Pisces New Moon 🌑 March 2024

We are March-ing right along in the year (pun is absolutely intended!) and we have come to another New Moon. This month, the moon will be shrouded in darkness in the watery sign of Pisces. This is the first New Moon in a warming (or cooling) world leading up to the Equinox this month!

Depending on your time zone, the New Moon will be on March 10th. Find the exact time of this month’s New Moon here: Moon Calendar from Astro-Seek.

What Is A New Moon?

If you need a recap of what a New Moon is, click here! 🌑

Astronomically speaking, a New Moon is the period of time when the moon is at 0% illumination. The Moon and Sun are on opposite sides of the Earth. This causes Earth’s shadow to fully cover the Moon leaving the night sky in darkness.

There are several different beliefs regarding the New Moon and witchcraft. Some witches believe this is the time to start new projects. Others believe it is a time of rest and recovery where no magic should be done.

What does a new moon symbolize? This is a time of introspection, self-analysis and reflection. An opportunity for a fresh start and a New You. - New Moon Rituals (Spells8)

The Sign Of Pisces :pisces:

Pisces is a mutable water sign ruled by the planet Neptune. If you were born between February 19th and March 20th, you will have Pisces as your Sun Sign! Pisceans are one of the more intuitive signs in the zodiac due to their fluidity and connection with the Water element. They tend to enjoy being around people, but they are emotional vacuums! They tend to suck up the emotions of the people around them, making the Pisces likely very attuned with the people around them.

Are you an empath? :sparkles:

Pisceans also love to help others, leaning into their creativity to find solutions to problems. They may often find themselves daydreaming, visualizing everything they want to do and seeing the outcomes with perfect clarity! This gives Pisceans an advantage to others in terms of manifesting and reaching their goals. However, Pisceans can often get stuck in their heads, choosing to live in their daydreams rather than reality.

Learn more about Pisces :pisces:Beginner Astrology - Guide to the Signs by @Cosmic_Curiosity

The Pisces New Moon :new_moon:

The New Moon is often a time of rest and retreat as we look inward in the darkness. We can use this time to dream new dreams and focus on what we want to grow with the coming Waxing Moon. The energy of Pisces is wonderful to intermingle with the New Moon! We may feel the need to dive into our spirituality as the intuitive forces of Pisces mix with the fresh beginnings of the New Moon.

Simple Techniques to Develop your Intuition :bulb:

We may find our imagination is also on overdrive during this New Moon. It is a fantastic time to remove all distractions and focus on visualizing our goals - dream big right now! Figuring out how to get those dreams will come later. For this New Moon, we are throwing off our reservations and our “you can’t do that” voices. Anything is possible with a Pisces New Moon - if you can dream it, you can do it.

Activities For The Pisces New Moon :tada:

Create Vision Board :art:

Pisces is all about dreams and creativity. Spend some time creating a vision board for the next two weeks - what you can manifest in that time? How can you utilize the creative spark of Pisces with the coming Waxing Moon? Dream big!

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Planting Spiritual Seeds :seedling:

You need some spiritual gardening to go along with the dreams you’re manifesting. Now is a great time to meditate and plant some spiritual seeds in your Inner Temple. Give each seed an intention and goal, then watch them flourish and bring your manifestations to you!

Seed of Intention :new_moon: New Moon Meditation

Cleansing & Creativity

Start fresh with this New Moon. Cleanse your home and your space of all negative or stagnant energy. Creativity, love, and intuition will struggle to blossom in a space filled with pessimism and intuitive blockages. Clear the path with a cleansing spell. Then, craft a spell jar or oil to help your creativity bloom!

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Remember, the energy of the New Moon isn’t just for the one day that it reaches its peak. Personally, I give myself a three-day window for the New Moon: the day before, the day of, and the day after. This works well for my practice and it may work for yours, too!

Do you plan to work with this New Moon? What are your favorite ways to work with a New Moon?

Let’s hear about it!


I need to try this out. I have creative projects and garden projects that I to take care of - many that are long overdue to be started.


Ohh, that’s coming up fast - it’ll be here before we know it! Thank you for this lovely deep dive into the March new moon, @MeganB! :pray: :blush:

Wishing everyone a blessed New Moon in Pisces! :pisces: :new_moon:


They’re so fun to make! I don’t do physical vision boards because I don’t want to waste paper and ink by printing things out :laughing: instead, mine is digital and it’s my desktop background!

Right?! I can never keep up :laughing:


Whoop whoop Pisces :pisces::fish:


The Pisces New Moon :new_moon: has passed!