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Good morning I am a new witch and I just want to get some ideas or opinions or even help from those who are more wiser than myself my problem is I live in all apartment and my neighbors are loud they were also leaving debris in the halls but most recently the neighbors nephew has brought this element That includes several young men sitting around smoking weed and their maybe drug dealing as well I live in a cottage type apartment there’s only two floors so it’s very close space I am asking for advice as far as protection and also is my decision to move the correct way to address this problem as a which I have at my command the entire universe so I should be able to change this environment for the better of course not doing any harm to anyone so please tell me what you think thank you and blessings i

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First, the non-Magickal advice:

From what I read, it seems that they are simply very inconsiderate people, but not purposely trying to annoy or harass you.

Have you tried talking to them? You have the right to being reasonably comfortable in your own place. If talking doesn’t work, I would file a complaint with the landlord and see if there’s anything that can be done.

For protection, use charcoal at the door to absorb negativity. Put salt on the corners, windowsills and doorways to bless and protect. :salt:

You can make a wash with rosemary, eggshell, salt, and black pepper. Grind it into a powder and spread it on your floors. Sweep it up with a broom after letting it sit a while. Do this going from the back of your house to the front door.

In the meantime, if the noises are too loud, try using a white noise machine, practice calming meditations or sound technology like binaural beats to help you remove stress from this situation.

Sending you my blessings and Good Luck! :pray:


Thank you so much … I didn’t want to move … I have a good feeling in this place . I am concerned about the drug dealing … but I am protected…


Yes, that is concerning. Just curious, what kind of drugs?

It’s one thing if it’s teenagers dealing weed. In my opinion not a big deal and probably won’t bring you any personal harm. But if you start seeing obvious heroin fallout (people passed out on the steps, questionable people loitering) I’d definitely be more wary… Or call the police.

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It is weed … there are several young men gathering and the young man that I have had a negative experience with ( his aunt and her two year old were screaming can the police and I did ) he was verbally abusing this same aunt when she didn’t let her in the unit and her heard me react my verbal response to his abuse through the thin doors and attempted to verbally attack me … I lost my temper and my husband has to separate us. I was still feeling sick from Covid-19. But even now I don’t like his spirit. I asked the other man that sit with him to please clean up the front and he was nice .

There are bottles and mask and cigar plastic tips everywhere…

I have been smudging and painting my doors with ressurection plant water. I am only on lesson 3 of introduction to Wicca. I will be 60 years on 8 /13 and am really comfortable with my new learning
Thank you again

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I missed responding to your statement if if there are questionable persons hanging out in my apartment . The answer is yes . I pay a lot if money to live here and the quality of this apartment complex is going down . Maybe I should look into moving . I

Yes, I would try contacting the management, or maybe there’s a non-emergency police line in your city if it’s get really bad.

Also, this spell might help:

Far Away Spell Get Rid Neighbors

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The manager has been contacted. They don’t care about anything but money. I had enlisted the help of a lawyer and the owners agreed to let me out of my lease . It was had finding housing due to Covid. Do I am locked in until March 2021.
Thank you soooo much for the concern and the spell
Blessings v


Sorry to hear about the rough housing situation, @Deborah813. It sounds like you have the misfortune of very inconsiderate neighbors. I think you have the right idea of seeking out spells for protection, cleansing, and positivity- try not to let the mess and noise of others bring you down!

If you find yourself to be in an unsafe situation, I agree that it’s probably time to look for other arrangements if you can. Your safety comes first! It is good that you have brought the matter to the attention of the manager, a lawyer, and the police- they’ll have everything on record, which will be good support if your other neighbors start to file complaints too.

I’m sending you good thoughts and all the best of wishes- I hope the situation deescalates or you can move to a better place! In the meantime, keep drawing positivity to yourself and practice self-care too (perhaps with a self-care bag or herbs)! :pray:

Blessed Be! :hearts:

Thank you so much. I’m not concern about them launching a complaint against me . My husband and I are the type who can pay September’s rent in July . The neighbors is nice . The bad element came from the one unit out of 4 . I knew it was time to move before it got this bad . I didn’t listen to my spirit guide. I didn’t know how to listen , I am just starting my pratice formally.
I now know that I am responsible for my life and harming none , I have the majic to change any circumstance .

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Wishing you the best of luck, @Deborah813! :hearts: Listen to your spirit guide and your own inner voice and stay safe and well- Blessed Be! :sparkling_heart:

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Thank you so much Brianna :gift_heart:
Be Blessed

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