Where to Place Crystals in the Home? đź’Ž The Center and the Four Corners

This is a spell to bring balance and harmony to the home. :house: Let’s create an invisible grid that will connect the center of your home with each of the four corners!

I found this ritual in The Book of Crystal Spells by Ember Grant, which is overflowing with great information and practical rituals.

Crystals Placement in the Home

You’ll need to make a floor plan of your home. This example is from a second story. Some people prefer to use the basement or ground level.

Making a “Home Balance & Protection” Grid :link:

  1. Using a compass :compass: find North and label each direction on your sketched diagram or floor plan. Identify the “center” of your home and the four corners.

  2. Place a large quartz cluster at or near the center. Try to get as close to the center as you can.

  3. Place similar stones at each of the four directions. You may use single points. Aim the point toward the center of your home.

  4. After you place the stones, visualize a line of energy connecting each stone, like a web or network of cables, a connection between all of them, like beams of light or energy. Start from the center, move out to each corner and back again, and link the corners to each other.

Crystal Chant to Bless the Home :gem:

After all the stones are in place, chant:

"Crystal cluster mark this center,
Permit no ill intent to enter.
Quarter crystals marking four,
Guard each room, window, and door.
Energy ceiling to floor,
Every space, closet and drawer.
Link with center, four makes five,
Balanced now, all here will thrive."

Here are some good choices for placing crystals in the home:

Calming Crystals

  • Agates are grounding, promote general good health and longevity, and generate a calming environment.

  • Amazonite and galena can be used for harmony.

  • Amethyst—aids sleep, peaceful, spiritual.

  • Moonstone—calming, intuition.

  • Rhodochrosite—love, emotional balance, health…

Rhodocrosite is considered the “national treasure” in my country, Argentina! :argentina:

Protection Crystals

  • Jasper promotes a nurturing atmosphere.

  • Lepidolite—dispels nightmares, reduces stress and anxiety, creates a calming environment.

  • Rose quartz—promotes universal love, emotions, forgiveness.

  • Pyrite—shields from negative energy, enhances memory and understanding.

Crystals for Success

  • Citrine—the merchant’s stone, education, business, mental clarity, communication.

  • Hematite—manual dexterity, a stone of the mind

  • Lodestone—motivation and purpose

Have you placed any stones in your home lately? This was my entry for this week’s Weekly Challenge. I hope you found it useful as much as I did!!

Crystal Bright Blessings! :pray:


Ooh this is just superb! I do use crystal grids for my home. Very different from the grids that I’ve mostly shown in weekly challenges. And isn’t rhodochrosite a treasure?!!!


Ooooooh I love this! :heart_eyes: Totally going to do this (with dinky hidden crystals around the house rather than large clusters and points but still :sweat_smile:) oh how fun! Thanks for sharing :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


This is gorgeous- and such a great walkthrough of how to protect your home with crystals :heart_eyes::house_with_garden: ! Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom, Francisco- and may the crystal guardians at your house keep you safe and blessed :blush::gem:


Wow, that’s very cool! Thanks, @Francisco! Do you think I could use small crystals instead of larger ones? Since I have a small apartment?


Thanks for all the nice comments! :pray:

@Amethyst Yes, any size of crystal works. Like Limeberry said, they can be hidden or displayed as ornaments. You definitely don’t need a supersized quartz cluster!


Cool beans. Thank you!


Thank you, for your generosity and your wisdom.


Eeek! I love this! I think this will be happening in my house soon! After my weekly sage cleanse & black salt change-out, something new sounds like a good idea & I have just the perfect stones in mind! Yay!


It’s Jeannie I just learned that there is well over like 30 different Jaspers! I had no idea but there are so many! Jaspers are unique,


I love :heart: all the colors they promote and there special features!


For protection in ones home, place a black tourmaline in each corner and clear quartz in the center.


Thanks for the tips, Jeannie and Christina!

I have been placing amethyst in my work spaces. Especially when I’m reading and get distracted too much, I focus on the crystal and release the extra thoughts into it. I found that it helps me with my focus and concentration.




That’s is a wonderful idea Francisco, I will try to release thoughts into the crystals and intentions!
I used white aventurine to clear my thoughts and let go of the past. It gives you a new beginning in a scence ! :hugs:


I have what may seem like a couple silly questions. We live full in an RV. (1) When I determine the directions, I’m assuming I would need to redo this when we change locations, correct? (2) How would you place them in the “corners” and center of a rectangle when you are lined up along a SW direction? I’ve include a floorplan with the directions mapped best I can.


Ohh! Here it is such a perfect time of the year to be in an RV :sun: :sunrise_over_mountains: and yours looks really comfortable.

I think you did a good job finding each direction. If you’re not going to be moving a lot then that’s a good plan. Otherwise I would follow Christina’s advice and place all black tourmalines in the corners and a clear quartz in the center.

Another suggestion is to do it with the sunrise or sunset, so you can have a more direct look at where the sun is rising/setting and then use your intuition to find the best spot for each stone. :gem: Good luck and safe travels!


Definitely going to work this one !