👁️‍🗨 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Honing Your Magickal Senses


I remember a few years back when I felt overwhelmed, I threw all my witch books in a bag, in the bin and told myself it’s way too much, can’t do it. Then, just before bin collection, I had to practically get in the bin, to find the bag, to save the books (What Loki puts up with I don’t know :person_facepalming::rofl:).

Don’t give up.:sparkling_heart:

Stay with us. We love you. One book at a time. :sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart:


:joy: My book savior!


Not giving up just going back and tackling it one at a time. I just need to slow it down a bit



challenge entry
So i am entering a bit of new chapter in my life. Im still on long service leave and its occured to me staying in the same job n returning after leave done its only a matter of time before i burn out again. Im still struggling with health related issues such as sleep and the pressure is i feel i need to be fixed before i return but im still waiting on pay from nearly month and half to be fixed, its just one day underpaid this time but still being low income and that was also a day of annual leave. So its not like it hasn’t been missed. Thevpay before that was missing two normal days pay it took a month to fix that after id raised that it had occurred. My health care card also over a month anf half later since applied when finally able to, still being processdd. I need to buy new wprk clothes, work shoes, new clothes that arent full of holes but watch i made a band out of wool to stop broken one from hurting me cause it was broken n what it took to keep on, it tracks my health n sleep.or lack there off. So this has led to the heart breaking decision that i can no longer stay where i am, my job will constantly be understaffed, ive not even been given permission to visit which is not that directly said cant just its out of sight out of mind, buy that would of helped to not have so much anxiety if lots change while away that i come bacj n too much changed or not seen kids n staff in long time that im suddenly overwhelmed cause of adhd n autism symptoms. Just like the pay being fixed its like well i dont exist… the travel of 3 hrs on public transpott n the constant takung work home as necer got enough staff to be guven program time while at work n cause it is so far to travel have to leave super early compared to others which means earlier wake up n less slept often just to make sure late buses or trains causing me delays doesnt cause me to be late but often if on time end up either 45 to 30 min early as opposed to 10-15 min before start which is required but even if leave early ends up a bus not turn up, delays or late train causeto be later than intended but cause left early means im not late unless major issue on train causing more than leeway time allowed… contany stress n strain n ofyen getting home so late n working from time leave often till go to bed.
So it breaksvmy heart yo leave after 11 years or more but ive started to look for closer to home job. . But that obviously causing a bit of strain n emotions n uncertainty. The devil you know right??

But so thinking about this challenge of senses used in magic, i looked at something that may be suited to help with situation. Ive been trying to do bit of art, craft n play therapy on myself n parts work to help heal and was thinking about what do i need in order to help me heal n recover n prepare for new job and interviews n fave anxiety aboyt big shops on own to get new work vlothescwhich would need for interviews yet alone job. .

When i look for colours( sight and correspondences/ intentions ) i often look to the spells 8 page on candle magic ( colours) even if noy specifically using candles to help define intention.

So i decided ok tge balloon energy meditation which i can blow up a balloon of certain colour eith intemtion that need n can focus energy n intentin as bounce or move around ( energy work, meditation and bit of play) also can as got 100pk of colour baloons do same ans hang them around appartment as reminder ( sight - colours) butbalso holding the energy ( physical energy and element of air blown in with intention of colour.

Next i sorted out some modelling clay got from supermarketbeen collectung packets as clay work is not somethibg im used to so anxious to use air dry clay so jot wasting if mess ot up. So the cheaper moddeling clay, basivally playdough is to pravtice n work on confidence. Last night i finally sorted all packets to seperate ccolours again colour for intention and physically moulding intention in and can even try making things out of that colour related to that intention. I might even add essential oil thats safe to add to add smell n further intention n corrspondance to intention abd need.

Also to follow on from previously looking at blocjed chakras, energy work n colours i used chart for blocked chakras to line up each crystal next to each line of relevent chakra.

I also looking at as building energy to put intention in to play music ( hearing) to help strengthen intention n particular energy. I havnt blown up balloons yet cause my energy n state wasnt ready n in right place yet last night but got ideas about what kusic can use to build at least a few intentions/ enrrgy. But ive started prep for it all.

I also looking at my paint by numbers again colours sight and physixal avt of putting intention ( further art magic) ive heard of u using sonething different to paint water in painting to imbue with further intention and as its a phoenix n the coloyrs are much what need i thought also relevent. Its also canvas will more likely hold the extra intention of water used. Not sure if to use sun water, moon water or herbal tea, water with essential oil etc but further work on intention n energy while engahing sight ( colours), feel ( painting ) and mayve even smell ( with water).

Colours for intentioon can also be tied to crystals as well omg what if put tumbled stone in baloon as blow up. Further physical sense ooland energy of crystal added.

Colour intentions ok i might just add link to page so if anyone interested can go check out cause i dojt have all colours but thinfs like red for courage n passion, orange for emotional healing, green for luck n prosperity, blye for communication n calm/ peace etc are ways i can tie different colours n energy n also senses into magic for specific need right now.

Ok couldnt figure out how to copy link to page but its candle magic 101 and i downloaded the grimoire page to add here so at least can see what talking about
… hmm ok that didnt work so i screenshotted the page. Its on spells 8 site under candke magic 101 if anyone interested to explore more

Can also maybe add herbs inside both playdough n also baloons ( though when or if pop may make a mess but at least should be easy enough to clean up after.


I have always been very sensitive to smell and I incorporate that the most into my work. If smells are discordant or rank, I won’t be able to focus. At the same time, if smells are too strong and tend to take over my senses, I have the same problem. I choose scents based on the mental imagery I get when smelling them. Is it a happy picture, sad, angry, optimistic? It has to match my purpose. Lately I’m also trying to add sound to turn my brain off a little.

I feel like I’m clair cognizant. This has always been great for me as a therapist and behavior specialist because I just know what’s going on in my client’s mind, I feel it and I can phrase things in a way that will not threaten them. I’ve even had times when I’ve been able to stop a suicide after I could clearly see the client’s thoughts and intentions, even her plan. I told her what I saw and she continues to deny it. She came back Monday and confirmed what I had known, saying that after talking to me she just sat in the parking lot and cried. She went home and put away the gun and the diary she had left on the bed. She decided to change everything. I was proud of her because it’s difficult to change. Sometimes it involves completely breaking down the person we think we are and creating another. Painful but necessary. I’ve learned to go with what my senses and mind dictate


Challenge entry

This one’s been really difficult for me. :face_with_spiral_eyes: While I have an interest in all of these senses, I haven’t actively engaged with any. It’s a bit like asking someone what it’s like to see and hear things, isn’t it? :thinking: We’re all probably so used to them by now, that we don’t even gauge them.

Anyway, I very much like @georgia’s write up of 23 Senses, Not 5. :smile: That’s where my interest started to grow greater in the first place. It’s like she opened up this whole new world of possibility that was inclusive of everyone. And when I saw that, I decided I did want to embrace it, because I saw I could do so alongside everyone else. :black_heart: I mean, I don’t have a problem with being different – I tend to be the weirdo in a group, anyway. But even more wonderful than that is being able to share gifts with others. :star_struck: :sparkles:

I wanted to do something more in-depth and fun, but I haven’t had the time this past week. So, I will use her format to ramble a bit and then call it a day. :slightly_smiling_face: I’m mentally crashing right now, so please excuse any incoherence. :bowing_woman: Anyway, let the stream of consciousness begin…

  1. Touch. Touch is at the core of my mindfulness activities. It keeps me centred and grounded. I prefer my mechanical keyboard over touchscreens, physical books over digital, etc. I’m also sensitive to vibrations, so when a car drives down the road or the wind changes direction, it drags my attention away.
  2. Taste. I’ve become a pretty good kitchen witch and cook, but I don’t taste my food while cooking like I should, because…
  3. Smell. My sense of smell covers that for me. It’s pretty sensitive, so many scents overwhelm me and I prefer lowkey earthy tones. for example, I love stick incense, but I have to burn it a good distance away.
  4. Sight. I spy with my little eye, something beginning with…
  5. Hearing. I can be good at picking out certain sounds. I’m not sure what it’s based on. I used to be able to pick up my partner driving our old car when they were blocks away, in heavy traffic. But that might be related to a different sense.
  6. Space. I have good spatial awareness in general, so I can gauge distances and sizes pretty well. I’m also good at navigating without seeing or knowing, whether that’s making my way around a room, or knowing which way to turn to get somewhere. My friends are constantly perplexed by how quickly I can point in the right direction and not be able to explain why I know it’s the right direction. I can be impatient, so waiting while they verify me is sometimes a bit tedious.
  7. Time. I’m pretty good at telling the time of day without looking at a clock. I can also feel the seasons change. The air becomes different, especially during the periods in between.
  8. Voyeurism. (Sorry, I named this myself.) But yeah, I’ve always been able to tell if someone’s looking and it used to make me feel very awkward going outside. I would be walking normally and then suddenly, it would feel as though I suddenly forgot how to walk. I’m much more secure these days, so it doesn’t cripple me so, but I can still tell.
  9. Heat/cold. The examples mentioned picking up on moods, but for me, rather than heat/cold, it’s like a sense of gravity. When someone is angry, the gravity gets heavy around them and they are shrouded in darkness. Not quite the same, but a similar spectrum.
  10. Danger. I think my sense of danger needs a lot of healing still.
  11. Rightness/wrongness. See Claircognizance.
  12. Future. I see these images in dreams that I end up seeing in real life months later. When they’re mundane scenarios, I usually see them 1 for 1 in the future. For example, I recently lived out a dream I had about working on a website – I didn’t design it, but the one from the dream looked the exact same as what I’m working on now. Anyway, on the other hand, when the dreams are dramatic, it’s usually the symbolism or imagery that comes true. For example, (TW dream violence) when I dreamt that my great grandfather was shot in the neck, the way he fell down was the same way he fell down not much later when he had a heart attack.)
  13. Spirits. This isn’t constantly on for me, but I have sensed them at times. I think I was a bit blocked because I intentionally tried to block this when I was a little kid. I didn’t want to see them so I would chant to myself that I couldn’t see them. I talked a bit about some spirit stuff here, What has haunted me this whole time? and @georgia helped me with the shadow here, How to Deal - Shadow Figure.
  14. Personality. I often know who’s going to call right before they do. Not sure if it’s related, but I can also tell my partner where each cat is without checking. For example, “She’s on the sofa in the hangout room.” I pick up on personalities well and quickly, which has saved my butt on a few occasions. But life experiences messing with my sense of normal have let some terrible ones fly under the radar, too.
  15. Soul. My soul is tired. And I’ve faced death numerous times in this life. I will have to return to this topic another time. It requires more soul searching (excuse the pun) than I have the energy for right now.
  16. Clairvoyance. This probably ties into many other things I’m talking about here.
  17. Clairaudience. I’ve heard things, from music to voices to random other sounds. But I haven’t done anything with them.
  18. Clairsentience. I feel like this encompasses a lot of other things here, so I’ll leave it.
  19. Clairgustance.
  20. Clairalience. I assume this one is tied to olfactory hallucinations? I haven’t been able to draw much of a useful connection between smells and outcomes, so it’s just another thing that happens.
  21. Claircognizance. Probably one of the things I rely on the most. I have a tendency to know, and when I don’t follow this knowing, I tend to miss out. Sometimes, it’s on something big. But then again, I’m not losing sleep over these missed opportunities. So my knowing is saying there’s something more on the horizon. Or I’ve just learnt to go with the flow really well. Whatever it is, I rely on knowing a lot in my life.
  22. Empathy. A tiring but incredibly useful tool for socialising. I asked for advice regarding it here, Questions for Empaths
  23. Energy. I’m very sensitive to storms coming, the changing of the seasons, and so on. When the air pressure drops quickly, I get a migraine. Like right now. It increased up until 9am and has been diving since. Thanks, air.

Looks like I have a lot I would like to work on! I mean this in a good way, because that means there’s yet more to explore. More discovery to be had. More skills to train. :star_struck: :sparkles:

In terms of other things not explicitly mentioned…

I rely on my intuition a lot. It’s implied in the above, but I just wanted to use the word itself. :smile:

Also, I didn’t realise until someone mentioned it, that I must be pretty good with visualisation. When I thought about some of my habits, it did make sense. Sometimes, I will play a movie, show, or song in my head, without actually listening to or watching it. :movie_camera: More often, I will play out my own stories in a similarly mental visual fashion. And sometimes, I will just wander the world instead. :earth_asia:

Lastly, I’ve been enjoying divination via tarot cards. :flower_playing_cards: I’m not sure what sense that uses – it’s probably many – but I find that there’s something really enjoyable about shuffling and pulling cards based on how they feel, and to tap into all the symbolism and imagery. I’m thinking of finally getting or making a second deck, too! :grin:

Anyway, thanks for listening to my rambling. :bowing_woman: I need to go lay down and recover. :black_heart:


Challenge entry for Amethyst

This one was a difficult one for me because I’m working on my psychic abilities and not being so head-blind. Mostly I work on opening my third eye when I work with my tarot and divination cards. I think I was empathic as a child and I tuned it out because my school years were a torment starting from kindergarten on up. I had to develop shields to survive and I don’t know how I did it so it’s difficult letting them down.

Mostly though I focus on my third eye when drawing my cards, imagining it as a purple swirl in front of my head that lands between my eyes on my forehead and then opens into an eye. This seems to be working because I’ve been connecting to my cards more. I’m really pleased.

I’d like to work more on Claircognizance: Psychic knowing or clear knowing personally. Not quite sure how to do it, but that seems to be useful to me. I’m reading a book on intuition so I’m hoping it will help!


Ugh…I feel like this challenge is so perfect for me but my brain decided last week that it was going to take a few jumps back. I’m still trying so hopefully I’ll be able to come up with something

If nothing else, I’m loving reading everyone’s entries



After seeing @starborn 's entry using @georgia 's post about them senses 23 Senses, Not 5, i decided to use it as sort of a self evaluation of which senses resonate and which do not.

Touch - my ritual oil on my finger, touching the heads of my statues each morning, the shuffling of my tarot and oracle cards, the smoothness of my palo santo sticks

Taste - the taste of my teas, the cake at the end of a ritual, the wine or beer offerings on my altar

Smell - the smell of the herbs used in my teas, the essential oils in my diffuser, the incense burning on my altar

Sight - the candles burning on my altar, the ash of the incense crumbling, the flowers blooming and dying on my altar, the eyes of my statues looking back at me.

Hearing - crackling coming from candles, Egyptian music in the background, reciting prayers and chants, reading out spells

Space. A feeling of a barrier being broken when people get too close, almost like they have breached my personal circle and have left a gap that allows energy to escape.

Time - my sense of timing isnt always great. What feels like hours half passed when in reality its been 1 hour.

Being watched - when the hairs on my neck stand up or when I catch a glimpse of that shadow over my shoulder

Heat/cold. I can sense the warmth or coldness.of a room.in terms of the mood or atmosphere. I sense when it is time to leave

Danger. I would say that this is probably more linked to.my anxiety and worry of things happening more than a genuine sense of danger.

Rightness/wrongness. This is one that I cannot resonate with really. I dont have experience of just knowing that something should or shouldnt be done.

Future. Again, not one that i can relate to.

Spirits. I get the feeling that someone is beside me.or behind me. I have even felt them “touch” me.

Personality. I can tell from.some.people that they are a genuinely good person. Similarly, i also.get a quicm sense that someone is worth avoiding, without knowing much about them.

Soul - i remember playing on a rope swing as a child (about age 11) I remember it going astray and the swing went around the tree. I fell backwards and it was about a 15ft drop to the ground. But i still remember the feeling of hands on my shoulders and that thrust that pushed me back up to the point I was able to grab back onto the rope. Something much bigger than me as a human being acted that day.

Clairvoyance- i have seen a man at the bottom.of.my bed when i was younger. A photo of my great grandfather (who I never met) bore stiking resemblence. When meditating, I have saw my brother, uncle and even Osiris. In dreams, my grandpa interrupted my dream to say hello - almost like a movie being paused.

Clairaudience- i have heard my brothers voice in that stage between sleep and being awake. I have heard Osiris and Isis durong meditation. I heard my grandpa speak when he paused my dream.

Clairsentience- touch- i suppose this would.match with that sense of an unseen figure touching me as mentioned earlier.

Clairgutience- Flavor- i cannot relate to this

Clairsalience. I occasionally smell.engine oil - my brother was a mechanic

Claircognizance. Sometimes I have passed this off as just coincidence or common sense. Maybe it isn’t.

Empathy - i am an empathetic person and show care and concern for others, howerver, I would not call myself an empath.

Energy i know when it is going to rain. I say that to the kids in my class ans they ask how i know…i say i can smell it. This might actually link to the clairsalience. As mentioned I can also feel the enrfy of a room and know when it is time to make an exit. There is also that tingle, almost shudder, when choosing a tarot or oracle card when my had hovers over a particular card.

Completing this let me see that perhaps i have more than 5 senses at work in my life (although not all 23). I found this a really worthwhile task.

Blessed be



Oh, I really am enjoying this format. :smile: It’s nice to see what you experience or think about each of them.

As much as I was too tired when I did mine, I found the same.

Thanks, @georgia! :black_heart:


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It’s time for a friendly reminder:

:exclamation: This challenge will soon close :exclamation:

If you would like to participate and haven’t done so already, please post about your challenge experience(s) by the deadline:

Tuesday, Nov 21st at 7:00 AM EDT (Eastern US Time)

If you haven’t already shared an entry but would like to join in, this is your friendly reminder that you still have a bit of time left to do so!

Blessed Be! :eye_in_speech_bubble: :sparkles:


I did not include these as senses because I consider them abilities. Talents and skills use our abilities, and can be developed with practice. These may not be things we were born with, but which have been developed via creative survival experience or curiosity.

There are so many talents and skills that I thought I’d leave them for another time. It, also, might be a good challenge if @BryWisteria is interested. A lot of people don’t like to brag about their abilities, but answering a challenge about them might invite others to explore talents they never accepted or maybe never knew they had… and give further ideas for future challenges.

I’m sure my list of such skills is incomplete. Each person will have their favorites, their specialties, which individualizes their purpose in life and their experiences.


I agree. :smile: All I meant was that it’s supported by the use of the senses already talked about, so I made it relevant that way. Although I’m not sure which senses support it for me, exactly. Perhaps the energy one could be one of them, especially for those who feel a sensation when they’re hovering over the “right” card. I don’t really get a physical sensation, though. :thinking: It’s more that “knowing” one listed, I guess.

That’s how using your list helped me talk about senses, so I’m sure it would be great for at least some others with abilities, too! Including me. :smile: :black_heart:


I like how people are using this challenge to get to know themselves better! Great job everyone! I know it is difficult, since we are putting our focus on something we use so much that we take it for granted. I hope that even after this challenge is closed, we can continue the work of getting to know our own senses and abilities better every day.

Blessings Be


Eeekkk… I have to get on this today. @georgia I like it too & was heading in the same or similar direction going through your post on the 23 Senses.

I have the same thought pattern around senses, abilities, & skills. They can work with each other develop or further your abilities skills :hugs:

I’m excited to look at it & go through them. My intuition & empath/HSP things is continually a work in progress as things come up for me that I am working on. Learning that some were either responses to a past experience, my own, as well as someone else then needing to be able to separate & almost figure out where it was coming from & how to manage them… was quite the initial adventure. Now sometimes remembering to do so & figuring out the bes techniques that work for me is an ever evolving set of learning. As I work through things & life happens, different techniques work better than others & sometimes need to be edited or switched up.

Enough on that :laughing: I still have to write up my challenge entry :rofl:


You can do it! :black_heart:


Good point. They keep us on our toes so we don’t focus on one to the detriment of others or use up the one tool so it breaks down or doesn’t work anymore.


Challenge entry:

I’d say that the senses I tend to pick up are claircognizance for as far as reading people it’s a feeling or sensing energy.

I have some others that I feel may come back in time which are clairaudience or scent. Phantom smells.
Also clairaudience is coming to me more recently. I’m pretty sure that hearing voices telepathically falls in this category.

Also some touch I believe as well too. I feel things touch me. Even When I meditate it always feels like something is touching me when I start to get deep. I want to scratch that itch so bad. I read don’t scratch it or you give into your bratty conscious mind. Gotta ignore it to get deep but I usually can’t ignore it. .


Challenge Entry

I’ve recently taken an interest in exploring The Sixth Sense further, as it’s an area I haven’t deeply explored in my practice yet, despite finding it intriguing. Last week’s Group Ritual seemed to align with this interest, particularly as I engaged in a meditation aimed at opening my third eye. I’m particularly keen on delving into dream work moving forward. During my exploration of the Sixth Sense, here’s what I’ve discovered so far:

Exploring the Extraordinary: Unveiling the Mysteries of the Sixth Sense :star2:

The human experience is a tapestry of sensations, perceptions, and emotions. We often rely on our five primary senses—sight, hearing, taste, smell, and touch—to navigate the world around us. Yet, beyond these well-known avenues of perception, there exists a realm of extraordinary senses that captivate our imagination—the enigmatic realm of the sixth sense. :brain::sparkles:

The Quest for Understanding

The concept of the sixth sense has fascinated humanity for centuries, shrouded in mystique and intrigue. It transcends the tangible, offering a glimpse into the intangible and the unexplained. While the traditional five senses are widely acknowledged and understood, the sixth sense delves into the uncharted territory of extrasensory perception (ESP), intuition, and awareness beyond the physical realm. :milky_way::crystal_ball:

Unraveling the Layers of Perception

Intuition: The Silent Guide :thinking::star2:

Intuition, often referred to as a gut feeling or instinct, is perhaps the most recognized aspect of the sixth sense. It’s that inexplicable sensation that guides us, sometimes against logic or reason, nudging us toward a decision or warning us of impending danger. Whether in everyday life or critical moments, intuition serves as an inner compass, steering us in directions our conscious mind might not comprehend. :compass::thought_balloon:

Extrasensory Perception: Beyond the Ordinary :star2::mag:

ESP encompasses a range of abilities that seem to defy conventional explanation. Telepathy, clairvoyance, precognition, and psychometry are among the phenomena attributed to the sixth sense. People claiming these abilities perceive information or events beyond the scope of the standard senses, often sparking debates between skeptics and believers. :eye_in_speech_bubble::crystal_ball:

Sensing Energy: Tuning into the Unseen :globe_with_meridians::cyclone:

Some suggest that the sixth sense involves an awareness of energies that elude conventional detection. For instance, empaths claim an acute sensitivity to the emotions and energies of others, while practitioners of alternative medicine explore the notion of auras and energy fields surrounding living beings. :rainbow::sparkles:

Nurturing the Sixth Sense

Can the sixth sense be honed or developed? While science grapples with validating these phenomena, individuals explore practices like meditation, mindfulness, and energy work to heighten their intuitive faculties. Cultivating an open mind, embracing mindfulness techniques, and fostering self-awareness are often cited as pathways toward tapping into this mysterious dimension of perception. :woman_in_lotus_position::seedling:

Navigating Skepticism and Belief

The exploration of the sixth sense inevitably invites skepticism. The absence of concrete scientific evidence challenges its legitimacy in the eyes of many. Yet, personal experiences and anecdotal evidence continue to fuel the belief in these extraordinary senses, prompting ongoing investigations and studies to unravel their mysteries. :thinking::microscope:

Embracing the Unseen

While the sixth sense remains a tantalizing enigma, its presence in our lives cannot be denied. Whether through subtle intuitive nudges or inexplicable experiences, it adds layers of depth and wonder to our understanding of human perception and consciousness. :star2::milky_way:

In a world brimming with undiscovered mysteries, the sixth sense beckons us to embrace the unknown, encouraging us to look beyond the tangible and explore the boundless realms of human potential and perception. :rocket::mag:


The sixth sense—be it intuition, extrasensory perception, or an awareness of energies—continues to captivate the human psyche, inviting us on an endless journey of exploration and contemplation. As we navigate the intricate tapestry of human perception, perhaps the true essence of the sixth sense lies not just in its elusive nature but in the profound sense of wonder and curiosity it instills within us. :exploding_head::star2:

In the pursuit of understanding the sixth sense, we may discover not only the mysteries of the unseen but also the limitless potential of the human mind and spirit. :dizzy::thought_balloon:

What are your thoughts on the sixth sense? Have you experienced moments that transcend the conventional senses, nudging you toward a belief in something beyond? Share your thoughts; let’s unravel this intriguing phenomenon together! :speech_balloon::globe_with_meridians:


Challenge Entry

I would say I have intuition and I can sense energies as I often get feelings of good or bad things that are about to happen. I usually sit and meditate and have some dragons blood burning and light a candle and listen to music which is of a Celtic feel and I sometimes have visions of colours and it’s usually from the colours I sense whither it’s a good one or a bad feeling and to prepare myself. Just the other day I had a feeling my mother in law was about to pass as I got a sore head and felt nausea coming. Within hours sadly she passed. So I decided to light a candle and pray for her and asked Hecate to protect her. I managed to say everything I wanted to say before she left this world and have written a poem which will be placed beside her. She is no longer in pain and I feel she is now at peace. Here is my poem which came to me during meditation.

Here I stand beside you, alone not I

Your body in an eternal sleep

I shall not cry, nor shall I weep.

As we share the wonderful memories

We thank you for your guidance

We thank you for always being there

We love you and will always care.

Lost we may be, but here we stand

Loving you for giving us a helping hand.

Though the rain may fall

The sun may shine

I will not weep

I will not mourn

Close your eyes my friend

you are now free

No more pain

Only love and light, will remain

I feel now at peace as I know she is now no longer suffering. Sad it may be but she will never be forgotten. The feeling of relief has washed over me and I can now begin to heal. )0(