Using the Forum: How to Make a New Discussion


How to make a new discussion (also called a “Thread” or “Topic”) in the forum:

To create a new thread and begin a new discussion…

  • Enter the title of your discussion in the box where it says “Type title”

  • Choose a Forum Category that best suits the subject of your discussion. This helps to keep the forum organized, and makes it easy to find certain types of posts! :+1:

  • When you are done writing, click " + Create Topic" to make your discussion public.

:warning: Remember that your content must follow the Forum Guidelines, or it may be removed or edited by a moderator

Before starting a new discussion thread, why not check to see if there is already a conversation happening about the subject on your mind?

To browse everything in the forum and find specific topics, use the Forum Search :mag:

If you have any questions, feel free to make a post in the Site Feedback Category or reach out to the friendly Staff Team.

Enjoy your time in the forum! Blessed be :sparkles: