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:eye_in_speech_bubble: Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Honing Your Magickal Senses

I remember when I first started actually & actively working on some things with myself & my providers. Also, I told them, I no longer wanted to be on prescribed medications. I want to work through the things & use other more natural or alternative ways to get through them. As little medications as possible including coming off of whatever I can. My provider was not only surprised but completely on board. Obviously, I couldn’t just stop them, but it was a process that we started being able to work toward. Where I am now, is so much better in that respect than where I was & I am more than grateful for that & the support of my providers as well as family & good friends to help get me here. I’ve put in a lot of work & not easy, but I did it & I’ve overcome so much to be able to open back up what I remember having for so very long but completely blocking it or ignoring it or not paying attention. Working on my stuff was the best decision I ever made & although I’ve had some really hard things to work through. I’m still here & always moving forward, even if it’s more of a cha-cha.

I always knew I had a really good intuition, later in life really realized I was an Empath/HSP, a lot of things to work on & figure out from my past that I had also not dealt with in a healthy way or at all, along with overdeveloped coping things I needed to figure out & also get through. Then it came up during more than 1 appointment that yes, ALL of those things are true. I did however need to learn to not have them all not collide with each other to figure out what belonged where, with whom, & then how to manage it overall for myself the best way. That in itself was an adventure to start with, to say the least. I remember trying to explain it to one of my providers. I take on energy, but at times I almost collect it & store it, no matter where it’s from but then I wasn’t able to release it or send it back in a sense.

This led to figuring out exactly what my senses were & how heightened or developed they were, along with any skills I was either aware of what they were essentially instead of, I don’t know; I feel, sense, or know this then this is happening or happens. This also came down to what I unconsciously or in some cases blocked or ignored. From there I learned about different Clairs & senses… as well as intuition & how well it was developed then how to be able to not block it out or ignore it when I would feel or sense things.

So let’s go! :hugs:

From a very young age, I could just know or feel things. I wasn’t sure what or where they were coming from because it would just happen. I also couldn’t explain it. The upbringing I had though, wasn’t something outside of it’s in your head or it’s this… leading to… I just stopped saying anything except for on a rare occasion, I told you. Even that I stopped doing it for a very long time. Except it still happened & I always knew or could tell or feel something… I became the queen of quietly leaving places, & people, without them realizing I was gone before whatever it was happened or was said, whatever the case may be. Then most times an overwhelming sense of relief or calm when I was not around it or the opposite, intense feelings of it happening soon & when it did… a cross between relief & Oh No then feeling what the people involved were feeling & taking it on as my own combined with what do I do now. No matter how heavy or painful, from physical to emotional pain or any other feelings.

I’m only going to mention the senses/clairs that I am currently aware of having from working on my intuition through different practices… before it kind of got muddled again… but still, things I know or have been aware of having with no real explanation of why these things happen. I’m using a couple of posts to go through them about myself & my life experience.

From: 23 Senses, Not 5

  • Space: I have always had this… the feelings on my skin from shifts, knowing there is something around me, energy shifts in an area around me. I could never explain it, but it still happens. As recent as the last 2 weeks. I just couldn’t put into words what it was that I was feeling.
  • Hunter/Hunted Instinct: Yes. I have woken up because of different reasons be it my children in my room before they get to me to get my attention or wake me, my pibble suddenly lying facing me for whatever reason, someone coming into my room or space & looking at me before being able to say anything or nothing at all.
  • Heat/Cold: I can feel it in the air whether chill, warmth, heat… or even from someone giving it off. I can read their emotions before they say anything to me just by the way they are interacting or if they touch me in any way. I feel the changes in a cold/heat that is given off or changing in the area around me or them.
  • Danger: The best example of this I can immediately remember is when my son was in a car accident away from my home. I knew something bad was going to happen & that I was going to get a call before he made it home that there was an accident of some kind, some kind of happening that was going to affect him & his ability to get home. I got a phone call that he was in a car accident & the car had been totaled & I remember the people at my house just looking at me when I said something was wrong & I felt like something was about to happen, it wasn’t a good idea to be driving right now & shortly after, my phone rang. It was him telling me he was in an accident.
  • Future: Yes. It’s happened a few times even recently. Sure enough, what I had felt was going on, I got the call that yes, what you kept saying that you were feeling is what is basically what is happening.
  • Spirits: A resounding yes. I not only know but can feel them & they let me know when they are around me. I have seen them, not necessarily while waking but definitely when I had felt them or sensed them around & went to sleep. Things that only they would know about, happening around me, the air changing, different things that I hear, happen, or realize… I know they are around but not always immediately why.
  • Personality: More recently I have noticed this, but I think it’s been going on for some time & I didn’t pay attention. I know when I am about to hear or see different people or that they are thinking about me & then they make it known. It’s specific people. I have said to people in my house, we are going to see or hear from so & so soon. By the end of the week, sure enough, either I or we do.
  • Clair-audience, Clair-cognizance, Empath, Energy - I do agree with @georgia while some of these are stand-alone, they all can work together at the same time for people depending on their senses & sensitivities, intuition, & figuring out whether a person is an Empath/HSP or not.

More from Are you an empath? :sparkles:

I also have:

  • Clair-salience a sense of smell that is not something that is around… I will smell different perfumes, flowers, cooking, or how someone, their car, or home smells, pipe or cigars, or incense but there is no reason for me to be smelling them. At all. The people or others that I would know from those smells are nowhere near me… sometimes physically. They are long enough for me to recognize them & then quickly gone. Sometimes a hint that I need to offer them, but also for other reasons as well.

  • Clair-audience I’m not hearing voices necessarily, but I do have the sense of tingly, ringing, words of songs directly related to what I was thinking, feeling, saying, or related to someone starts playing. Short live buzzing, ringing, heat or cold, itchiness inside my ear.

  • Clair-empathy pretty obvious being an Empath/HSP so kind of a given on this one :laughing:

  • Clair-tangency I never actually realized this was happening until recently. After I thought about it & what I can remember, I never even understood it or how to explain it. Holding objects from others & can feel things related to it or the owner, even previous owners. I didn’t know it was a thing but I do know that I have had items that I had to get rid of, they didn’t feel good, right, or like something I wanted around… only to later find out a story behind them & why I felt that way.

  • Clair-Intellect Usually runs in tandem with intuition & when I am able to manage all the things & doing my thing each day with grounding & present & able to clearly be in touch with my intuition. It’s a pretty common occurrence.

Where I am right now is being reminded of what has worked for me in the past in managing these things & what has been going on since the time I was able to work with them all in harmony including separating what is mine & what is not. Which included learning to not only set but hold boundaries with adjustments to them that also needed to be upheld as they were kind of worked around by others. NOt spreading myself too thin & emptying my cup to fill another’s.

I’d say right now I’m back to square one in a way, starting over because I want to get back to where I was before my tests of strengths began to hopefully be able to manage all the things much better & in a way that I was able to not get tangled in a web of past, present, others, with debilitating results by the end of the day.

Empath/HSP is a small portion of people when it’s a part of someone’s experience. It’s not as common as people think it is & takes a lot of sorting out as I had to do to realize if it’s truly this or another response to something you’ve experienced. When I originally brought it up, there was a lot that went into figuring this out before it was determined that even with my past & current life experience… I am. This is where the adventure of sorting through all the things & being able to manage them started & truly had to be worked on to find some sort of balance & techniques to be able to do so & manage them. Which ultimately started with working through things, being able to be grounded, & not unconsciously or consciously blocking things for whatever reason may be.


Thank you for sharing. You’re doing well. Keep up the good work!:heartpulse::rose::rose:


@georgia thank you :blush: I feel like I’m headed in the right direction anyway :laughing: I had a couple of serious struggle bus :bus: days last week, my cousin reminded of some things I used to do regularly to keep my head & get rid of/let go/release any excess energy (especially that isn’t mine) that for whatever reason I was holding onto.

I’m glad you made it all the way through that… I didn’t realize how long it was until I posted it :laughing: Also happy I made it a separate post! :hugs:


My posts tend to be long, too. I never realize it either.

The part I like is there’s always so much good stuff in them. I feel smarter than I thought I was, and I hope others can use the info. It may seem like an ego thing, but I really don’t know what all I know until it comes out. Do you feel this way?

Oh, congratulations on your new badge btw.


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Every once in while, me or my husband will get a whiff of cigarette smoke. We mention it to each other when we do. If I smell it I’m sure it’s my mom and when he smell’s it he’s sure it’s his mom. We never smell it at the same time.

About a week ago I was at work and I smelled my dog Shelby. She used to lay on my chest and pant in my face and I could smell her breath. It was always warm and sweet. Comforting I guess. I smelled her breath at my desk. Of course I told hubby about it when I got home and he didn’t doubt me at all.


That’s a great idea!


I just wrote down “salt potato chips,” and I feel really silly. :joy:


You’re doing an amazing job @Susurrus :people_hugging: It’s a very brave thing to come off many medications and face the things that happen (and did happen) head on. You’re doing wonderful and you should be proud of yourself! :clap:


Now I’m smelling weed despite there not being any around. :thinking: (It’s illegal here, not that it stops some of my neighbours. But my partner can’t smell it.)