Veiling, wondering how other do it

So I have for some reason started to look into veiling I don’t want to do it regularly just when I am doing a tarot reading or when I a doing anything to do with the goddesses

I have an altar clot that I fold into a triangle and then put on my head, it has the phases of the moon on it and all that. I’m guessing that is okay, just wondering what other do, if they do it. Like I said, not looking to where it all the time. Just to help me focus and ground myself when I am doing anything ‘witchy’


@Dierna_Nimue_Selene Here’s a link to veiling from @Heav3n. It’s really good. :heartpulse:
Started to Veil
Blessed be lovely :heartpulse:


I believe we have some resources here in the forum about veiling and what it’s usually used for. Let me grab some links for you! :running_man:

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I veil in my practice. I wear it when I feel I need to protect my energy, whether that is going into a large crowd, attending events that could be highly emotional, or doing spirit work.

I use everything from bandanas to scarves, depending on the formality of the event and my mood. Generally around the house or with friends, I take a square bandana and wear it as you mentioned. If I’m going to something that requires a higher level of attire (business casual for example), then I’ll do a full wrap with a scarf, using it to either blend it or was an accent piece.

How ever you choose to use them, there are certain things I feel are important to keep them serving their purpose.

  1. Ask the scarve/bandana/altar cloth to serve you as you wish it to before putting it on.
  2. While placing it and tying it off, focus on your intention for it. In my case, of focus on it keeping my energy contained while also blocking out unwanted energy (the unwanted part is key).
  3. When you are done, cleanse it in your method of choice. I shake mine out three times away from myself, visualize the energy as dirt being shaken out of it. I then follow up with smoke cleansing.
  4. As I fold mine, I think it for my service and then place it back in my basket if veils.

Thank you so much. It was something that just kinda came up and I was surprised as I never really considered it before. But lately I feel like I’m really starting to find my way as to honoring my deities and this is one way that came to me.

I love how I can turn to you guys and it’s a swift response to help a fellow witchy lady out. I will certainly be checking those links over the next few days and will come here if I have any questions.

As an added note, I did a reading today wtih my ‘veil’ and found I was able to focus so much better and ground so much better than I have. I really connected to whatever it was that comes to help me with my readings and it was noticed.

Blessings, all