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Hello, I gave a question that I am hoping y’all can help me with. I’m going to give details of the situation as I feel they are important to the level of stress my husband is undergoing but you can scroll past for my request.

TRIGGER WARNING: Child Abuse/molestation


A person my husband was friends with as a teenager is now on trial for some really nasty charges of child molestation and keeps bringing my husband’s name into it. He was charged about 20 years ago with molestation of a minor and at that time he said he didn’t do it. In 2019, two brothers that went to the same church as my husband and this guy and hanged out with them have now come forward with accusations of molestation over a course of several years. After talking to my husband about this, I have learned that he is also a victim but doesn’t want to press charges. He for the longest time just thought it was an experimentation phase. But now realizes this guy groomed him.

Once my husband started dating me, they drifted apart of the years and haven’t really talked in about 10 years. When we learned of these new charges in 2019, he completely cut ties and told him not to contact us as we wanted nothing to do with him.

Fast forward to this week and the actual trial. My husband is being contacted by both sides (DA and defense) and it’s really stressing him out. His name is being thrown around about a lot of things he has no knowledge of or doesn’t remember as the events occurred 25+ years ago. We have also learned that while on probation during the first time, he lied to his probation officer and put things on my husband without his knowledge.

My husband is under a lot of stress related to personal matters that are being put on him by an evil person. I’ve tried doing an anti-anxiety spell jar for him but it’s not really working. What can I do to protect him? I obviously don’t want to harm anyone but also don’t like people messing with those I love!


Maybe something from this page? There’s a prayer for Justice, and a return to sender spell, and a spell to win a court case. Hopefully, somewhere in there will help you out. I wish you and your husband luck.


Thank you, @Amethyst! I will read this and try some. We did just learn that they have closed arguments so at least we have that going for us!! Now to help him heal.


Jessica, it’s so relieving to hear that the case is going well for both of you so far.

Regarding protection, you may want to pour some salt around your home :salt: or place protective crystals in different parts of the house.

You could say a prayer to protect and heal, or try some of these anti-anxiety spells.

You mentioned that the jar didn’t work. Have you tried giving him tea? You can bless the drink e.g. a tea blessing such as this one or this one. Here’s useful a list with 25 types of tea to relieve anxiety. :tea:

All the best! :pray:


Hello Jessica,

First, I want to say I’m sorry he is going through this, its intense! As for witchy advice, the first thing that came to my mind was psychic self defense. A lot of protection spells and rituals are aimed towards energetic/spiritual protection, but as all things are ultimately manifestations of energy, I feel like they also help with other areas of protection as well.

I am glad to hear that your husband cut ties with this person. Did he do a spiritual cord cutting as well? This could help break things off even further. I feel like the first step is to do a cleansing/banishing of the situation, followed by a protection spell (which there was a wonderful Banishing Ritual & White Light Protection posted about this on the forum by the way! There are other ways to do this without performing a ritual, and are more along the lines of energetic transmutation. I found a great article that goes into how to change negative energy into positive, useful energy at /Converting Negative Energy into Positive Energy | Mysticsense It even talks about how the length of the relationship affects the strength needed for your spell to be successful. Hopefully it will help him move beyond the stress and remnants of this drama, and allow the negativity to be transmuted into someone positive and uplifting. It takes time, and the steps will likely need to be repeated, but it is possible to overcome this.


I’m completely devastated for you and your husband. I can tell your under an overwhelming amount of stress!! The best thing you can do in the interrogation process is be honest. They can tell if you lie!! And they will pressure you to confess to things that aren’t true!! Stand your ground! And the prayer that @Amethyst mentioned is wonderful! Also the other members have great advice as well!!! Does your husband have a lawyer?? He should be helping him!!!

I wish you well with everything and I’ll pray for a positive turn out!!! I’ll also light a white candle for positivity and a black one for protection. Be well!!


Thank you all! We heard from the state that the verdict came back GUILTY last night! We now have the peace of mind that justice has been served. My focus is going to shift to helping my husband heal as this has made him realize he is a victim.

@Francisco, thank you! I’ll see if I can convince him to drink some tea, lol. He only drinks Dr. Pepper but usually humors me so we’ll see!

@Katy_Mysticsens: I’m not sure if I can get him to participate in any rituals as he’s not a believer. I’ll ask though.

@christina4 Thank you for the prayer! My husband was not directly involved in the case. The lawyers on the state side were verifying dates and we believe were trying to get him to add additional charges but as I mentioned he doesn’t want to. We believe the defense was wanting to use him as a character witness, which would have been a mistake. Thankfully neither side sent a subpoena. With the verdict rendered, we can now shift our focus to healing.


Yes :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::pray::sparkles: healing is my specialty!!! :sparkles::pray:
I’m glad he wasn’t subpoenaed.


You’re welcome! If he needs help healing you can always ask the Energy Exchange Circle and that lets the coven know when someone needs a bit of a boost. Good luck with everything. That’s a terrible situation for your husband to be in.


Thank you! I asked if he was ok with me asking for healing energy and he asked that I didn’t. I’ll respect his wishes and offer some individual prayers on my own.

Than you everyone for your guidance!


You’re welcome! If there’s anything else we can do to help, just let us know!


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