Work conference drained me

So last week I attended a three day conference for my work. It was an all day event all three days and then spent two full days traveling amongst airports. I knew I was tired from all the events and traveling but I have spent the last two days in so much physical pain and just overall exhausted. I know that both the pain and exhaustion are coming from being around so many people and so many different moods and emotions not only at the conference but the six different flights that were taken to and from. We were so action packed and I was so exhausted there that I never got to mediate, do my Crystal work or even read.

So my question is haas anyone else experienced this or does any one have any advice? I appreciate everyone in advance. :sleeping::persevere:


Oh dear! Rachel, do you consider yourself to be an Empath by any chance? Even if it’s not something that usually resonates with you, being in such a crowded, high-energy, high-excitement situation for multiple days can have a huge impact on anyone’s energy. It sounds like you may have picked up and even unwilling taken on the moods and emotions of those around you- and that can indeed be exhausting! :tired_face:

For now, I would recommend focusing on Self-Care Work to help both your body and mind relax, refresh, and recover. Going forward, you can help to protect your energy in such situations by using Empath Shielding (tips on energy shielding here and empath shielding spray here) in addition to any Protection Spells that focus on energy defense :shield:

Get some good rest and I hope that you are feeling much better soon, Rachel! Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


@rachel21 Sorry to hear you had such an exhausting time. I have had times like that too. It can be really tough to deal with and recover. I think Bry’s suggestions are all perfect to try. I’ll keep that in mind for myself as well. I hope that you are feeling better soon and that some of the suggestions can help you out. :star: :star: :star:


The only good advice I can give you is rest, recuperate, and refill your own cup. Take time you need to breathe and just exist on your own. Even from just a physical mundane perspective, your body has been through a lot and you’re probably very tired, and rightfully so! Just give yourself space and grace to rest :blush:


Oh my goodness! Reading this was so interesting. I never really considered how I felt could be the fact that I was an Empath. This opened my eyes to how I can help myself deal with day to day situations that drain the life out of me. I have been busy checking out all this information and hoping I can cope a bit better when I have to be sociable in our restaurant without feeling ill afterwards!!
Thank you for all the advice @TheTravelWitch_Bry and @rachel21 for talking about this.


Thank you all, I am feeling much better today. I realized that this trip was the first time really in two years that I had been around so many people ( my kids and I went on vacation last year but we drove and there wasnt a ton of people) and also in that two years was the first time I realized that I was an empath and how these types of situations can effect me. Next time I will better prepare myself with the advice of the shielding and a protection spray. I appreciate our little coven so much! Thank you all.


@TwinkleArtWitch You’re very welcome, Sara- I’m happy if the info was helpful for you, and congrats on discovering that you are an Empath! :tada: I hope the methods of energy protection and shielding can help you fend off negative energy from others in the future- good luck and many blessings! :sparkles:

@Rachel21 Glad to hear you are feeling much better now, Rachel! :heart: Knowing is a huge part of defending yourself, and now it sounds like you have armored yourself with what you need to keep negative energy from others at bay :shield: Stay safe and be well! Many blessings :blush:

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