Bind Rune - Protection for Interacting with People

~ Bind Rune for Protection when Interacting with People ~

Bind Runes are the combination of two or more runes to create one unified symbol that holds the magickal energy of both runes. They have many uses in magick such as in spellwork, carved onto magickal tools, or as a personal sigil.

This bind rune combines Mannaz ᛗ and Algiz ᛉ in a symbol that offers protection when interacting with other people.

Depending on your intention, this bind rune can be used by an Empath before going out in public, those who wish to protect a relationship, to defend a group of people from negative energies, to defend yourself from the negativity energies of a crowd, etc. :shield:

Bind Rune for Protection while Interacting with People

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Do you use runes in your practice? Have you ever used or made a bind rune before?

If you’d like to share your favorite bind runes or have any rune magick tips for fellow witches, feel free to do so in the comments below!

Blessed Be! :sparkles:


I love the Bind Rune to Protect an Empath and will be doing soon but here’s a question. Everything I’ve seen is about protection outside the home, what do you do when it doesn’t stop at the door?
My husband feels everyone’s energy and he and I feed off of each others emotions, we always have, and it becomes a not good situation.
I did some exploring about my sensing energy thing and had the most incredible experience a few nights ago. I went into the bedroom because we had each other spun so I decided to meditate and maybe take it to exploring the whole mess and ended up in a sort of trance and memory of the first time I remember feeling the energy from a house came back to me. There may have been a little intuition involved to say it’s was a new family but I felt the love and pure joy. There are a few house and of course the prison that is viewable from the interstate, that if I close my eyes, turn my back and tense every muscle in my body before we get near it’s not as bad. The first time I didn’t do that passing the prison after it got stronger I can’t explain the physical and emotional agony, I wasn’t right for a day or two.
I talked briefly with a friend who I haven’t spoken to in 4½ that knew me before and they told me about us talking about it and that they were trying to help me.
Unfortunately I am unable to talk to this person again because they are still with a very toxic partner that I can’t have even remotely connected to my life
Okay we’ve covered me making myself sick trying to block out something I don’t understand but this started with how to help my husband. He has no ability to quiet the ability anywhere or any time and spends most of his time on his Xbox desperately trying to block out the world.
He and I did fine together in our first go 'round but now I’m so full of anger and fear that it’s becoming hard for us to spend time together. It has been better since my meditation or trance or whatever but the issue remains
I don’t know what to do for either of us


Runes was something I used for divination along with tarot before I delved further into using them for magickal purposes.

I have a bindrune which i made that is kept in my car.

It is a combination of Raidho, meaning the vehicle or wagon and Algiz, meaning protection.

Raido symbolises travel, journeys and movement while Algiz ensures safety from danger so it made sense to combine these for protection while travelling, hence why I keep it in my car.

I followed a process to activate it from a book called Runes for Beginners by Lisa Chamberlain

I wrote out my own name onto the wooden disc using runic letters then use my pyro tool to burn it in

I then did the same on the other side with the bindrune, chanting the names as I did so while also stating the intention of safe travels.

I then held the talisman in my hand and meditated upon the intention and names of the runes that were binding.

I wrapped the talisman in cloth and wrapped twine around it 9 times. I then lay it down and walked around it clockwise 9 times, saying their names aloid.

I then unwrapped it and breathed on it to give it life before consecrating it by passing it through and back through a candle flame.

Finally i stated its purpose one last time to complete the activation.

The rune has now sat in my car for around 9 months and i hold it for a few seconds before driving. So far so good!

Blessed be


I am sooo in love with this Bry! :face_holding_back_tears: :heart: I definitely need a bind rune protection to carry with me while I go out to interact with others in some unwanted situations. Being an empath, I think that this will surely help me a lot! :smiling_face: :innocent: :triquetra: Thank you my dear, you are always soo full of magickal treasures! :sparkles:


I don’t know too much about bind runes – they’re not really my thing – but I would imagine you could create the same thing and use it for your home. Create it as a decoration or put it on the back of a doormat or something similar so that it’s activated or used every time someone enters the house. You could even do the same thing with a sigil if you don’t want to use bind runes.


Both good ideas, thank you @MeganB


You’re welcome :blush: I’m gonna be doing something similar myself very soon!


First, I’d suggest a marriage counselor. Also, make sure you’re taking care of yourself & your basic needs.
Second, if you haven’t already, ask him to join you in your meditation sessions.
Third, find someone you can talk to about things that are affecting you and that you can ‘vent’ to.
You can always vent to us all here, without question. But I mean finding someone you can speak to that may even share your spiritual beliefs.
Please keep us informed and take good care of yourself!


I’d say to feel free to use this (or any bind rune) inside as well! You could cast it inside or attach it to a person- drawn on a piece paper, carved into a token, or even traced in the air are all ways that you could invoke this protection :blush:

I’m sorry to hear it- it sounds to me like what your husband is dealing is on a pretty large scale and that it is severely affecting his whole life. I think in this case, it is probably beyond what one single bind rune is capable of doing.

I’ve found that smaller issues can be attended to with “smaller” spells, if that makes sense- a candle spell for a financial boost or a bath spell to cleanse away a day’s worth of bad energy. But the larger and more complex this issue, the larger the amount of work that needs to done to remedy it.

I’m a big supporter of combining mundane and magickal- they don’t exist exclusively to one another, but are both big and interwoven parts of our daily lives. I would definitely suggest that, in addition to any Empath and emotional protection spells you choose to work, that talking with a specialist to make a holistic health plan would be a smart idea. Just my two cents, offered up for your consideration! :pray::heart:

Wishing you both all the best.

This is awesome! :star_struck: I’ve used Raidho and Algiz as a bind rune before too, and although the design I used is slightly different, it carries the same energy and intention for travel protection. This combo has worked really well for me on my trips- may it continue to protect and watch over you too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

You are very welcome to it, Solasta! :heart: Tuck it into a pocket or draw it in the air- may it help to keep you and your energy safe! :pray: I hope that it serves you well and helps you feel more relaxed anytime you have to go out :hugs::two_hearts:


@MeganB @BryWisteria @Wysteria_Norn I am taking in talking in squished sentences, not trying to argue. I didn’t want to start every post with I don’t remember most of what I knew. Still not recovered from concussion and missing memory to start with.

Starting to come back to me a bit. Instinct popped in doing something recently but I’m still not all the way there.

I can come up with a few things, I don’t feel like I did that before, but application is spotty at best. Problem is knowing what to do for what, have trouble getting started. Other than the oil for the book, I do and feel fine about it. I’ve stuck mostly to bags and basic house cleansing and protecting.
Sleep and anti nightmare bags seem to be my specialty.

Sometimes I feel I’ve done all along. Other times I feel like a confused baby witch, not nearly as much as 6 months ago


Will not happen ever. Some of his reasons very valid.
And taking care of myself is not something I do. Now getting dressed is a challenge, can’t remember what I’m doing.

I got an “I don’t know, maybe”

There isn’t anyone. I have no family left to speak of. My husband, my sister like person who is always dealing with something and that’s way more important than anything I have to say. Y’all are pretty much all I have. Most of my friends from old life weren’t actually friends. The 2 that would do anything for me, I don’t have contact with them each for different reasons. I’m not going to make friends hiding in the house and until my anxiety is taken care of, I doubt I would anyway


I didn’t think of that. Other than the bind rune, once I think of a prayer, I don’t know what to do. I can’t exactly put one on like every wall in the house.

I’m still rebuilding my collection and I don’t have what I would need for the sheilding and other than that I’m lost

I don’t even know where to find any information other than here, I can’t afford any books right now.

That would be great but there is no way to get it into budget

I’m lost


You’ve got all the hugs and understanding from me over here! :people_hugging: For what it’s worth, I think you’re doing an amazing job – baby steps still count as progress! I got this notification on my Finch app a few days ago and I think it’s a good fit here, too.

[Text reads this → “Optimist: someone who figures that taking a step backward after taking a step forward is not a disaster, it’s more like a cha-cha.”]

Something you could do is enchant the water with the prayer, sort of create a ritual with it in whatever way you need to, and then use that water to draw the bindrune on your walls once a month or so.


Look for me on FB or Discord (WysteriaNorn#0010), if you’re on these sites.
Sometimes just having someone to bit@h with is awesome…and trust me, I love doing that! :rofl:

By the way, this message goes for anyone on this website that needs someone to complain to!


I love this! I really like that you fashioned it yourself. Thanks for the book reference, i’ll be checking that out.


Starting small and simple is better than not starting at all! I think you’re already taking steps in a positive direction and are trying your best to do what you can- and that’s a really wonderful thing! :people_hugging: :heart:

As for spellwork ideas, I love the suggestion Megan gave about enchanting the water with your prayer and using that to draw the bind rune. It’s easy, doesn’t cause a mess or permanent markings on the wall, and can be redone or touched up as necessary :blush:

I know it can be frustrating and feel like a big road block to be missing or unable to find certain tools or ingredients to cast a spell- have you ever looked into making your own Inner Temple, Nixi? It’s a great way to make your own inner sacred space where you can cast without needing physical items.

I’ll put a link here in case it sounds like something you might be interested in:

→ Spells8: The Inner Temple for Casting Spells Without Tools

Sending big hugs your way- despite the challenges you are doing your best and, from where I can see, it looks like you are making great progress! Keep hanging in there and I hope that the path ahead is an easy and happy one for you. So mote it be! :heart::pray:


Thank you I think I will be taking you up on that


Thank you so much


You’re welcome, @Nixi :people_hugging: I agree with Bry – you’ve come so far and you have so much to be proud of. You’re doing your best, and that’s perfectly alright!


Thank you, that really means a lot.
I think I’ve been thinking too far ahead and feeding my fear causing more problems.

Spellwork, I’m probably bring over critical and the slow progress is frustrating since I’ve already started once.
I’m thinking maybe I should stay basic and try to figure out what some of the odd things I can almost do are and hire to develop them.
I will be asking for help with that :confounded: :laughing: