🌾 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Inviting Abundance

Warm greetings to all! :heart:

Another round of appreciation to all those who joined in on last week’s challenge: Moon Magick!

After celebrating the moon and all her glory, it is time to invite in additional positive forces and blessings into our lives. The theme for this week’s challenge is…

:sparkles::rice_scene: Prosperity and Abundance :bread::raised_hands:

For those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, the coming of Autumn signifies harvest time and reaping the bounty of the Summer. This is a great time of year to welcome in the results of our hard work and enjoy the fruits of our labor! :ear_of_rice:

Friends in the Southern Hampshire are leaving the Winter behind them and welcoming in Spring. Now is the time for nature to blossom and bring the many joys of a season abundant with new life :cherry_blossom:

No matter where in the world you are, now is a great time to draw on the energies of abundance and invite in prosperity! It’s time to draw in good forces, live long and prosper! :vulcan_salute:

Are you ready? It’s CHALLENGE TIME! :trophy:

STEP 1: Inviting in Prosperity:open_hands:

Prosperous /ˈprɒsp(ə)rəs/

  1. successful in material terms; flourishing financially.
    “prosperous middle-class professionals”

  2. bringing wealth and success.
    “we wish you a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year”

Late Middle English: from Old French prospereus , from Latin prosperus ‘doing well’.

Similar: thriving, doing well, wealthy, vigorous, productive, profitable, flourishing

[Definition from Oxford Languages]

This challenge is about finding ways to invite prosperity into your life, or about celebrating the blessings that you already have.

While the term “prosperity” usually refers to material goods, you are very welcome to wish for success in any topic of your choosing! :white_check_mark:

Consider seeking prosperity in terms of money, new jobs, school, family, health. You may choose to welcome or celebrate prosperity for yourself, someone close to you, or perhaps for the world as a whole :earth_americas:

To help get you started, here are some potential ways to welcome in prosperity to your life:

  • Connect and/or make offers to a deity associated with abundance and prosperity

  • Decorate your altar for the new season

  • Consider sharing your abundance with others. Whether you find yourself with some extra time or energy, consider sharing it with others- through magick or mundane means.

  • Meditate on the incoming flow of energy

  • Do a visualization inviting good things into your life

  • Celebrate the season in your own witchy way!

  • Do a spell or ritual to invite good energies and success into your life.

Here are just a few spells and rituals related to prosperity:


Money Bags: A Powerful Spell with Cinnamon and Coins

The Door Opener: Wiccan Chant and Bag for Getting a Job

Wiccan Chant to Get Your Dream Job

~New House~
Sugar Spell Jar for a New Home

Sun Sigil to Pass an Exam

~Good Luck and Success~
Good Luck Spells and Powerful Rituals for Success

Road Opener Spell to Move Forward in Life

Attract Love: A Spell Jar Recipe

Sticky Kiss: A Candle Spell to Attract One Person

NOTE: Magick that influences other people isn’t for every witch- you may want to review the Spellcasting Safety Tips and consider the ethics of casting before using your magick to influence another person. While love spells have been used throughout history, it is up to you to decide if you wish to include them in your practice or not! :+1:

~Prosperity for Nature~
Prayer for Healing Mother Earth

If you find yourself already very blessed, you may choose to celebrate the prosperity you have by looking back on your accomplishments :woman_in_lotus_position: . A reflection or gratitude meditation can help you to see how far you have come on your journey, and appreciate everything you have achieved!

STEP 2: Share Your Experience:writing_hand:

To participate in this challenge, you must share your experience!

Feel free to share any spells, rituals, or other work you did to bring prosperity into your life. You could appeal to a deity associated with thriving and abundance, create a list of goals you have for the future, or create something new- so long as it relates to welcoming in prosperity, your wisdom and experiences are very welcome in this challenge! :+1:

Please feel free to create a new post in the forums (and don’t forget to mention the challenge!) or write about your experience below! :memo:

For all those who celebrate the energies of the changing seasons by welcoming success and good energies into their lives, there will be a special shout-out and a small prize given for your efforts!

:heavy_heart_exclamation: This challenge will be open for 7 DAYS! :heavy_heart_exclamation:

To join in, please post about your moon magick by 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time) on Tuesday, September 15th!

After the challenge closes, you are still very welcome to post but please be aware that no additional prizes will be given.

A warm reminder that this challenge is very open- all are encouraged to participate in a way that reflects their unique practice. There are no right or wrong answers so long as you practice respectfully, and there is no way to ‘lose’ the challenge if you participate! :+1:

This challenge’s goal is to help you help yourself! By exploring new aspects of magick and trying new practices, the hope is to both help you further diversify and strengthen your abilities, and to bring together the Spells8 forum family to inspire and support one another :hugs:

May you bask in the abundance of the changing seasons, and may the new energies bring you much success and happiness!

Blessed Be to All! :heart:


Perfect timing :seedling::dollar:

Hopefully this helps with my interview today :crossed_fingers:t2::green_heart::green_heart::green_heart:

Good luck with the challenge all! :sparkles:


Oo cant wait to do this. Hmm know to decide what spell im gonna do.

I noticed the sticky kiss but a bit confused about the free will aspect of it? I also follow law of attraction teachers about SPs which makes me more confused on the free will aspect as some say it doesn’t exist. Lol

Anyway i have 2 guys im really into my ex j and my crush g who likes me too but its just really complicated lol ugh how to decide :see_no_evil:

Anyway hopefully ill be able to decide on a spell or ritual in time. Lol


:four_leaf_clover: Good luck, hun! :four_leaf_clover: I’m sure you’ll do fine :slight_smile:


Is it okay if I do 2 of them? I would like to do the Good Luck and Road Opener when I can move freely again. I’d have to do a bit of improvisation if I did them right now from my bed. I could probably have my daughter do it with me. I know she would like some good luck to come her way.

@mrs good luck once again! I hope you get your dream job today!

@kira-marie you will do just fine, I would go for the crush if it was me, there’s a reason your ex is your ex. It’s just been my experience, but do what’s right for you darling. Or maybe if you do it, the one that was meant to be with you will come! Do what you feel is right Love!

I’m going to think on mine a little bit and see if my daughter is interested in doing it with me. She is curious about what I’m doing so she may be interested in this too.

When October comes I will be doing the Legal Blessings because I have my hearing for Social Security on October 28th and could really use some good juju to get through that to alleviate stress and anxiety and guilt about not working. It makes my heart hurt that I left work and we are struggling so hard now it’s heartbreaking for myself and my family. I cry every so often because then I found out that my whole department is working from home. Ah… but my doctors feel I can’t do anything for work and must stay away from that because of what happened each time I had a job. I get it, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it.

I’m rambling again, but that is what I will be doing, Good Luck and The Road Opener and in October I will be doing the Legal Blessings.


@TheTravelWitch, Have a question (s) most of my spell work that I’ve done lately have revolved around the :full_moon:. (New, Waxing, full, and waning.) Since , we are currently in the wanning phase-from what I learned, you use this phase for banishment spells. If I’m understanding correctly, you can perform any spells at anytime? However, I don’t want to get my signals mixed up and send “mixed signals” out to the universe during the wanning phase.
How do I diffrenciate between the phases of the moon and spell work? ( Example , if I did an abundance spell, wouldn’t that contradict itself in the wanning phase? ) I wouldn’t want to loose prosperity and confuse the universe lol… Do I just disassociate myself from the moon?
Just a little confused as what do do.
I apologise for the multiple questions.

Thank you,
Blessed be.


It’s a good question @walter! As a Moon lover :full_moon::blue_heart: I try to cast with moon phases as much as possible, but I always think of it as the moon phase is giving me a “boost” so when moments come along that I really can’t fit the phase to the type of spell, I still cast and rest assured that selene wouldn’t try to steer me off course. :blush::sparkles:

Also when casting doesn’t aline with the moon phases I seem to cast more during the day. Not sure why l, no particular reason, maybe I subconsciously try and distance myself from the moon in that moment? No idea. :woman_shrugging:

@TheTravelWitch what do uou think?

Ps I’ve tagged you in another post about spell casting which may help you @walter


Thank you @mrs. I guess that makes sense. Maybe daytime spells! However, I tend to be more of a night owl and the night time is perfect for me, for casting spells. It’s much more quieter and less distractions. My mind seems to be more at ease late at night. Aligning the spells with the moon phases or not, is what I need to fiigure out in my spell casting. Would I have to use a different diety when not casting with moon? Not every spell will always align with the phases as you mentioned.
Thank you for the other post.


Im so excited to join my first challenge! I’m glad ill have time to go and find what I need for this. Am I able to do two or more spells? can’t wait for this! blessed be❤️


Yes I agree, I also prefer the nighttime :blush: honestly I would just practice and go with it. I’m fairly new at this, I’ve only been practicing spell work since March, but from the advice I’ve got from the guys its more the magic coming from you, so as long as your intent is true and positive, the spell should be successful.:sparkles:

At the start I was so stressed about timings, :weary: especially how long to leave crystals etc out in the moon before sun hits them and I was worried that if I didn’t have the house completely to myself and have a cleansing bath and meditate before and after it wouldn’t work… Now I just merrily go on my way casting here and there, but saving my “big” ones for special occasions if I can :joy:

This morning I did the Door Opener and a chant to Demeter and Ceres as advertised on the main page. So while my door opener was to Selene (as she is the Diety I refer to as Goddess) the chant went to Demeter and Ceres. :heart:

So regarding whether to change deities I wouldn’t stress too much. Selene is my girl but Demeter and Ceres help with job/career work so I sent a chant to them. We’re lucky to have this amazing website to refer too! @Francisco has a lot of knowledge handed down by his mum if I’m not mistaken :blush:

Incidentally my interview went very well and I should hear if I get the job by the end of the week, and I had a phone call for a 2nd interview for another place call about 2 hours after :grin::blue_heart:


Yes, you’re right! Me too been practicing since April. Like others have said, the magic is within you, everything else are just tools to give it more power but without your mindset and intention, spells won’t work! Thanks again for the wealth of info! Good luck on your job interview! I’m sure you’ll get it!!


You’re so welcome and thank you :heart:


This morning, I applied for about 15-20 jobs. An hour ago, I got a call for a barista job & my interview will be tomorrow morning at 10! Tonight, a door opener spell is on my agenda! I’ll post an update on this sometime tomorrow! I’m so excited. I’ve been nervous about being able to afford my “extras” (spells8 subscription, witchy supplies & crystals) and this could be just the supplement I need to get me through dry spots with my art commissions! Yay! Send me good vibes!


Good luck @haley! Let us know how you get on :sparkles::crossed_fingers:t2::heart:


Congratulations! I’m sure you will get the position! In trying times like these it’s not easy trying to get a job these days. Good-luck!


That’s a great question!

Moon phases can be interpreted in different ways but there’s always a way to fit them to your intention. This is an exercise that helps you reassess your spell, analyze the motives behind it, and the timing as well:

  • If the Moon is Waxing, it means “give me”, “bring to me”, “grow with me”. I look at the moon and think of all the possibilities for growth around me. I cast a spell to bring more of that. Now it’s already flowing. :waxing_crescent_moon: :first_quarter_moon: :waxing_gibbous_moon:

  • If the Moon is Waning, it means “send away”, “rid me of”, “release from me”. This half of the cycle will drive away obstacles, baggage, destroy old habits and blockages. I do “shadow work”, which means look into the reasons behind my lack of abundance. What’s getting in the way? Find it and cast a spell to clear the ways, do a cleanup of the energies. :waning_gibbous_moon: :last_quarter_moon: :waning_crescent_moon:

A road opener is done to remove burdens so that when the cycle ends I am more able to bring in the abundance I want.

In short, you can cast an abundance spell during any lunar phase but you have to make the connection to the Moon (if you’re working with the Moon). You can also ignore it but for me that’s hard to do!


Thanks! My mom appreciates you back! :laughing:

I think it’s in the family, she is not the only witch for sure, but I was lucky indeed to have her as my mother! Would be nice to be closer to home though :pray:


Thank you @Francisco. I feel the same way! It’s hard for me to ignore the moon when I do spell casting. In one of the books of read and YouTube videos I watched. Said you kinda of change your intention with the phase. For example: you can still do an abundance spell in the wanning phase however, your intention can be for all your debts/bills to banish? If I’m understanding it correctly!? But as far as other spells, would they have the same outcome if phases don’t align? That’s what confuses me. Before I knew anything about working with the moon, I didn’t stress over it. But now that I am more in tuned with it- feel it’s gonna mess up my energy and intention. Like I mentioned, I don’t want to send out mixed signals and waste my energy. Am I overthinking it too much?

Thank you!


Haha yes! If your practice is creating you anxiety then take a step back and simplify. In the end, it’s about what you do and how you feel doing it.

One way to simplify is to follow Abs’ advice:

Think of the Moon as having someone rooting for you. It will give you a boost of confidence! But if the Moon isn’t there or is doing something else, then it’s not your problem. Some people choose not do any workings during a New Moon because they feel this is a time to take a break. But you can still cast a spell whenever. It will be just like working by yourself.


Ok, thank you once again!

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