Spell to get a house?

I’ve found a few spells to get a house, but I want to know if there is any other spells that spells 8 recommends doing? I’m doing the spell Sunday July 19th because the moon will be just right.


July 19th brings a new moon so it’s indeed a good opportunity to invite fresh energies like finding a new home or starting a new life moving out. :+1:

Sugar Jar Spell for a New Home :house:

If you are looking to move house this sugar jar spell could help things along. This comes from the book A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Food by Rachel Patterson.

  • Picture of the house you want to move into
  • Jar
  • Cinnamon (for success)
  • Allspice (for money)
  • Cloves (money/protection)
  • 1 old house key :key:
  1. Find a photo of the house you want to move into or a picture of your ideal home if you haven’t found one yet and write your family name over it, place the photo into a jam jar or a mason jar.

  2. You will need enough sugar to fill the jar, add to it a pinch of cinnamon, a pinch of allspice and a pinch of cloves.

  3. Pour the sugar mix into the jar on top of the photo and then stick the key into the sugar as if you were putting it into a lock, turn the key as if you were opening a door. As you turn the key visualise you and your family moving into the house of your dreams :house: you can even say your wish out loud or make up a chant, turn the key three times.

  4. Once at day taste a little of the sugar or add it to your coffee (or tea) as you do this repeat your visualisation and your chant if you used one.

  5. Repeat the key turning and the sugar tasting every day until you get your house. You will probably need to replace the sugar occasionally to keep it topped up.

  6. Once you are in your new home use the sugar to bake a cake or some cookies and share them with those that need a financial boost.

  7. Take the photo of the house that you used and bury it in the grounds of your new home (or in a pot plant if you don’t have a garden).

  • ★ ゚・ 。 * 。

Good Luck and Many Blessings!!


That’s a real good spell…also find a old key and just keep it in your pocket. When you come to the door of the house you live in, pause for a few moments close your eyes take the key out of your pocket and see yourself entering your new home in detail… When you open you eyes you will be smiling inside. Just say thank you


Thankyou for this ! I will definitely try this out.


Thank you I’ll do this as well!


Also how long should you have the key in ur pocket? A week? A few days? @roxanne


Ohhh this is good. I rent a house right now and would love to either buy it and do a total renovation or get a new house. I will be doing this for sure


This spell is from “The Crystal Witch” by Shawn Robbins & Leanna Greenaway

Best performed Tuesday evenings, and using pale blue candles


  • Azeztulite crystal (Clear quartz could be an alternative)

  • Citrine crystal

  • Votive or tea light candle, or pale blue candle

  • Handful of acorns

Place candle, acorns, and crystals on altar. Light the candle and go outside. Use your pointer finger and raise your arms in the direction of the moon and say this spell three times. “I call upon the moon this day to clear the obstacles quickly away, With speed and swiftness, I shall flit, my life will improve the moment I move.” Close the spell by saying “So mote it be.” Leave everything on the altar until the candle has burned down. Take the crystals, acorns, and bury them in your garden. If you don’t have a garden or access to local woods, bury them in a pot of soil and leave it outside or by your front door.


This is a beautiful spell, @Missa! :two_hearts: I love that it uses acorns! Do you think that other seeds could be used as a substitute? I unfortunately I haven’t seen any acorns here in the city (even in the parks- the squirrels are fierce! :chipmunk: :laughing: ) - but I have my sunflower seeds and other fruit seeds from the grocery store!


until you replace it with the keys to your new house


I don’t see why seeds couldn’t be used as a substitute :slight_smile: a quote from a witch friend of mine always says “doesn’t matter what tool/material… its all about intention”.


Great to know- thank you! And very wise words from your friend! :sparkling_heart:


I think this is a Awsome spell thanks so much!