Signs Of Negative Energy

Do you feel off? Confused? Angry? Stressed? Electronics going weird?

You may be in need of an energy cleanse!

I have some moon water, which I’ll be adding some High John the Conquer and Lemon oil too with some vinegar and will be washing my front and back doors! :green_heart::yellow_heart::green_heart::yellow_heart:

Music, candles and incense will be working their magick too! :grin::green_heart:

Time to cleanse and get that stagnant energy out! :green_heart:

What are some of your favorite ways to get some good chi flowing in the home?


Ohhh I never thought of unusual amounts of clumsiness as being a sign of too much bad energy build-up, but it absolutely makes sense! :astonished: Thank you for sharing both your wisdom and a sign that it’s time for me to do a thorough energy cleanse! :laughing::two_hearts:

As for getting good energy flowing through the home, the music by WOKE NATION was recommended to me here in the forums and I love it! :musical_note: I’ll listen to some of their tracks today while I tidy up the apartment :broom::blush:


I have something similar to this track, Called Wholetones. It’s all different Hz tracks. Love it.


A friend of mine once told me that when you break something by accident, like you drop a cup or a plate, it’s a sign that negative energy has been building up, and is releasing itself that way!


I am going to try a couple of these methods. My space is cleared and energized almost daily, but the rest of the house needs some work. Once my son is at work and my daughter is occupied, I will sage the house and place salt in the corners where I can get to them. I have to work on the bells on my doors, I know I have some in my crafting supplies. My kitchen and living room are the worst right now, I just can’t keep it away. I will try a couple of these to see if I can get it to be more constant.


Best of luck, @krissie117! :blush:You might also want to consider using Tiger’s Eye, placing pieces by the doors and windows can help to keep negative energy out for good! :tiger::gem:

Let us know how your house cleansing goes! :two_hearts:


Oh! I have Tiger’s Eye in 3 colors! I’m assuming the gold is the one I should use, so I will get together a few pieces and place them around my space and maybe the main door. Thank you!


@TheTravelWitch, that is the same track I play during the day.


Oh wow, I never knew that Tiger’s Eye came in different colors! I’ve only ever worked with the gold one. What colors are the others?


@christine4 I have red and blue. The blue is also called Hawk’s Eye. I have one of each of those. I got them from my mom when I was younger. She got me tumbled stones every once in a while.

The red is a good chakra stone for moving energy to the lower organs and is a stone that enhances confidence and self esteem.

The blue or Hawks Eye is good for reducing stress and anxiety by increasing calm. I should really use it more often when I feel anxiety or stressed.



@krissie117 I just discovered blue Tigers Eye as well. I bought 2 small cubes last week, for my best friend & myself. She’s always been drawn to tigers eye so I couldn’t resist.

I also bought a handful of tiny pieces of black tourmaline & mixed it with black salt to put on all my windowsills to keep negative energy at bay.

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I wear black tourmaline on a necklace, I have a keychain with it, and have a palm stone of it also. I like having it on my keys for when I am driving and I have any of my children with me or my son is driving. It brings me comfort knowing that we will be okay on our way there and back.

I think I am going to look into getting some more tiger eye stones of the different colors. I have always been drawn to it also and I like the way the light plays on the different stones.


Great minds think alike, @Katt! :laughing: :+1: Woke Nation has many videos, but I really love this one! :two_hearts: Thank you again for recommending them! :pray:

Your Tiger’s Eye stones are beautiful, @krissie117! :two_hearts: I also hadn’t heard of red or blue tiger’s eye before- thank you for sharing the pics! They truly are lovely, and it sounds like they have a host of magickal uses too! :tiger::gem:

That’s so nice that you and your friend have matching Tiger’s Eye stones! They will connect you both even when you are apart :blush::hearts:

I think this week I will head to my stone store in my area and see if they have red or blue. If not, I have a few places online that I can check too.

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Oh they’re super pretty :heart_eyes: thanks for sharing the pictures :blush:

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You’re welcome! Thank you so much

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