How to block people's energies?

I really wanna learn how to block other peoples energy from entering me . I just went through a spiritual cleansing and it has led me to become an empath. I feel almost every energy there is and boy does it put me down .


Hi there lakisha :blush: I hope you don’t mind but I moved your comment to its own thread so everyone gets a chance to see and reply.

We have many people here in the forum that are empaths. If anyone reading here doesn’t know what an empath is there’s a great post (if I do say so myself :sweat_smile:) about empaths and characteristic here.

Are you an empath? ✨

Shielding yourself and your energy is one of the best ways to protect yourself from the energies of others. There are many different resources we have here on Spells8 to help you out!

:star2: @SilverBear has a wonderful shielding spray recipe → Empath Shielding Anyone?

:star2: Have a worry stone on hand → Worry Stone Meanings :sparkles:

:star2: Beginner’s Guide to Energy Work → Witch Exercises for Beginners: Energy Work from The Spiral Dance

:star2: Get a Protective Veil → A Protective Veil shield Magick in the Arts

There are some other really great resources for shielding techniques and practices for empaths!

:star2: Reality Manifestations has some wonderful tips and techniques for shielding and empath energy work → 5 Grounding And Shielding Techniques For Empaths And Sensitive Energies | Reality Manifestation

Foundational Shielding and Protection

from Mat Auryn’s book Psychic Witch

Now that we know how to cleanse our energy, this is the perfect time to learn how to shield ourselves. With shielding you want to feel completely secure and confident. We will explore a foundational practice of shielding and different ways to alter that shield to be appropriate for what you’re doing. Sometimes you’ll want a shield that completely stops the flow of any energy coming in and out, but this can also completely mute psychic perception. At other times you’ll just want to filter out energy that is aggressive or negative, and this is usually my go-to when it comes to shielding. Figuring out which type of shield you need takes discernment, so trust your intuition. This foundational shielding should
be a daily shielding practice; how you enhance it is up to your circumstances.

Tune in. Envision a brilliant white light a few feet above you. Verbally or mentally affirm:

“Spirit above me.”

See it begin to descend as a column of light around your body, down to a few feet below you. Verbally or mentally affirm:

“Spirit below me.”

The light comes up from below you and rises a few feet in front of you at chest level. Verbally or mentally affirm:

“Spirit before me.”

See the light meet the point above your head where it started, where it then descends a few feet behind you at chest level. Verbally or mentally affirm:

“Spirit behind me.”

The light moves counterclockwise until it is a few feet on your right. Verbally or mentally affirm:

“Spirit on my right side.”

The light continues to move counterclockwise until it is a few feet on your left. Verbally or mentally affirm:

“Spirit on my left side.”

It continues its counterclockwise movement until it reaches the point behind you again.

See all six points glow around you. The light begins to shine so brightly it forms a bubble around you. Verbally or mentally affirm:

“Spirit around me.”

Visualize the glowing filling your body as if you were an empty vessel. Verbally or mentally affirm:

“Spirit within me.”

Take a few moments to feel this light above, below, before, behind, on your right, on your left, outside, and within you. Then verbally or mentally affirm:

“Spirit protects me. Spirit blesses me. Spirit heals me. Spirit guides me.
I am, I always have been, and I always will be One with Spirit.”


Being an empath can be a difficult row to hoe. Please follow the great instructions from @Silverbear and @MeganB, these are great answers.
Sending you soothing vibes and strength.


@MeganB has given some great advice :slight_smile: @SilverBears shielding spray looks awesome too :heart:

From my experience, shielding and protecting yourself is really important. I have a pyrite pendulum :gem: I wear on a chain round my neck when I feel I need a little extra protection. I wear it pretty much daily at the moment as I need a little more protection than usual.

Meditation :person_in_lotus_position: is good; manifesting and visualising too, build up your aura :dizzy: and stay strong, but ultimately the most important thing for me is to limit the amount of time I spend with certain people.

You know the people who will add value to your life and the ones who don’t. Don’t feel bad about taking a step back from those who drain and hurt you. Cutting toxic cords :scissors: can be painful but its worth it for the sake of your sanity and mental health. Similarly, aim to spend more time with those who uplift and inspire you :star_struck:

If, for whatever reason, there are some toxic people in your life who you cant or don’t want to cut completely out, think about limiting the amount of time you spend with them :hourglass:

There are some people who I will not spend more than 30 minutes with at one time and, aside from a very select few, I generally wont spend more than 2 hours with the same person, one on one. I find it helps to dilute the atmosphere with more people too :dancing_men: Some people I will only meet out in public or with another friend so the energy isn’t as concentrated.

It doesn’t sound like it from this, but i’m actually a really social person :sweat_smile: I love parties - more people, more dilution, more variety, more ways to escape a drainer in favour of an uplifter :wink: - over the last 4 or 5 years i’ve just learned it’s best to be selectively social, especially when you’re clairsentient or an empath.

Good luck! :heart: :candle: :stonehenge:


As an empath I can tell you the two most important things are protection/shielding and grounding. How you do each of these is what feels right for you.

Here is my process:

I start my day with a meditation and grounding my own energy. I wear a smoky quartz stone pendant every day to keep me grounded. I use an empath protection oil that I place at behind my ears, on my temples, and on my wrists. Depending on the situation and/or who I will be around, I will also veil. At the end of the day, I release any energy that doesn’t belong to me and call back my own energy that was given away. I then perform another grounding and meditation before going to bed.


Paying attention :hugs:


I have been really struggling with this. I have never tried shielding other than wearing an obsidian bracelet. I get so drained I can barely function, especially after teaching or caregiving. And sometimes, honestly, I can be a bit much. I drain myself! And likely others! LOL. I need to more mindfully practice these shielding techniques.


Hello @mary25

It sounds like you are giving your energy to your students and those you care for. Both teaching and caregiving take a lot of energy. Its true obsidian absorbs negative energy, but it needs to be cleaned regularly, with sage, moonlight, or whatever means you prefer.

In my opinion, I think you need to replenish and recharge your energy. I do this with a simple meditation:

  • I imagine that I am connecting My Heart to the Heart of the Universe (Divine, Sun, Moon, Goddess, etc.)and to the Heart of the Earth.
  • I bring in the energy from the Universe to recharge my energy and as it moves through me down into the Earth it’s washing away all the negative energy in the hot core of the Earth.
  • I then bring the grounding Earth energy back up in my heart and up to the Universe. I keep doing this for a few minutes until I feel revived.

It’s kind of hard to describe but here’s an image to help you visualize it:

Image: Awake Visions by Daniel B. Holeman


I don’t recall asking for your help. Nor do I recall telling you I’m a teacher


Oooh I love this :slight_smile: I am going to try it! It’s funny…you have to recharge crystals and such…(which I am so bad about doing) but I never thought, you have to recharge yourself. That makes so much sense, though!


Hi, welcome to the forum @None, I believe the reply you’re referring to is directed at another member in the coversation prior to their’s.

Since its the first time you posted within the forum, is it possible that you were responding on another social outlet or message?

I hope you have a great weekend :smiling_face:

@lakisha2 I am extremely empathic with a few different gifts. I love Black Tourmaline & meditation & grounding. I also had to limit my socializing. Because I am working through some things, i actually stay with my family & a select few people. If I feel it getting to be too much, then I leave & go home to ground & center. I have learned how to release energy & ground myself by working the elements.

Meditation & visualization techniques really help me with it too.

Works in progress are shielding & different protections. I am also going to look into SilverBear’s Empath Shielding Spray. I love her Protection from Draining Energies spell too.

I use crystals for protection, grounding, healing, & positive outcomes or assistance with energy work.

I am currently working on my chakras as I move through this web of different shadows. I ha e made anointing oils for each Chakra that I am learning about or working with. However, the progress I have made is well worth it.

I am focusing on concentrating healing & positive energy & mindfulness within myself. Im not sure when I’ll be ready to actively practice on someone else.

Something I also noticed is that if I am around or going through something significant…starting near the end but definitely at/after the end, once I’m home & grounded in my space… I’m exhausted. It doesnt happen as often as it used to, I have learned that I need to give myself time rest & recharge & be able to switch gears to go at my own pace. Or, I’ll have more pains than normal in certain areas. I’ve been told that can be part of the healing process too.

As an empath, sometimes it can be a lot while dealing with daily & family things that come up. Easier a little bit, but that’s because I limit my access to others outside my home right now. I’m also doing a lot of work for mindfulness & being present in the moment after meditation :woman_in_lotus_position:


I am so sorry for the misunderstanding, this message was sent in reply to @mary25 (Mary F Jones) and not specifically to you @None (Mary O’Neill)

I meant no harm to you and my intentions were good. I hope you will accept my apology for upsetting you!

With Love :heart: and Magick :dizzy:



This is a wonderful explanation (visualization) of cleansing and replenishing our energies with universal and Mother Earth energies. I do this daily and find this helpful. I feel so much better when I do. I need to work on doing it more often throughout the day. :heart::heart::heart:


As a matter of fact, yesterday I all but made it to my bed for an hour & a half nap. Then after I ate dinner, I remember watching 1 movie, then during the end of the 2nd movie my daughter came home, & at the beginning of the 4th movie, we went to bed. This all started around 6:30(ish) PM when I had just woken up at 4 (ish) PM… then I’ll admit it, I was a bit awake, but it dawned at me that it was 1 AM & my 2nd son wasn’t home yet from the concert he went to with his girlfriend. So I left the light on for him. Around 3 AM my bigger dog started barking & I jump out of bed like… who the “f” is at my door right now that he is barking like that… it was my son. He forgot his key & didn’t know the dog could hear him because we have a window open a couple of inches & he was talking to my oldest through the lower window :rofl: I let him in the house, then I fell right back to sleep for another 6 hours. With the premise that we are going to have a discussion about keeping the house key on the truck key ring… so we don’t randomly unclip it from the truck key. :joy:

Seriously, I don’t know what I would do without him :heartpulse: , he makes my life just so interesting in the best way. Such a good-hearted, happy young man. He has been there for me & found me as a wreck on the front porch & just sat with me. I cherish it when he gives me a hug :people_hugging: because they aren’t something he hands out just because. He saves them for when they are really needed & he’s good at knowing when that is & his hugs are the kind that you melt into because you know nothing else matters right now & everything is going to be okay regardless.


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