🧂 What Happens if you put Salt in the Corners of your House?

These are times when the energy in the world is intense. :grimacing: If we let that cloud of negative energy reach our home, it can manifest in strange ways: arguments, glasses breaking, headaches, problems with appliances, and not getting good sleep.

In this video, I share 5 ways to harness the spiritual power of sea salt, including why I put salt in the corners of my room.

5 Spiritual Uses of Salt

Spiritual Meaning of Salt ✟

The Bible says that salt is the best known and necessary seasoning for human food, as it was abundant in Israel, especially in and around the Dead Sea. In fact, the expression ‘the salt of the earth’ derives from Matthew 5:13.

The meaning of ‘the salt of the earth’ was coined in reference to the value of salt. This is reflected in other old phrases too, for example, the aristocratic and powerful of the earth were ‘above the salt’ and valued workers were ‘worth their salt’.

Furthermore, all the sacrifices that were offered had to be seasoned with salt (Leviticus 2:13). The idea was to reject everything that produced fermentation and decay, and to include what aided preservation.

Benefits of Sea Salt Cleanses :bath:

Sea salt is an ingredient that has not been manipulated, this type of salt preserves its natural properties intact. It stands out for its high content of essential minerals that provide a wide variety of benefits for the body.

Since ancient times, it was customary to take baths in the sea. Thalassotherapy is the use of seawater as a form of therapy and it spread throughout Europe as a way to use the healing and beneficial properties of sea salt and the marine environment.

Not only sea salt cleanses negative energy but it also helps cleanse and detoxify the skin.

The cure for everything or anything is salt water — tears, sweat or the sea.”

This quote by Isak Dinesen speaks of the healing power of salt. A spiritual salt water treatment can be as simple as taking a bath and adding a cup of Epsom salt or Himalayan pink salt.

Salt + Vinegar + Water Energy Cleanse

Vinegar is an acidic ingredient that cleanses and purifies negative energies. It is known to help release astral parasites.

For this ritual we need a glass jar, vinegar, salt, and water. Also a small dish. Add 1/3 of each ingredient in the jar and place the dish underneath. This is a great detector of stagnant energy. As the days go by, the salt will come out of the jar and the vinegar will evaporate.

Depending on the energies at home, the mixture may acquire an odor, rot or change its color. After about a week, when the vinegar has evaporated, take the jar to a tap and let the water run. Then throw the salt in the compost or trash.

What does it mean to dream about salt? :zzz:

Dreaming about using a salt shaker portends richness and abundance ahead. However, if the salt shaker is tipped over or broken, it suggests that you may lose your wealth due to carelessness.

. ⠈. ⠈. ⠈. ⠈. ⠈. ⠈. ⠈. ⠈. ⠈. ⠈. ⠈. ⠈. ⠈. ⠈. ⠈. ⠈. ⠈. ⠈.

In summary, salt is linked to the Earth Elemental and it is considered a purifying agent, with power to protect from negativity and attract positive energies (including luck, fortune, wealth) to its surroundings. Putting salt in the corners of your house or pouring salt under the bed can bring extra protection, remove bad luck and repel envy or jealousy.

Click here to find a collection of spells with salt.

Many blessings and a pinch of salt! :pray:


I use salt to go around the outside of my house - black salt- and I do salt in other areas.


Yes, I forgot to mention black salt, but here’s another topic on that. And SilverBear’s Black Salt Recipe with eggshells never fails!


I use salt for everything! I’m actually going to be making a travel charm with salt in it soon when we get closer to the moving date. I use it for protection, seasoning, warding, etc.

If anyone is interested, defensive magick and wards is my topic for next week’s podcast episode and YouTube videos :smiley:


Awesome post on salt @Francisco
I’ll have to check out @SilverBear recipes
Here’s a pic of my crushed eggshells, I rub this on my hands for protection. Mostly in regards to exchanging energy via my hands ie; transactions with money, doorknobs, handshakes, documents etc.
My auntie taught me how to make these when I was a little girl.


oh my…how do you get such a fine powder?! You must have an amazing blender…or you are mortar and pestle ruler!! lol. LOVE this.


I’ve been making this since I was a lil girl. Always helping my Auntie in her kitchen.
At that age I did not know she was teaching me the arts of our craft :prayer_beads:
“Mortar & pestle ruler” :joy:(so tickled)


@Francisco A new title? :joy: :rofl:


Lol “One Mortar and Pestle to rule them all!”

@SageDove That looks great! I’ve seen it sold as Cascarilla powder and used in Santeria and other Afro-Latin circles. There are also sellers on Etsy that provide it. Here’s an example:


Yes. That’s the Spanish name for it. I’m Puerto Rican & Cuban ( Moms side). So it’s a staple in the household while growing up.
Florida water was made on a Sunday under a New Moon, Brown coconut :coconut: were left by entry doors, you kick them around the house to “knock out bad spirits” that creep & linger, shave Palo Santo sticks with a lil flip knife for incense.
My grandma had a Botaníca & hand made the statues that are used in rituals, she made ceramic nativity sets ( manger, 3 kings, baby Jesus & all).
All sorts of things that were common growing up; not all were fully explained, some things weren’t explained at all. You just didn’t ask :woman_shrugging:t4: I understand WAY MORE now than back then. & I am truly thankful.


Thank you, @Francisco, for the video.

A friend of mine has a new to her home. She’s been in it less than a year but her child would never sleep in their own bedroom. Even my friend and her sister felt uneasy when walking into the closet in the child’s bedroom.

I used salt in all the corners of the bedroom and in the closet. I cast a circle and called to my Goddess for cleansing of the room. She led me to leave my :angel: statue there overnight.

In the morning I cleaned up the salt, thanked the Goddess, ended the circle, and removed my statue. That day the child finally slept in her room. She’s been able to since then, too. My friend and her sister also feel free walking into the closet.


Use a coffee grinder, that’s the best way! Sprinkle a lil on your plants :seedling:


Nice!! I think you did an excellent job helping your friend!! That’s the best part of the Craft, when we can really help our loved ones through simple acts of wisdom and kindness! :clap: :clap:


Lol I totally felt this!! There are some things that my mother still won’t fully share with me… or she’s saving them for a special date (like víspera de San Juan, or Christmas) and I’m like “but I want to know now!!!” :laughing:


Yes. That feeling @Francisco
I’ve become the Elder in the family, so my task is at hand to do my best to hand down what I know to my daughter :heart::bangbang: