Randomness about Veiling

I’ve recently started veiling, about 3 months ago, to protect my energy since I’m an empath and also as part of the hellenistic pagan side of my practice. I generally don’t wear them at home and will cover with a scarf if I have a virtual meeting since I work from home. If I’m going out in the world, I generally wear bandanas or square handkerchiefs as they are easier to secure for all day wear. For me, it’s not about completely hiding my hair and will wear them with my hair down at times (heat allowing).

I’ve recently bought several scarfs to wear more casually when I don’t need to worry about securing my veil (i.e. I can adjust as needed). Well, I had one of these said scarfs on as I was letting one of my dogs out. He decides he doesn’t want to go in our yard and wants to go for a walk. So now I’m walking in our RV park with this scarf as my veil. I’m having to readjust and hold it in place because of the wind.

I’m not really thinking any thing of it until the looks start. Then I remember I’m wearing flip-flops, shorts and a t-shirt so they are really confused on (1) why I’m wearing a scarf in the middle of summer and (2) why I’m appearing to be modest and cover myself yet expose skin by what I’m wearing. I laughed to myself about what they might be thinking and kept walking.

No one looks twice when I wear a bandana but I get all kinds of looks when I wear a scarf. I guess they assume I just didn’t wash my hair with the bandanas? :joy::joy::joy:

Here’s me back inside (it’s 90°F with a real feel of 102°F). I think I look cute. :woman_shrugging:


My favourite colour :sparkles: You look beautiful :star_struck: @jessica55


Thank you! It is one of my favorites too. Along with purple.


I think it looks great and it’s a lot more interesting and appealing than just wearing a hat.

I don’t think you should have to adjust to anyone’s curious looks. Lots of people wear veils, not just pagans or witches. Anyway here’s a video by C’est Bon Bon (Bonnie) who shares a lot of insight, I hope you will find it useful: Let’s talk about Veiling! - YouTube


Thank you! I’m check that out tomorrow, thanks @Francisco! I don’t cater to others opinions of me or my appearance. It’s taken me 40 years to get here. It was a tough mental battle to get here so I’m be damned if I’ll let some uneducated person tear me down now. Now I hold my head high and hope that I can be a role model for others to be who they want to be.


Hey Jessica,
I think it’s great you are trying a new experience with your scarf! I just wanted to let you know that I love how you set intentions on being more positive and wrapping the light around you. I will probably try this in my own practice! Thank you for your warmth and love :heart:


You look absolutely beautiful :heart_eyes: I wouldn’t give two craps about what anybody thinks! Do you! They don’t live your life. You’re doing what you have to do and look fuggin gorgeous doing it!


Mine too! You look lovely and a little mysterious.


Wear a hijab or something similar if you don’t want to offend any Muslims lady. Besides you can wear whatever you want. Have to agree with @Abs53 about you.


Pashminas like the one you have are nice, and it can help with this 10 illustrations.


@pedros10, thanks! I would absolutely wear a hajib if traveling to a Muslim country or visiting am area that requires it. Unlike some Americans I’ve seen when they travel, I don’t expect the rest of the world to cater to my ways. If I travel somewhere with different cultural values, I’ll respect their values and dress/behave accordingly. Same goes as for language as well. I might speak it poorly but I would attempt to learn at least some basic phrases before traveling to a foreign country and not ain’t everyone speaks English.

And thank you for that share, I now have some new ways to try out my various scarves!