Salt + Vinegar Cleanse to Remove Negativity 🧂

Full Moon Blessings! :full_moon: Here’s a very easy cleanse (& divination) for those who want to experiment with some kitchen Magic and harness the energy of the full moon. In its simplest form this is just a cleansing ritual, so don’t be afraid to try even if it’s your first time working with Magic.

How does it work?

As you may already know, salt is widely used in energy cleansing, for personal or home protection, and many other things.

What kind of salt should I use? Less-processed salts like sea salt are preferred, but if you only have regular cooking salt in the kitchen, use that instead. Ultimately, the power comes from the Witch, not from the ingredients.

For the vinegar, use white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. These are the most wide-spread types of vinegar and are traditionally used in banishing and healing rituals. Vinegar is a great all-purpose purifier and cleanser.

What you will need:

  • Salt
  • Vinegar
  • 1 glass
  • 1 dish
  1. Fill the glass halfway with salt.

  2. Add about 5 tablespoons of vinegar.

  3. Place the glass on the dish just in case it overflows the passing of the days.

  4. Put this under your bed or in a corner of the room where you feel the most dense or conflictive energy. Leave it there for a week or 10 days. Don’t think about it and don’t touch it. After a week you will feel the home become lighter and more positive.

What happens next?

The vinegar is going to start to mix in with the salt and dissolve. It will start to dry and pass any negative charge onto the salt. If there are any problems in your home, it will change color and shape.

Some people prefer placing the glass behind the main door of the house.


Divination/Interpretation of the salt + vinegar :crystal_ball:

This quick spell not only cleanses, but it’s possible to interpret it according to what we see happen to the glass. There are a few possibilities:

If the salt overflows the glass:

It is a good indicator that our home is being cleansed without any problems. This is a good habit to prevent sickness and hostility from coming in.

If you see circles in the salt:

This is also a good sign, it means that energy blockages are starting to disappear.

If you see salt crystals shaped like needles:

This is typically a sign of negativity directed towards us. It can also indicate problems affecting those who live in the home. More cleansing might be needed.

If you see other shapes in the salt:

There are many possible interpretations and this is when you should exercise your divination skills. Anything that gives you a strange feeling, whether it is figures, animals or faces, can indicate someone’s influence or some form of external action.

If the salt changes color:

A pink, light blue or green hue is normal and means that the negativity has been absorbed and you can get rid of it tossing the salt.

If the color is black or dark it could signal some negative work. Before you panic or jump to conclusions, check for other symptoms and remember that these type of negative works are enabled by you and nobody else. You have the power to face negativity and fight back with your Magic.


Final Recommendations

  • Do not touch the salt of the glass with your hands. When you want to remove it, simply take the dish and put it under running water without touching the salt. Then wash the glass thoroughly so you can continue using it normally.

  • Be careful if you have pets or children at home because they might ingest the salt and be harmed. You can place the glass up high where your children or someone else won’t be able to reach.

Stay tuned for more everyday rituals and comment below if you have any questions!