🫥 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Empaths & Empathic Abilities

This week has put too much on my plate, or perhaps more accurately, I’ve put too much on my plate. I feel like I’m running behind with everything and not getting everything done.

However, tomorrow is another day. I’ll readjust my expectations and take some time to nurture my practice. I’ve been working on body, mind, and home pretty darn hard the past 5 days.

Looking forward to this challenge and working on it in the morning!


This is my entry , me and my flames entry

I figured we do this one together for fun


What does it mean when you can literally feel someone else’s pain? I don’t know how to explain it, but if someone gets hurt it’s like I can feel their pain and when I was younger my mom would have terrible migraines and she would have me put my dominant hand on her head and after sometime my head would start hurting. I know I’m an empath but I feel like I have this tremendous energy inside and I want to do so much to help people. I guess I really started mainly seeing it when I had a severe car accident, I had died and came back and ever since then I feel like I’m here for a reason.


So excited for this! So many ideas! Can’t wait to get started in this challenge!


Go talk to the teen that you left behind and tell her/ them you are ready to attend to her. And be ready to listen, process. I have similar experience and shoved that sensitve one down. I have been reconnecting with those parts and seeing it as a super power and lesson in boundaries of what I let in and what I say no to so I am always caring for me and my parts and then others.


Challenge entry


When it comes to the concept of being an empath, I’ve been on the fence. To be honest, it’s a term shrouded in so much ambiguity for me. It’s like trying to grasp a cloud – I know it’s there, but defining its contours is another matter entirely.

You know what… I’m hitting the brakes on overthinking this. Let’s return to this wonderful definition:

So, here goes: I am an empath.

I recall this particularly in the workplace. Picture this: a small office, just nine people, including myself, yet the atmosphere felt as populous as a bustling market. I could sense every undercurrent of emotion, each ripple of discontent or joy, as if they were my own. It was overwhelming, to say the least.

This extends to my personal life, too. Take my partner’s occasional battles with depression, for instance. Their low periods affect me, and this has caused a mutual descent into gloom in the past, which feels like a spiral neither of us could escape.

In terms of how I express this empathy, it’s less about grand gestures and more about being there, hopefully, in the ways that truly matter. But it’s not always straightforward. I’m an overthinker, and this can cloud my judgment, leading me to misinterpret situations. Without complete information, my mind races to fill in the gaps, sometimes landing on the conclusion that I’m the problem when I’m not.

Tarot Readings

Delving into tarot readings has been a transformative experience for me, both in terms of personal introspection and in aiding others. Initially, it didn’t seem like something I would find much interest in. But curiosity led me to pick up my first deck, and from that moment, there was no looking back. It was as if I had discovered a hidden part of myself I never knew existed.

Now, the practice of tarot reading has woven itself into my life. Each time I reach for my deck, there’s this sense of peace that washes over me. It’s akin to the feeling of returning home after a long, tiring journey. The cards, with their beautifully morbid designs and deep symbolism, speak to me in a language that’s mysterious yet familiar. It’s a meditative process.

This journey with tarot has opened a new avenue for me to support and connect with people. When I read for others, it feels like I’m offering a piece of myself, a form of guidance and understanding that transcends conventional conversation. Each spread, each card, tells a story, and deciphering these helps bring clarity and solace to those who desire it.

I’ve realised that tarot can be a gateway to empathy, understanding, and self-discovery. The cards have become my allies, guiding me through emotions and situations in my life and in the lives of those I read for. They help me provide a sense of direction when the path ahead seems clouded.

Aura Reading

Recently, my journey took a turn when I began to understand aura reading. I appreciate @Artemisia for sharing the video she used in the post below.

My aura encounters with the world around me were usually with familiar colours – blues, greens, purples, and oranges. But then, I perceived white when I actively tried the task upon myself. It was startling, like discovering a new colour in a rainbow you’d thought you’d known by heart.

That being said, I’d been oblivious to auras until a few months ago, dismissing them as something beyond my sensory reach. But learning about them opened a floodgate of understanding and possibilities, much like a dam bursting open, unleashing a torrent of newfound knowledge and experiences.

Magickal Senses

Reflecting on my previous entries in the magickal sense challenge, some of my perceptions and attitudes have evolved a little. Linked below for reference.

The aspect that’s been most pronounced since moving to our new place is my heightened spiritual sensitivity. Maybe it’s the layout and the influence of better feng shui, which I’ve been making efforts to utilise and have begun documenting below.

As for the effect… My dreams have transformed into vivid narratives, each more intense than the last, leaving me in awe.

And then there’s the matter of spirits. Since setting up my new spaces with all things witchy, my interaction with the spiritual realm has intensified. I’m still trying to wrap my head around this profound shift. This challenge has been a catalyst in pushing me to explore these changes more deeply, but I need more time to fully understand and articulate what’s happening in this intriguing new chapter of my life…


Protection, in my world, is a blend of the tangible and intangible. My first line of defence, my stalwarts, are crystals. Their presence is woven into the fabric of my daily life – some are constant companions, resting against my skin, others are special reserves, called upon for specific outings. They grace my everyday objects, like the bag I carry or the keychain that jingles in my pocket.

Beyond these personal amulets, my home is a sanctuary guarded by spell jars. These jars are a mix of herbs and crystals, some even exclusively crystalline. Some stand as silent sentinels on my desk, their arrangement as much a part of their magic as their contents. If you could see the before and after of my desk from our move, you’d witness not just a change in location, but a transformation in energy.

[Spell Jars]

But my protective practices extend beyond solid forms. I have a couple of sprays that I use, like an empath healing spray and an energy renewal mist. They’re like a balm to the soul, a mist that clears the air and rejuvenates the spirit. I use them primarily in my apartment, which is where I spend most of my time. It’s a ritual that helps me reset and maintain a sanctuary within these walls, especially when our doors are so open to visitors.

Then, of course, there’s the spirits. Part of my protective ritual involves a short meditation, a practice that I’ve somehow managed not to share here yet! I’m surprised at myself for not sharing it earlier. It’s a meditation that forms a shield, a barrier against negative energies and influences. I’ll have to share it here when I gather more energy. Right now, I feel I’m already pouring so much into this post, yet there’s always more to explore and share in this journey of protection and spiritual guardianship.


Rejuvenation is not just self-care, it’s a necessity. I imagine it akin to being a sponge, absorbing the emotions and energies around us and therefore, there’s also the need to wring out that sponge regularly. That’s where my rejuvenation ritual comes in, though it’s a bit elaborate.

This ritual is crucial because of the intense energy drain I experience. It’s like every interaction, every emotion I sense from others, and every ounce of care I feel for them, trickles away my reserves, leaving me in need of restoration.

I’ve also been finding solace in the simple act of taking baths. They’re great for cleansing, refreshment, and renewal. With the room dimly lit, casting shadows that dance in harmony with the flickering flames of scented candles. The water, embracing part of my weight, feels like a supportive friend. Its warmth wraps around me like a comforting blanket, while the bath salts work their magic on my tired muscles. Each additional element, be it a fragrance or an oil, has its role. It’s a wonderful experience, one that replenishes my spirit and washes away fatigue.

[Bathing in the “Blood” of My Enemies – A Hibiscus & Rose Infused Experience]

But there’s also power in the mundane, particularly in conversation. Talking about the events of my life with my partner acts as an incredible release valve. It’s fascinating, really, how verbalising my experiences helps to lift the weight of others’ burdens off my shoulders. This might seem trivial, but it’s a great way to shed the accumulated feelings and troubles that aren’t mine. It’s a reminder that sometimes, the simplest acts can greatly affect wellbeing.

And with that, I find the weight of exhaustion is upon me, a gentle yet insistent reminder that it’s time to retreat and recharge… Transitioning from my usual light-hearted, conversational style to this more reflective and detailed form of writing certainly demands a greater level of effort. Crafting each sentence, pondering over each word choice, capturing and editing photos, and ensuring the depth of my thoughts and experiences are adequately conveyed is a task that requires a significant amount of mental and emotional energy. However, it allows me to explore and share deeper thoughts and feelings.

Anyway… Take care, and keep nurturing your own lights, my wonderful Infinite Roots family.
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I feel this. I have a few remaining remnants that I am going to work on this week (clearly motivated by the challenge). I learned to shield, became obsessed with amethyst and hematite and now I am largely unable feelings of others. It’s like a wall that I have to purposefully climb to peer at other people.

I was going to try small with just intentionally listening in small groups while also reaching out to sample the vibrational energy in the room (energy I’m decent at). Do you remember how you initially blocked all of it out?


Challenge entry
There is a feature…
it’s called empathy…
in the language of the Mystics it is called empathy…no relation as you understand in the dictionary…
Empaths are those who receive the emotions of others before they manifest themselves… experience the energy of others…that’s why they are usually solitary creatures…they avoid the many connections of the world…
There are protective shields and Mantras, but in order to get into the process of learning them, one must first open the eyes of his Soul to realize that he is a… special… gifted person … who is acrobat on a tightrope… .
These special people become powerful Healers…
it is as if they have come from another world…
since I started working with magic I started to feel the energies around me
I started to see…inside …of man …and when I need to protect myself…
I always wear a protective shield with white light when I have to leave the house
a white bubble that we close in with the vision…
I hope the translator explained it correctly :pentagram: :pentagram: :pentagram:


Challenge Entry

Empath. How does this work in me. It’s an instinct since childhood, a second sight that sits in my chest and hurts when activated. If I ignore it because I’m tired, busy or just don’t want to do something about it, it hurts more. So I’ve learnt over the years to hear it and act on it.

So I pay attention, then what? A name will appear in my head, or I’ll be scrolling and the name will appear, or I’ll be guided to look at my contacts and the name will stand out. If I try to just ignore that , tell myself it’s just me scrolling, that pain in my chest intensifies until that name, of that person won’t go away. Then I know, it’s my intuitive empath yelling at me saying, they need to hear from you, it’s important! :sparkling_heart:

Is it a gift? Is it a curse? Yes and yes, but that’s ok, because I wouldn’t want to be any other way. Right now my empath has been yelling at me about the suffering in our world, and it’s yelling now. So I’ve joined a group that are trying, through peaceful campaigns, to change things for the better. I thought I was too old for that, at 53! But, no. The empath feels it, so Tracy does it. :grin: To me my empath is a part of me, but also like another person that dwells inside me, like a spirit. A spirit that is more sensitive, intuitive and wants to heal everyone and everything. :sparkling_heart: Part of me knows I should shield better, but another part of me, feels she’s better free. :green_heart:


Challenge Entry - Empaths & Empathic Abilities
If I have time and energy I’ll do another entry but for now, I chose to use this

and place it on a piece of jewelry I always wear.


Thank you for this alternate definition. There is an opening here, for the potential to do something positive before the wave of negativity starts and overwhelms the innocent. I like that idea.


Challenge entry :no_entry_sign::no_entry_sign:

I think I already have this badge. But I’m :100:% an empath. I feel other people’s anger, sadness, pain, happiness, loss, I feel it all. When I first came here I was seeking advice on how to protect myself and my energy. I’ve really come along way on this since then. I was miserable before I learned to shield myself and grew confidence back to stand up for myself like I used to.

Other people’s emotions would change my mood almost instantly that’s how I knew it wasn’t created by me. It can be a strength when wielded properly.


Challenge Entry

Negative energy is very powerful, especially when you’re at work around a lot of people who’re carrying so much of it. I’ve been absorbing so much of it lately, I went for a walk yesterday in the woods since it was 63. I felt opened, exposed, because there were no leaves on the trees or plants on the ground like there is in the warmer months. But I later saw that as a way for the negative energy to dissipate more quickly. Kind of like how you have to open the windows when burning sage so it isn’t bouncing” around the room.


I honestly dont remember exactly how, i just remember feeling like i was cursed and wishing and hoping i wouldnt feel so much. This is before i discovered witchcraft.


Challenge Entry

My empathic abilities are stunted. It is a joke amongst my friends, I am good at sympathy, but not empathy. It wasn’t always this way, when I was young I was overly sensitive to others’ emotions and internalized the negative emotions towards me (middle school is rough y’all, so even perceived negativity of others).

I have specific memories of focusing my energy on blocking out the negative thoughts and energy of others throughout school and the first year of college. This was also a period in which I relied heavily on hematite and amethyst protection amulets. Eventually, I designed and created a protective pendant that helped shield out or ground excess energies but also helped me focus to “read the room.”

Life happened, the chain on the necklace broke, I stopped wearing it and all those emotions kind of went away. I guess I trained myself to be dependent on the amulet. Which has left me relatively oblivious to the emotions of others unless there are verbal or physical cues.

So today I went and pulled out the amulet. The new moon is a good time to cleanse and reconsecrate it. Now I just need to get a new chain and start working on opening myself back up again.


Feel like this is a good one for me it’s very often that I’ll go out somewhere and I can read the room I personally just maybe a week ago I went into the dollar store at night around maybe 7:00 or 8:00 and I walked into the store and usually out you know I’m comfortable being around a lot of different people but for some reason I walked into the store and I instantly started like shedding tears not busted out crying or anything but I started setting tears as I walked around the store and as I walked out the store it was this lady and she was just standing there and you know I kind of felt like it was something wrong so I approached her and she was just telling me about how she was having a bad day and everything like that in her family was in the store and they also knew what she was going on so that’s just one thing I can share in our their multiple instances when this happened so and I also want to thank you for sharing that. Thank you for sharing that protection rune cuz I really feel like I needed it at times so now that I know I can use it now I’ll be using it more often


Although I don’t feel like an empath really, I’m excited to try the shielding spray.


Challenge Entry

I have been taking some time to research and learn as much as possible about empathy. Mom called herself an empath, but couldn’t read me to save her soul. Thus I dismissed the idea until this past fall. If I am one, I am very new at it.

That said, I have to admit I am getting very confused about what I am finding. I’m torn between three types… yet they almost seem like the same description.

I have noticed my mirroring ability is a problem. People see the mirror and expect it to continue indefinitely, but get mad at me when my own personality shows through. It feels like they can’t be friends with someone who is even the slightest bit different than themselves.

It also saddens me when people do not recognize themselves. A mirror can only do so much to help. If the person looking doesn’t want to see some truth, that’s their problem, not mine.

The term “narcissist” has taken on new meaning in the last 20 years or so. We used to say such people were playing games, and those games weren’t acceptable. Social pressure seems to have kept people in line in the past, but doesn’t work anymore. At any rate, I learned the rules of the narcissistic games early on and built up a resistance to them. The really bad ones know what my reaction will be and keep coming back for more. They get three chances to straighten up their act or I’m outta here!


I’m sorry for what you went through I was bullied till I fought back getting suspended then expelled for protecting myself. So I know how it feels. Anyway
I was just reading your message and I think maybe your heart chakra is blocked.


Thank you. I think your right, heart chakra or throat. I have always been overly sensitive about my throat. It hasn’t really bothered me, I think unless you think about it you don’t realize there is a gap. But it is something to think about and work on just to keep energy in balance :slight_smile: