A Protective Veil 🛡 Magick in the Arts

I had to think for a while about what I was going to do for this challenge. At first, I thought about creating another sigil painting like the one my daughter and I did together last month. Then I thought about practicing my flute :musical_note: and recording it for you all to see and hear. But then I started thinking about something else. I crochet (I know, you probably already know that) and I have been drawn to the idea of veiling for a long time now.

I veiled for a few weeks back when I was 19 and living in Oklahoma, but it did not feel like the right time, nor the right reason. Now, though, I am looking at it in a different light.

But what does veiling have to do with art?

Well, I decided to use my craft and method of creation to make a little veil for myself. It isn’t a traditional veil in the sense that you would think, but it does the job of covering the top of my head as I want it to. It actually is made like a bandana and ties underneath.

The Veil

I chose a thin yarn, one that would not be too heavy on my head when I wear it. I got this yarn a long time ago and honestly have no idea what it is. I picked it up from a thrift store back in Oregon. It is a very fine, thin, white yarn that did well for this project. Plus I have a lot of it and might make some more :sweat_smile:

I used a free crochet pattern I found online as a base but then adapted it to what I needed. Before I wore it for the first time, I set it on my altar space next to Brigid’s candle and asked for Her blessing.

And then I wore it!

I know it doesn’t seem witchy at first, so I figure I need to explain the reasoning behind the veil, to begin with. Also, in the future, I plan on experimenting with different types of veils that can be crocheted :yarn:

I have anxiety and a few other mental health disorders. The idea behind veiling first came to me a long time ago when I was first dipping my toes into different types of paganism and devotional acts. That isn’t necessarily where veiling is leading me today, but it is part of it. I have found through speaking to other people online who also wear a veil that there are at least two different schools of thought on veiling. Some do it as a devotional act, veiling because their Gods called them to. Others veil to protect their own energy during the day, during readings, or during meditation, etc. The veil acts as a physical barrier, charged with energy and charmed to keep certain things out and others in. For me, this experiment with veiling is being combined with my other treatments for my anxiety disorder to see if I can quell the chaos that brews in my mind and in my chest.

With a veil blessed by Brigid and charged with protective energy, I’m hoping to use my crochet skills to protect my energy from leaking out, keep my spiritual body from absorbing the energy of others, and keeping the chaos quiet.

Obligatory note that magick and energy work are not substitutions for mental health treatment!

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@MeganB That is some wonderful crocheting, and I was not familiar with “veiling” so thank you for that information. I’ll have to look into it more. It looks great on you.
Blessed Be,


Thank you :heart: I still need to look into some different forms, but I think this is working for me so far.


What an interesting concept - and what a beautiful veil! You do such great crochet work! Good job!


That was super interesting to read! Devotional craft can be so rewarding and I hope it will help a lot with your anxiety :pray:

Thanks for sharing, @MeganB !!


I like how thin your crochet yarn is and over all! You used it for a shield :shield: that is very creative!
Thank you for sharing from your heart, I appreciate your realness! I believe it has been done!
So mote it be!!
Blessed be


Your protective viel is beautiful, @MeganB- in addition to looking nice and holding powerful meaning, I think it perfectly ties together your lovely magick with your amazing crafting talent! :yarn::sparkles:

Thank you so much for sharing- may your veil protect you, shield you, and bring you inner peace and secuirty. Blessed be! :blush:


Thank you everyone :heart:

So far it seems to be doing what I want it to :laughing: