clear away so they can be replaced by soothing earth energies, drawn up from the soil and the bedrock. :gem:

All the best


@Deborah813 I definitely agree hun! You will be so surprised :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I completely understand! Sometimes the worry becomes stronger than the magic and i feel that’s counterproductive. @kassie, as you stated, easier said than done. However, we have to dig out the magic that’s within the universe and ourselves.


@Deborah813, Glad you found your center again.
Blessed be


You are very welcome, @Deborah813- thank you for sharing your light and positivity! :hugs::heart: Wishing you all the best in your journey. Keep us updated as you unblock and find your way forward again! Everyone here is cheering for you :blush::two_hearts:

And I agree, @CelestiaMoon- it’s a fact of life that we get muddled in our thoughts sometimes :sweat_smile: . The inner world of our minds is fun and wonderful to explore, but it can also become like quicksand and hold us back from moving forward in reality. You put it perfectly when you said: “guided meditations are wonderful for clearing up the confusion”- they really are so helpful! :blush: :+1:


Thank you walter :blush: