Possible Spirit encounter

This may be long, mostly I am excited but a little bit scared and confused.
I currently have a sick cat, he has tonsilitis, laryngistis and tracheitis (who knew cats could get that), he’s been having coughing fits because of it and is having to be locked inside. The last two nights he’s slept on the bed in the middle of my husband and me, his coughing fits have woken me up multiple times throughout the night. Around 2am this morning, he was having quite a few coughing fits and I was woken up multiple times. Around 3am, i was just beginning to fall asleep again when i heard yelling and screaming outside, it seemed like it was down the street a bit, but it was coming closer and getting clearer.
I heard a very distraught woman’s voice screaming “someone help me, my baby” or at least something along those lines. As soon as my brain registered what i had heard, I quickly woke my husband up panicking, that something was happening outside, a woman was yelling for help. I rushed outside, but everything was silent. I couldn’t hear the wind, any distant cars, or even the ocean (which is about 2 streets away). I only heard my other cats bell, who had ran out with me. I stood at the end of my driveway, which faces a large empty park, on the left is a corndended off area, which use to be the rest of my rest before the Christchurch earthquakes almost 10 years ago. There was no one outside, no woman, nothing.
Once i went back inside I could hear sirens in the distance, wind, cars and the ocean again.
I am not easily scared, but all day I have felt uneasy and nervous.
I cleanse the inside of my house on a fairly regular basis, but I’m considering cleansing the outside of my house as well and potentially a way of protecting it as well.
It felt so real, I may have just been dream her voice, who knowns. But i swear I heard a woman outside.


I don’t have much experience with spirit interactions. I’m wondering if it could have been someone in the park or inside a neighboring home? I would definitely do some cleansing and protection outside, just to be on the safe side! I keep black salt in all my windowsills and doorways. I switch it out everytime I do a smoke cleansing inside my home! Also, chips of black tourmaline in the black salt :slight_smile: I hope you can do something to regain peace of mind, as I know how hard it is to get peaceful sleep without it! Xo


I found out some information last night actually. Over 20 years ago a young pregnant woman was murdered in the suburb near me. They have only this year found the people responsible. One of the accused lives down the road from me.
I consulted my pendulum and asked a few questions about if it may be this woman and i got a strong yes, and also a yes that it may have been A sign from Hekate…


Wow that’s very interesting. Did you know about that case before yesterday?

Hearing voices before falling asleep is common in healthy people. I know because I suffer from it. It’s called hypnagogia and the most common cause is a disturbed sleep pattern. We also discussed it in this topic: Circle Casting gone wrong? Check it out as there are some more tips in there.

I had these hallucinations when I was in high school and would stay up until late. Then as I fell asleep I would hear noises outside the house, just like you describe: people talking out in the street, loud banging or yelling, but I’d look out and see nothing.

I did some research online and found out what it was. I fixed my sleeping pattern but it still happens to me sometimes if I fall asleep in an uncomfortable position, or with the lights on, or anything outside of normal.


Hello @stefani!

Wow, what an experience! Sorry to hear it left you feeling uneasy and anxious. Haley and Francisco offered some very plausible causes for what happened- I absolutely agree about purifying and cleansing the outside of your house (and inside, especially your bedroom and around your bed). You might want to try an Energy Cleanse or Protecting Your Home with Salt.

Since your pendulum gave you a strong indication this relates to Hekate, I would suggest trying a ritual or spell to reach out to her. A meditation in Her name may also help to give you more answers. If indeed this is related to a past criminal case where justice was never given, I highly recommend this Hekate Devotional Prayer for Justice:


I hope that peace returns to you and your household soon! And sending good thoughts to your sick kitty- I wish him a very speedy recovery :cat::two_hearts:

Good luck and blessed be!


No I hadn’t heard of the case before, it happened before I was born. Wasn’t until I did some research that I found it.
It’s definitely possible, it’s been a crazy week so who knows! Thank you so much for your insight!


Sure! You’re welcome!

How’s your kitty doing?? :cat2:


He’s still sick, but slowly getting better! Thank you for asking :blush: