Salt mix for general purposes

I’d like to make a salt to use in esbats, conservations, charging, etc. I see online and videos of salts people use for different things and have a lovely rock salt from a local company that I want to infuse with some herbs. Does anyone have any ideas for what I could add for these types of energies?


Hi @sonja! Merry Meet and welcome to the Forum!

I recommend this mix that @SilverBear shared a while ago:

It uses Himalayan salt, which is a type of rock salt (from the Himalayas). Any type of unrefined salt will be good for this purpose.

You may also be interested in this Salt and Vinegar Cleanse for the home, and I recently posted a video on how to use salt at home for spiritual purposes :salt:

I hope that helps! Blessed Be! :dizzy:


I’ve got this one here too - How To Create A Salt Jar Spell


Thanks for the info!

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