Crystals for Protection 💎

:gem: Crystals for Protection :gem:

Crystals and stones have a wide variety of uses and can become a source of support and stability in your practice and your daily life :sparkles:. Practitioners can use crystals in rituals, for purification purposes, as well as to help with energy control, shielding, and protection :shield:

Just like every practioner is different, keep in mind that every crystal is different too! :sparkling_heart: When choosing stones, you should feel for ones that resonate with you. For an introduction on connecting with your crystals, check out Spirals of Life’s guide How to Connect With the Energy of Crystals and Stones.

A note that not all protective crystals work in the same way- different crystals will have different abilities and qualities. It is recommended to try out several to find the type that works best for you! :gem:

Here are some of the most popular crystals with protective qualities:

  • Black Tourmaline . One of the most well-known protective crystals, black tourmaline is an over-all protector, as it defends both the physical body as well as protecting against negative thoughts and energies. Black tourmaline helps to prevent against bad things, and protects us from things we are unaware of. Protection from the unknown and the mysterious. It is recommended to keep your Black Tourmaline close to your physical body for its protection to work :hugs: .
    Adam Barralet talks about the protective powers of black crystals such as Black Tourmaline in his video Crystals for Protection. Black crystals tend to have absorption-like qualities, sucking in bad forces like a black hole.

  • Obsidian . Another black protective crystal, obsidian is actually volcanic glass and holds the immense energy of fire :volcano:. Extremely absorbent, Obsidian draws negative fiery energies into- it works well in protecting against violence and aggression. Because obsidian collects and holds these bad energies, it recommended to periodically cleanse your obsidian.
    Melanie Beckler talks about the benefits of obsidian and gives a few helpful ways to properly cleanse this special crystal (such a soaking it in salt) in her video Crystals for Protection .

  • Tiger’s Eye. Considered by many to be a symbol of good luck, Tiger’s Eye has a luxuriously shiny surface that acts as a mirror to reflect and expel bad influences :tiger:. Tiger’s Eye has played a traditionally protective role in Feng Shui practices and is recommended to be placed near your front door or by large windows to keep bad energies out and draw good luck into your space.
    A good introduction to Tiger’s Eye is The Spruce’s article How to Use Tiger’s Eye in Feng Shui.

As crystals absorb negative energies it is a good idea to periodically cleanse and purify them! A guide to cleansing different kinds of crystals (complete with a very handy chart!) can be found in the forums here: Physically Cleansing Crystals. :sparkles:

Are you familiar with any of these crystals?

  • Black Tourmaline
  • Obsidian
  • Tiger’s Eye
  • I’m new to these crystals!

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Do you have another stone or crystal that you use for protection? :gem: Have any spells or rituals for safety and security? :shield:

:sparkles: Feel free to share your experiences, tips, and tricks with everyone!:sparkles:

May you all be well and safe from harm, and may your collections be full of powerful crystals! :gem:

Blessed Be! :heart:


Great information :blush: thanks for sharing. One thing I like to do with Black Tourmaline is put a piece for each member of the house hold by the front door for protection :door:

Another crystal I like to use for protection is Pyrite. I have a pendulum that I wear on a long chain. I like how it shields against negative vibrations while stimulating intellect and memory (my memories awful!) so it’s ideal to wear at work :sparkles:


One piece for each member of the house, so each person has a kind of guardian stone at the threshold! :star_struck: Oh, I really like your idea! Do you have a shelf area, or maybe hang the stones in bags? I would love to give this a try (probably with Tiger’s Eye for an added dose of good luck!) but I’m worried if I just set them by the doorway the poor stones will get kicked around :sweat_smile:

You’ve sold me on Pyrite! :gem: I’ve never used it before, but I also suffer from an unreliable memory- I’ll have to look into it! (and maybe splurge on a new Pyrite gemstone bracelet!) :prayer_beads::two_hearts:


Tigers eye is a good idea!! In my porch I have a little window sill with my aloe plant (Dave :joy:) on and I put the stones in there.

Every month I take them out when I cleanse all my stones and then I just pop them back in the pot as I find they charge with the power of the aloe and the moonlight through the window :blush:

Yes do it! I love my pyrite :gem:


Thanks for sharing, @TheTravelWitch! My favorite of those is definitely Black Tourmaline! :black_heart:

So “Green Crystal Magic”!? :herb: :gem:

I don’t know if that’s a thing but I seems that you’re onto something!!


Yes :grin: I don’t know if it’s the soil or the growth of the plant but they definitely feel full of positive energy within a day of going back in the pot :joy:


Well done, Dave! :herb: :laughing:

I agree with @Francisco- it seems like you’ve taken two interesting areas of magick and brought them together for something great! :sparkles:


I do that too…place crystals in plants. I have them everywhere :rofl:


Hahaha I love it! There’s no such thing as having too many crystals :joy::+1:


My favorite crystal is the clear quartz. I have a cauldron full of crystals placed on my altar and I also have a pointed crystal that represents the masculine energy and another rounded one that represents the feminine energy.


That sounds beautiful, @laura6! I don’t have any clear quartz at the moment, but I also love how it looks- a gorgeous stone :gem::two_hearts:


It’s a stone of clarity and purification :dizzy:


In our house, we have all the major Chakra stones placed on a silver tray and they get charged under the full moon every month.

I place moonstones in my windows for a sense of “invisibility” from harm and protection against that which cannot be seen.

Since placing the moonstones in the window sills, there have been no actions against our home or it’s residents., but one can hear the whispers of whether or not I am a witch as I once received a book called “a Spell a Day” and some tarot cards - :shushing_face:

During my rituals and on my altar I place one stone that represents the elements in a glass jar so when you look at the altar it seems quite busy, but the elements come more quickly and aid in casting my circle. The stones I use are:

Earth: Obsidian (for grounding)
Air: Citrine
Water: Aquamarine
Fire: Fire Agate
Spirit: Clear Quartz as it is known to amplify the other stones
Lapis and turquoise (as a nod to Hathor and this is place on a mirror)

This is just my experience and welcome any suggestions on the error of my ways. (remember I am fairly new at this)


Your elemental jar for crystals sounds amazing- a wonderful addition to your altar, @da1! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I love how you choose each stone with care and included all the elements. I agree, I think drawing on all the different aspects helps to give spellwork and rituals a big boost :raised_hands:

I especially love that you included clear quartz as both a spirit element crystal and as an amplifier to enhance the other stones. Very creative- thanks for sharing! :two_hearts:

Francisco and the travel witch, I Love Black Tourmaline!

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da1 Just saying I like how you used the moonstones for the “invisibility”
Thank you!
Blessed Be

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Ooooh elemental crystals on your altar sounds goooorgeous I wanna do this :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: oh but now this is going to start a whole thing for me because they’re all under the Earth umbrella, so then I could also have coloured candles for each element… green yellow red blue white under Fire umbrella, Incenses in appropriate elemental scents/coloured feathers/Air isn’t too awful an umbrella but HOW do you represent WATER? I mean sure, I have my shell of water for waterwater, but what about earthwater, airwater, firewater and spiritwater?! ok spiritwater could be vodka :thinking:
My head hurts :sweat_smile: :exploding_head:

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Actually by using candles in the altar (representing the elements) it becomes a cross over of candle majick.

SHould you use candles to represent the elements:

Earth - Green
Air - Yellow
Fire - Red
Water - light blue

God/dess candles are:

Dark Blue for God
Silver/Gold for Goddess.
and then then intention candle in the center surrounded by the elemental ones.

NOTE that this is a LOT of fire so be extra careful!!!

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