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Merry meet!

Thank you once again to all those who joined in for last week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge - Waning Moon Magick :waning_gibbous_moon:

The almost-new moon is preparing to rest, but there’s no rest for the witches! (Just kidding: please rest when you need to :heart:) All are welcome to join in for some runic magick this week :sparkles:

The theme for this challenge highlights a popular area of magickal and divination and is…

Bind Runes Runic Magick Challenge

:algiz: :heavy_plus_sign: Bind Runes :scroll: :raido:

The power of combined runes

For those not yet familiar with runes, runes are a popular magickal tool, method of divination, and alphabet. Bind runes are the combination of singular runes to make one, directed and powerful magickal symbol.

A bind rune is a rune that has been crafted using two or more runes put together. They are easy to craft using the combination of meanings, correspondences, and intentions of the caster. They can then be used in the same way that sigils are. For example, if you were looking to craft a bind rune to protect your family, you may consider combining Algiz with Ingwaz and Othala.

These can be placed in any direction or repeated in terms of position allowing you to create a personal rune for your specific purpose in love. A great way to also keep your privacy around your intention.

Spells8: Runes for Love Magick

Bind runes are powerful magickal symbols that can be used, worn, and crafted by anyone, at all levels of magickal studies - you do not need to be a master of runic divination in order to use and enjoy bind runes as powerful magickal symbols (although the more wisdom you gather as you learn and grow, the better - knowledge is power!) :books:

Whether you’re a rune-enthusiast or brand new to the topic, come join your coven as we explore crafting and using bind runes this week! This challenge is a sibling to the previous All About Runes Challenge, so feel free to revisit the challenge entries there first for some initial runic magick ideas and inspiration from your fellow coven members :handshake:

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This week’s challenge is all about bind runes - how you choose to take on this theme is up to you!

So are you ready? Because it’s…



Picture made in Canva

STEP 1 : The Power of Bind Runes :heavy_plus_sign:

This challenge is all about bind runes - but as always, how you choose to take on this theme is up to you!

Still not sure where to begin? To help you get started, here are a few ways in which a witch might approach this challenge.

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Magickal Studies: Runic Magick & Bind Runes :open_book:

Bind runes are magickal symbols that can be used, worn, and crafted by anyone, at all levels of magickal studies - you do not need to be a master of runic divination in order to use and enjoy bind runes in your practice.

That being said, wisdom is power - if you are brand new to runes, a good place to begin is by learning a bit about what runes are and how they can be used in magick. This may be exploring all of the runes in the alphabet, or just honing in on the runes used within a bind rune that interests you. Feel free to share what you’ve learned with the coven as your entry this week!

Spells8 Course: RUNES: The Sacred Alphabet of Wisdom and Magick

Runes for Strength

Runes for Protection

Runes for Love

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Create Your Own Bind Rune :consecrate_spell:

Ready to make your own bind rune? Making a bind rune is easier than you might expect, and will be a custom magickal symbol specific to your needs.

Creating Bind Runes
Bind Runes: Making a Bind Rune (Linear and Radial Bind Runes)

Runic Talismans: Create a Bind Rune Talisman

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bind Runes in Magick :sparkles:

Use a bind rune - these ones are ready made and ready to go! You might incorporate them into a spell, place one on your altar, add it to a spell jar or spell pouch, or draw one in the air to invoke its energies during the day.

Bind Rune for Protection while Interacting with People
Bind Rune: Protection for Interacting with People

Overcome Self-Blockages
Bind Rune: Strength to Stop Holding Yourself Back

Safe Travels: Spell Protection Pouch with Bind Rune

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

… And More! :raised_hands:

The suggestions above are just a few ideas to help kickstart your creativity- if you feel called to explore waning moon magick in another way, you are welcome to do so!

As always, all witches are encouraged to embrace their own unique practice with how they explore the challenge theme :star2:

Image by Oreamnosoddities, shared in Runes in Magick: Runic Script, Bindrunes, Talismans, Amulets

STEP 2 : Share Your Experience :writing_hand:

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Everyone is welcome to join the challenge by practicing magick in line with the current theme. For lurkers and those who don’t feel comfortable sharing, it is absolutely okay to follow along with the challenge but keep your entry personal. Feel free to join in spirit and do what feels most comfortable for you! :blush:

That being said, please know that if you would like to receive a prize and a public shout-out, it is required that you share your experience.

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Picture from Canva

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A rune on its own is a powerful beast
But paired with another, that strength is increased
By two or by four or by many more-
When runes come together, there’s potential galore!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Blessed Be! :heavy_plus_sign: :sparkles:


Love this. Loki and I are already thinking up stuff. :partying_face:


:thinking: hmmmm let’s see what I can think of for this one! Should be fun!

Already got an idea in progress and hope to finish this afternoon! So excited!


I thought of you today at work. My class are studying the vikings and in music, we were singing a song called Loki the Joker.

Loki the Joker,
With Odin the Ancient,
And Thor the Thunderer
Voyaging forth!
With Gods and Goblins,
And Freya the Fair-Hair
And the Apples of Iduna
Stories of the North!

Loki’s clever, shifting-shape.
Playing tricks, make no mistake,
Fly or fireball, beyond belief
Loki, Loki makes mischief!

Loki change if Loki wish:
Eagle, raven, wolf or fish,
Dragon, serpent, bird or beast,
Loki’s storytelling feast!

Over mountain, sky and sea,
Shifts to where he wants to be,
Wind and rain, or frost and snow,
Loki the Joker, on you go!


@Cosmic_Curiosity I love this, I’ve added it to my grim. It’s great :rofl::partying_face:


I thought you might like it lol


:thinking:Ooh exciting !!:grin::partying_face:already thinking ideas… should be sleeping as its 4am but …i remembered i was waiting to see whay next challenge was and now excited :grin:


Challenge entry

I had some time this morning while waiting for an all-too-early morning meeting, so I decided to give creating a bind rune a try. I started by choosing which runes I wanted from Rune Meanings – Spells8 by starting with a concept I wanted to focus on and seeing which runes suited that. :eye:

  • Pertho: Mysteries, fortune, chance, mysticism, unknown.
  • Algiz: Guardians, defense, instincts, courage, awakenings.
  • Kauna: Enlightenment, insight, knowledge, insight, calling.
  • Laguz: Water, intuition, dream, imagination, healing, instinct.
  • Eihwaz: Connection, divinity, inspiration, protection.
  • Dagaz: Awakening, clarity, consciousness, balance, growth.


Almost. :sweat_smile:

Then I drew it on paper, took a photo of that, opened it in Photoshop, drew over that with the pen tool, then used “stroke” with a watercolour brush chosen to get this effect.


I have no idea if I did any of this “right,” as from what I’ve read so far, it’s not exactly in line with procedure. But this is what I’ve felt drawn to (pun intended?), and it doesn’t look too bad on my screen or when printed. :smile:

Oh… I took a photo of it upside down. :laughing:


@starborn I like it, I like it upside down too. :green_heart:


Challenge Entry - Bind Runes

I keep meaning to work with bind runes but get distracted with various other things to do, make or clean.

Today was a productive day cutting out the fabric and pinning 3 out of the 4 tarot deck bags that I’m making so I continued that energy with creating bind runes for

  • Artemis :bow_and_arrow: - I chose

    • Kauna - represents torchlight, illumination, and knowledge. It symbolizes Artemis as the goddess of the moon, shining her light in the darkness of the wilderness.

    • Ehwaz - signifies movement, partnership, trust, and animals. This represents Artemis’s connection with animals, particularly her companionship with wild creatures like deer and wolves.

    • Ansuz - is associated with communication, wisdom, and divine inspiration. This symbolizes Artemis’s role as a protector of women and children and her association with prophecy and foresight.

  • Hecate :hekate_wheel: - I chose

    • Algiz - is associated with protection, defense, and connection to the divine. For Hekate, it represents her role as a guardian and protector, especially at the crossroads where paths intersect.

    • Kaunan - represents fire and transformation. This signifies Hekate’s association with magic, witchcraft, and the transformative power of her rituals and incantations.

    • Eihwaz - associated with endurance, death, and the underworld. This symbolizes Hekate’s connection to the realm of the dead and her role as a guide and psychopomp.

  • Then I created my empath protection bind rune using

    • Algiz - represents protection, defense, and connection to the divine. It forms a shield against negative energies and helps establish boundaries, safeguarding me from emotional overwhelm.

    • Gebo - signifies reciprocity, balance, and harmony. It fosters healthy relationships and helps maintain a sense of equilibrium in emotional exchanges, allowing me to give and receive energy in a balanced way.

    • Ingwaz - symbolizes internal growth, fertility, and inner strength. It aids in grounding and centering me, empowering me to navigate my emotions with resilience and stability.

I doodled for a while trying to combine the runes until I found the right design. Then I used my ritual black ink and wrote on handmade paper with my glass dip pen.

I also took a note from @starborn and turned my empath protection bind rune into a graphic.


Ooh excited for this. Been wanting to work with my Runes lately. And haven’t made a bind rune in a minute. But will be perfect for thinking about protection for tomorrow. Thank you :witch_pentacle:


This is my entry :

I was born with a rune for protection in my left hand

I also carry this one on me

Works well


Challenge Entry

I made a protection bind ruin to put in my SO truck. He has a bad habit of going out drinking and thinking it’s ok to drive when it definitely is not.

I used:

Thurisaz - challenges, danger, protection, strength, attacks
Eihwaz - connection, divinity, inspiration, protection

It’s not real elaborate, but I’m hoping it will give him the insight to call me for a ride or if not at least be protected on his drive.

I have put a copy in my BoS and also wrote on a paper and put in his cup holder of his truck.


Challenge Entry: Bind Rune for Travel Protection

I wanted to make a bind rune for my vehicle for protection.
I cut down a leather coaster so it would fit in the cupholder and be hidden under the travel mug where I keep my hand sanitizer bottle.
I did some research in the books on archive.org. Most recommended using 3 runes to make a bind rune.
A rune could be flipped on the vertical axis, but not the horizontal axis, because that would cause the reversed meaning to appear.
The last rune drawn would be the binding rune.
The rune Isaz (Ice) added as the vertical axis would make the bind rune permanent because it would preserve the effects of the other combined runes.
So I drew with midnight blue marker:
Raidho (RIde) for travel to ensure a safe journey, and
Thurisaz (Thorn) flipped on the vertical axis for protection.
I added Isaz (Ice) with mother of pearl paint, to represent ice, as the last rune, as the vertical axis, and to make the bind rune permanent.

I checked to see if I had inadvertently created another rune, and I see Wunjo which can mean success, so I am happy with that. There is also Jera for beginnings and endings and abundance. There is Kauna to shed light on my path. There is Laguz for instinct and intuition which will be good for avoiding trouble. So I think I am covered!
The last travel protection bottle saved my bacon recently when some idiot ran a red light and narrowly missed me making a left turn onto the same street. I hope this new talisman will be as enchanted!
I am going to use the same chant:
Feel the magic build and grow,
To travel safely on the road.
Protect this car and those inside,
Bless our travels as we ride.
May all your travels be safe!


Challenge entry

This was absolutely perfect for me this week. One of my favorite oracle/tarot style decks is the Rune Oracle deck (Ravenwolf and Jackson). I have had it since the mid 90s and the box has been missing for at least 20 years. Because the deck is larger than a typical tarot deck I have tried various solutions for storing it and finally arrived at the idea of making a box out of a small shadow box that swings open and shut, sealing with magnets.

I wasn’t sure what I wanted to be the “cover” of my little box, so I have been putting off the craft project. When I saw the challenge I immediately knew I wanted to make a radial bind rune to support my deck and readings.

So I spent yesterday selecting some runes that would support my readings and self-reflection and designing the bind rune.

Ansuz :ansuz:- For inspiration in synthesizing the cards, and transforming my situation
Kenaz :kaunan:- To add power to the bind rune
Isa :isaz:- To aid with meditation and clearing my head of clutter
Eiwaz :iwaz:- For magic and intuition
Perthro :pertho:- For divination and illumination
Laguz :laukaz:- To support psychic powers
Ehwaz :ehwaz:- For aid in spiritual balance and awareness
Dagaz :dagaz:- To support positive change in my spiritual transformation

Today I built out the interior of the box to hold the cards in place and then inscribed the bind rune on black paper in gold ink.

Now the cards have a storage solution that looks nice displayed in my sacred space and offers physical protection and energetic support for my practice.


Beautiful box! And your bind ruin is beautiful as well!! That’s a fabulous idea for storing your cards. I’ve been trying to find something for my oracle cards as well. I’ve been thinking of sewing a bag for them but can’t find material I like. Never thought of a box! Thanx for the idea!


Not entirely sure what to do, but I’m thinking of making my own draconic binding rune.


I don’t work with runes in my practice, but I do know that ogham can be used in magic and ritual. I have only used nGetal myself because of its healing associations. I think I will explore using ogham more in magic this week. I’m not sure how, but it’ll happen in some way!

I want to share this quote from Weaving Word Wisdom by Erynn Rowan Laurie. Her book has been my main source of information about ogham, and she’s a fantastic resource.

Selecting ogam feda for ritual is part intuition and part web of meaning. Each ritual is its own entity; each deity or spirit will resonate with different ogam feda. part of the secret of choosing feda for your work and worship is found in your personal development of meanings and associations. While the information in this book can offer you a traditional baseline of meanings and kennings and introduce you to my personal associations, ultimately it will be your own work that leads you to connect different feda to your deities, to local herbs, to spirits you work with, or any other web of connections you choose.

pg. 194

Choosing to work with ogham in a magical or ritualistic way is all intuition, combining feda (the letters) in such a way that resonates with the practitioner.



I haven’t used runes for fair but of time now but i do make use of them for travel. I have a bind rune that is a combination of Raidho(vehicle or wagon)and Algiz, (protection).

Raido is all about travel, journeys and movement while Algiz brings protection from danger.

Combining these offers protection while travelling.

This was the design of the bind rune that I created on Canva:

I used my pyro pen to burn it onto wooden discs. I have it in the glove box of my car. I also keep it in the front pocket of my hand luggage backpack when flying and have it as a “tag” on my suitcase.

Blessed be



Challenge Entry:
haven’t used Bind Ruins in about two years. I really enjoyed this challenge and made three different ones.

Here are the sketches of my bind ruins

I made a protection one since it was time thst stopped working with a client. And I used:
Algiz :algiz: for defense, protection, and warding off harm.
Thurisaz: :thurisaz: to create a barrier to repell unwanted intentions.
Uruz :uruz: to keep the durability of my intention. I activated it prior to meeting with my client. Then craved it into a black candle twice and burned while we had our session. It was a pleasant calm session. Where both agreed that it was time for him to move on. It was quite a relief :relieved:

This one I made so that i can begin working on writing and art inspiration by channeling. I used:
GEBO :gebo: for the center to invoke the gift of inspiration
Fehu :fehu: for understanding, wisdom, abundance and luck
Eihwaz: for connection to the devine, and inspiration
Berkana: :berkanan:for growth, creativity and creation

The last one I created for my partner cause they have been feeling stuck and seem to be having a hard time moving forward.
I used Gebo :gebo: for the center to invoke the gift of inspiration.
Raido :raido: for progress, movement and evolution
Wunjo :wunjo:for joy, and success.
Kennaz :kaunan: for for illumination, insight, creativity
Ansuz :ansuz: for revelation and clarity.