Accidentally gave someone permission

Hey there witches, a while back I had a “friend”. She had just started her witch practices, I am not sure which oath she took, but I am pretty sure before she started she asked me if she could practice her spells on me. I was naive at the time and I think I said yes. Now, I have come to realize that she is a witch who uses her power for selfish and manipulative reasons and I believe she is using her spells to manipulate me. I know that it will come back to her but I don’t want to feel under this any more. Does anybody have any tips/ spells/ rituals/ cleanses anything that I could do that would help me break this?


@nina, I personally would do a return to sender spell.


Yes, a Return to Sender spell is a good idea.

You can also use a mirror for a “bounce-back” spell. For example:

  1. Prepare some Moon Water tonight (there’s a waning moon which helps).

  2. Tomorrow use the water to cleanse the mirror.

  3. Light a black candle and use the mirror to reflect the candle flame.

  4. Meditate to ground yourself. Say:

“Moonlight, cleanse this mirror of all negativity.
Empower it to reflect back to the source, any and all negative energy.
Charge this mirror to return any harmful spell to its sender, times three.
Blessed Be”

  1. Snuff out the candle and place your charged mirror facing the direction where you feel the negativity coming from. e.g. a window.

Leave it to work and see how it feels.

Good Luck and Many Blessings to You! :pray:


I’m with @Katt and @Francisco about the Return to Sender Spell- this is a good way to both protect yourself and send a “don’t mess with me” message to this ‘friend’.

If the idea of retribution magick doesn’t sit well with you, I also suggest surrounding yourself with protective objects. You may want to take a look at this discussion on making Protection Bottles, and @SilverBear shared a beautiful and easy Protection Meditation :woman_in_lotus_position: Here are some Crystals for Protection :gem:, and for herbs both Cloves and Aloe Vera have protective properties.

Best of luck to you, @nina and stay safe! :pray:


thank you everyone!!

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also feng shui mirrors like the bag wa mirrors are also good. Maybe wear an evil eye too.