Motivation and Creativity, Come My Way! ✨ (Prosperity Challenge)

There have been so many wonderful entries to this week’s Witchy Weekly Challenge! For my own entry, I decided I wanted to draw in motivational and creative energies :raised_hands:

Here is the spell I designed!

:art: Motivation and Creativity Spell:writing_hand:

For this spell, I wanted to spark the passion of creation! It’s been a while since I had the energy to paint, so I decided to make a pentagram using my art supplies.

Ritual Elements:

  • The inner star and borders are made with tubes of paint and paintbrushes
  • Candles are placed at each of the 5 points
  • Previous works of art were arranged along the edges, to fuel future creations
  • Basil, an herb used in attraction magick, is included
  • There are 2 coins, one from the US and one from Poland, symbolizing past and present for me.
  • A token of the Helm of Awe- a Norse symbol to attract might and strength. It is also a form of compass, my personal symbol.
  • My favorite incense (the blend used at Ginkakuji/the Silver Pavilion in Kyoto, Japan)

The intention was to draw on creative energies from past projects and instill that energy here and now!

After the ritual was set up, I focused my intent, gathered my energies and desire, and began :open_hands:

I usually prefer to hold my intent inside, but for this spell, I found some words actually came quite easily:


(read each line while lighting one candle)

I have all of the tools I need.
Now I have the motivation.
I have made nice things before-
And I will make nice things once again.
I have creativity within me…

(Light the incense in the center)

…And now I will create.
So mote it be!

After I said the words, I held my intent for a moment, said my thank you’s, and blew out the candles. I started to set up my a piece of paper to begin painting… but no pictures were coming to mind :thinking:

Instead of pictures and colors, words started flowing. Just like the chant, which I hardly ever make my own- my minds started to flow with sentances, lines, snippets of poetry… I had to push my paper aside and run over to my laptop! :laughing:

While I didn’t finish any one piece, I had a great brainstorming session on a whole bunch of possible topics. For work, poetry, maybe little pieces of stories- it was pretty fun and the time flew by! I’ll have to take some time and go through everything.

I had just figured this spell would lead me to do painting :art:, but looking back… all I had really been asking for was creativity and motivation. Although I used art supplies in the setup, I never really specified where the energy would be directed to! :sweat_smile:

Has this ever happened to any of you? Where your spell worked, but the outcome wasn’t what you expected?

For me, this turned out to be a successful spell and a fun writing time- but also an important reminder to make my intentions very clear, especially when put into words! :grin:

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, full of bounty and abundance! Blessed Be :sparkling_heart:


What an incredible ritual! Thank you so much for sharing! :heart:
Your artwork is beyond stunning so I hope that the motivation to paint comes back soon - I’d love to see more! :joy:
What a great outcome - even if it wasn’t what you expected - it’s a wonderful sign of your abilities and power coming through! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’m glad you got some creativity out of it, it just goes to show we have to be specific in our intentions. I love the spell though, that was a great idea!


Thank you so much @Limeberry and @Amethyst- you’re both very kind! :heart: The brainstorming I did is slowly building itself into a story outline, so it really is a lot more than I bargained for! My paints, on the other hand- are still sitting there waiting for me to use them :sweat_smile:

I guess that’s what they say- to always have two projects going on, so you can procrastinate one by doing the other! :joy:

To everyone working on their own creative projects this week, whether it may be art, writing, spell/ritual work, or something else- sending good thoughts your way! :sparkles:


Good luck with your writing love! :writing_hand: That sounds like it’ll be interesting.


You mean like… asking for a sign and setting off the fire alarm right after?? Happens all the time!! :laughing: :rofl:

I’m happy this spell was a success for you, @BryWisteria!! Thanks for all the inspiration and ideas! I love using coins in spells too! Especially from around the world or with special meanings!


Story of my life :joy: :joy: :joy: :woman_facepalming:t3:


Thanks, @Amethyst! It’s very rare that I actually finish a creative writing piece, but it’s still fun and fulfilling to work away at it :laughing: How is your writing coming along? I hope you’re having fun with it too! :blush:

Hahaha exactly like that! :joy: Some magick sure has quick results- and sometimes very unexpected!

I agree- coins are so interesting! :star_struck: When I think about all the places they have been, each person that has held them, and all the stories they must hold from places around the world- coins are full of magickal potential :white_circle: :sparkles: :orange_circle:


I found a mistake in continuity so I’m finishing chapter ten then going back over what I’ve written and see if there are any other mistakes. I’m going to search out a beta, see if someone is willing to help me look for mistakes. That will make me feel better about it.

I hope your project goes well! Even if you don’t finish it. LOL. You could always just write a short story, it doesn’t have to be chapters long or anything like that. I’ve read several successful little drabbles that are only like 500 words long. It’s all up to you when you write, that’s what makes it fun.


Thanks, Kasie! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I think this is great advice- maybe I’ll try to focus on a very small setting or even just one scene! You are so right that that’s the magic in it- it’s all about letting your creativity and own inner worlds flow in a way that works for you! :grin::sparkles:

That is amazing you already have ten chapters :clap: :heart_eyes: How many are you planning the story to have? Or maybe you’re just seeing how the story expands as it comes to life? So exciting!


I have no idea how long it’s going to be, I only vaguely know what’s happening at the end yet. LOL. I’m flying by the seat of my pants!


I think that sounds exciting- the full story will be a surprise for you too! :laughing: Sometimes it’s good to have an outline and breakdown, but then other times it’s thrilling to let the characters lead their own lives and see what happens- stories can really come to life and drive themselves! :grin:

Good luck writing- I’m sending wishes that creativity and motivation keep flowing for you! :raised_hands::two_hearts:


Thank you darlin! I’ve had a wild couple of days and haven’t had time to write. I’m hoping to get some tomorrow. Ans yep, it’ll be a surprise to me. Sometimes the characters in your head take over and just lead their own lives.


@BryWisteria, very creative! I would say the spell was in the creativity of the set up as well! The drawings and paint tubes to design the pentagram is awesome! Your spell was working before the ritual even began. I love the wolf! Its my favorite animal! (You’re very talented!) What a great project to end the week!
Blessed be.


I hope things have calmed down for you now! :blush: Were you able to squeeze a bit of writing time in? Hope it is all going well! :writing_hand:

Thank you, @walter! You’re so kind- and wow, I didn’t think of it like this, but I think you are right! The creativity already started to flow as I was setting up :laughing::+1: And I agree, wolves are such beautiful animals- so majestic and strong :wolf:
Hope you had a wonderful weekend- blessed be! :two_hearts:


I got some editing done before I got too far into the story so that’s good. I hope to write more today, but I’m not going to pressure myself since I’m doing my Mabon spell a day early. That is more important to me.


Congrats on your editing! :grin: I bet it feels great to have a good chunk of work on your story done- so exciting! Sounds like it is time to switch gears a bit and focus on the Mabon spell- I wish you good luck with it, and a very blessed equinox! :sun_with_face::two_hearts:


Thank you love! I had a good night all in all. And a good morning so far. Let’s hope that continues. LOL. :hugs:


Travel Witch
I love how creative you are and it looks like you are a professional. Looks like you took your time! Thanks for this inspirational piece of art! Looks very detailed! I loved you wolf and how it looks like it’s growling like don’t mess with me!


You are very kind, @Jeannie- thank you so much for your warm words! :heart: I’m nowhere near professional level (maybe someday in the future!), for now my artwork is just a great way to express creativity and do something fun :blush::sparkles:

I get a lot of inspiration for my current doodles and paintings from talented folks like you- thank you for always sharing your gorgeous projects! I love seeing the fun things everyone in the forum makes. It helps the creativity and motivation flow throughout the coven :ocean: :two_hearts: