Are you an empath? ✨

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Many, many people that are interested in New Age concepts or pagan religions tend to be empaths. But what is an empath? An empath is one who experiences the emotions of others . You may be able to read the room and know what happened, or you may be in a crowd full of people and experience sadness, anger, or even panic, for no apparent reason. Empaths come from all walks of life, but it is often those who are more open to the world around them that experience it the most.

Traits of an Empath

Here are several common traits of empaths to help you determine if you might be one. Keep in mind that just because you may experience some of these traits does not necessarily mean you are an empath. Some traits of an empath can be learned - like reading the energy in a room - and some are innate.

Taking on the emotions of others

This is the most common trait of an empath. Since an empath can feel the emotions of others, it often happens that they will experience them as well. An empath may match anger with someone they are arguing with, they may match sadness with someone they are close to, or they may even match panic and anxiety of anyone in the area.

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Love of nature

It is thought that empaths enjoy the outdoors because nature has no ulterior motive. Nature has no emotions, She just is. Being outdoors and among the living plants and animals is a peaceful experience to the empath and can help calm any unwanted emotions they may be carrying.


Since empaths are more in tune with their emotions and the emotions of others, it is said that they are more creative. They have the ability to tap into the creative aspect of themselves and create art, sing, dance, and many other forms of creative expression to help them cope with the sometimes overwhelming feelings of everyone around them.

Drawn to the metaphysical

Like I mentioned above, most empaths are interested in the occult or New Age concepts. It is thought that this is because of their ability to feel the energy and emotions of others, but no one is sure of the exact reason.


Empaths have the ability to just know things. This could be knowing whether someone is being honest or knowing a fact without having all the evidence. They are more attuned with the energies around them as well as their own gut feeling. The stronger these abilities are, the stronger the knowing.

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Public places are overwhelming

Since empaths can take on the emotions of others, being somewhere that has a large group of people can be debilitating for an empath that does not know how to shield themselves. This is often found in empaths who are denying who they are, or in empaths who have not learned proper energy work. At times, even with the proper techniques, public places can still be overwhelming with the amount of emotion held there.

Watching violence or tragedy is unbearable

Going along with the emotions of others and public places being overwhelming, any form of violence or tragedy can be too much for the empath to bear. This could be anything from a street fight to terrorism, and it will all depend on the empath. Watching the terror and fear play across the faces of those affected may be something the empath can’t handle.

Sympathy pains

Like taking on the emotions of others, many empaths will take on the physical ailments of those close to them in a form of sympathy pain. The best example I can think of - that has nothing to do with being an empath - is someone having the same pains as a pregnant person. Feeling sympathy pains is like that for the empath, but with any pain or ailment.

Good listeners

Empaths have a natural way about them that attracts damaged people. People tend to offload their problems onto an empath with unoccupied ears, and the empath will probably listen. They understand and feel the need for the other person to unload their emotional baggage to make them lighter, and the empath naturally wants to help.

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Need solitude

Like anyone else who has an emotionally taxing job, empaths will often need a place of solitude to go and recharge. This can be a place to meditate, journal, listen to music, or even just a quiet bath alone. This time of solitude is vital to the empath so they do not get overloaded with the emotions of others.

What now?

So, you’ve determined that you might be an empath? Now comes the work. Most empaths develop a natural protection method without even knowing it, but developing this protection more will lead to an easier time in crowds and functioning daily. There are several ways this can be done, and they all take practice.


Creating an energy barrier around you - like a bubble - for when you go out in public places is the most common way to protect yourself from unwanted emotional attacks. This can be as simple as a wall of energy or - if you are more advanced in your energy work - can be layer upon layer of protective barriers.

An energy barrier can be a simple thing to construct. With practice, you will be able to do it quickly and hold it for long periods of time.

Visualize yourself with a bubble of energy around you, attached at the center of your body. This energy can be whatever color you want, but the most common is white. See this bubble as flowy - like rippling water - moving in and out from you as it pleases. Now, focus on bringing this bubble closer to you, keeping it from rippling around and grabbing the energy of others. Harden your shield and command it to stay put and protect you.

With practice, this technique can be done in a pinch and held for as long as you need to.

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Protective Jewelry

There are crystals out there that are perfect for the empath to wear or carry with them. These include things like hematite, amethyst, black tourmaline, and malachite. Wearing these crystals as jewelry or carrying them with you can be an added protective barrier against unwanted emotional attachment, negative energies, and the constant barrage of societal pressure present in today’s world.

With the new year celebration coming up, it is especially important for the empath to learn these shielding techniques and do what they can to keep themselves protected. The new year can be a huge source of emotional energy for anyone celebrating or deciding on their resolutions.

Are you an empath? How do you shield and protect yourself?

Do you have any stories or experiences you want to share?

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I would say I am. Out of all of these characteristics these are the ones that fit me

Love of nature: I love plants, flowers, gardens, animals

Creativity: I love art and make art. I love music and I used to play 2 instruments
Drawn to the metaphysical: Occult & New Age concepts

Knowing: It happens at random times for me

Public places are overwhelming: I have social anxiety and I hate when there’s just so many people either at an event, stores, museums/attractions. It just gets overwhelming and too noisy for me.

Good Listeners: I love when my friends or family come to me to just talk about anything and vice versa.

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I find that a lot of my friends and people in the Pagan community carry some traits of an empath. It is interesting to note that we seem to be more open and in tune with the world and energies around us.

Do you practice any shielding techniques? Have you found that being an empath affects your daily life sometimes?

I know with me, I attribute a lot of my social anxiety symptoms to being empathic, and it takes a lot for me to shield myself when I’m in a large crowd of people.

I relate to every possible characteristic of an empath and mist of them very strongly.