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Merry meet!

Thank you once again to all those who joined in for last week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge - Wonderful Wands :wand_tarot:

After exploring the wide world of wands, we’re waving in the next theme- get ready to open up books and minds alike as we explore pathways both familiar and unknown :compass:

The theme for this week’s challenge is…

Pagan Paths and Magickal Traditions Challenge

:books::compass: Pagan Paths :footprints: :railway_track:

The many traditions of magickal living

When one decides to embrace their spiritual side or begin a new religious journey, they often look for resources to help guide them on their way. And there are many structured traditions out there to explore- a stroll through the library or a Google search will reveal just how many different traditions, religions, spiritualities, philosophies and more exist- not all of which have definite names or boundaries :books:

Structured traditions may be the backbone of a practice for some, while others simply use them as a guide, and other blaze their own trail entirely. No matter which tradition you follow (or if you follow multiple, or none at all!), this challenge offers a chance to examine your own practice, explore various structured traditions of magickal living, and hear the stories and wisdom of fellow Coven members about the tradition(s) they follow or have followed in their practice :mage:

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This week’s challenge is all about various pagan and magickal traditions - but as always, how you do so is up to you!

So are you ready? Because it’s…



A gentle reminder that when discussing different paths, it is natural for people to have differing opinions. Please feel free to share your beliefs while remembering to be respectful of your fellow Coven members. Thank you! :handshake:

From Wikipedia: Modern Paganism

STEP 1 : Magickal Traditions & Pagan Paths :compass:

This challenge is all about various traditions - but how you choose to take on this theme is up to you!

Still not sure where to begin? To help you get started, here are a few ways in which a witch might approach this challenge.

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Explore a Magickal Path or Tradition :open_book:

Do you follow a magickal tradition? Heard about a path and want to learn more? This week, consider choosing an established area of paganism, magickal tradition, spirituality, religion, philosophy, or other to explore and share your knowledge as your entry!

(Please keep in mind that some terms are general while others are more specific. Some terms contain sub-traditions and offshoot paths. The following list is by no means conclusive- these are just a few suggestions!)

Examples of General Paths:

  • Pagan
  • Neopagan
  • Witch

Examples of Specific Traditions:

  • Wicca (Gardnerian, Alexandrian, Dianic, Shamanic, Luciferian, and other types of Wicca)
  • Asatru / Heathenism
  • Shamanism
  • Hermeticism
  • Rodnovery / Slavic paganism
  • Druidry
  • The Satanic Temple
  • Celtic traditions
  • Norse traditions
  • Egyptian traditions
  • Greek traditions
  • Roman traditions
  • Etc.

Related resources and discussions:

Pagan 101: What it Means to Be a Neopagan Today

What is Wicca?

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Crossroads and Combined Paths :crossed_flags:

While some dedicate themselves fully to one tradition, others feel more at home with an interwoven tapestry of multiple traditions, religions, spiritualities, and other influences that make up their practice. There are no “right” or “wrong” answers when it comes to developing your practice- so if you draw from multiple places in your Craft, feel free to share about them as your entry this week!

Suggested journal prompts:

  • Do you draw on any magickal traditions in your practice? Which one(s)?

  • Do you draw on any religions in your practice? Which one(s)?

  • Do you draw on any spiritual or philosophical influences in your practice? Which one(s)?

  • What are the main influences that define your magickal practice?

  • Have you changed paths, traditions, or religions since your magickal journey began?

Related resources and discussions:

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… And More! :raised_hands:

The suggestions above are just a few ideas to help kickstart your creativity- if you feel called to explore magickal traditions in another way, please feel free to do so! :blush:

As always, all witches are encouraged to embrace their own unique practice with how they explore the challenge theme :star2:

From Learn Religions: Asatru - Norse Heathens of Modern Paganism

STEP 2 : Share Your Experience :writing_hand:

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Everyone is welcome to join the challenge by practicing magick in line with the current theme. For lurkers and those who don’t feel comfortable sharing, it is absolutely okay to follow along with the challenge but keep your entry personal. Feel free to join in spirit and do what feels most comfortable for you! :blush:

That being said, please know that if you would like to receive a prize and a public shout-out, it is required that you share your experience.

Getting Your Credit :white_check_mark:

In order for your entry to be counted, all you have to do is write/share about your experience and label it as your challenge entry. There is a lot of chatting here (which is awesome- chatting and discussion are very welcome!) so please clearly write that it is your entry so I know to count it! :pray:

Where Should I Share My Entry? :thinking:

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You are welcome to post it right here- just click “reply” :repeat: to this post and write your experience in the text box that pops up!

Alternatively, you could create a new post in the forum (this is good for when you have a lot to share and/or would like to discuss aspects of your entry not related to the current theme)

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Deadline :spiral_calendar:

:exclamation: This challenge will close in 6 DAYS :exclamation:

To join in, please share your experience by:

Tuesday, September 19 at 7:00 AM EDT (Eastern US Time)

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Prizes :gift:

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After the challenge closes, you are still very welcome to post but please be aware that no additional prizes will be given. This discussion will remain open for about a week after the challenge finishes.

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From Wikipedia: Modern Druidry

A warm reminder that the challenges are designed to be very open- everyone is encouraged to participate in a way that honors and reflects their unique practice :open_book:

If you have any doubts about if something is acceptable to post or say, please double-check with the Forum FAQ and/or reach out to your friendly Moderator Team.

And for those new to challenges- welcome! :heart: Know that the goal of these activities is to help you further diversify and strengthen your abilities and to bring together the Spells8 forum family to inspire and support one another in creative ways :hugs:

witches witchcraft and paganism
From Spells8: What is Wicca?

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

To make or choose a path of your own
Will help you navigate the unknown.
It will bring you joy and help you to thrive,
To experience the magick of being alive.
So no matter which road you take,
Know the path you walk is no mistake.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Blessed Be! :pagan_book::sparkles:


This should be interesting!


I’m happy you think so, Amethyst! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I feel like I’m constantly hearing about new paths and traditions, there are so many out there! I’m looking forward to hearing and learning from everyone’s entries and experiences :pray: :books: :heart:


Ohh, this one might be interesting! I’ve had some thoughts on synchretization and combining pantheons… :thinking: I’ll have to see what I can come up with!


I was unsure what to do for this challenge, but for the past weeks, I’ve had an interest in learning more about Christian witchcraft and how its practitioners chose that path.
Before I started my journey, I didn’t know that it was possible to be both a Christian and a witch. It quickly made a lot of sense to me since Christianity has borrowed heavily from pagan religions.


Oh this is going to be fabulous. With the international coven we are part of, wow. What wonders we’ll see. So excited! :dancer:


Oooh this will be great. I’ve often wondered about other paths and trying to figure out where I fit in , in all of this. I’ll try to do the challenge but if I can’t I’d still be keen to read everyone entries and learn something.


It is so exciting. Can’t wait to share with all lovely witches here a little of my history and beliefs.


So I just popped on for a bit for a little relief from hours of mind scrambling research into different Pagan paths and beliefs and practices and what combining some of that into my own practice might look like. :rofl:


Challenge entry - Brujeria

My magical roots come from a Filipino background my dad is Filipino and my Grandfather and Grandmother came from Luzon and in the Philippines they call witches Bruja’s. Brujeria has roots in several different lineage’s including Yoruba, Macumba, Vodou, and more.

What does a Bruja do?

The same thing all witches do egg :egg: cleanses known as ( Limpia), we pray heavy, we light a lot of different candles , and burn A lot of different things, and use the elements of water, fire and earth it’s a combination of all practices a big melting pot of culture
you could say and we’re all just tapping into so many different parts of the spectrum that there’s no way it couldn’t be ambiguous at this point. The moral of the story is witch craft goes beyond Geographical boundaries Brujeria has no color but has guidance on other levels and is mainly about tapping into deeper languages of the universe.

Bujeria places - my favorite place to read about is Siquijor Island recognized as a center of mystic power and a capital of mystic activities and black magic. People travel from all over the world to get healed. In Siquijor they perform a popular healing practice called Bolo Bolo that involves blowing on a stone through a bamboo pipe in a glass of clear water while maneuvering it all around a persons body until the water turns brown to reveal one’s ailments. https://youtu.be/NUJZGmwBuBc?si=IMu-WqdcbakvjxWJ

Brujeria folklore - Brujas believe in the Mambabarang or the female version which is the Mamalarang which stands for magic of the malevolent kind that involves sorcery. The story goes these witches keep flesh eating beetles :beetle:, spiders and creepy crawlers inside a bottle carefully feeding them when the Mambabarang decides to employ his little friends he performs a prayer ritual where he whispers into the bottle and gives instructions telling the insects of his victim and the blood :drop_of_blood: thirsty insects :spider: are then set free to go after the victim gaining entry through the nose, mouth, ears , and anus pretty much any hole they can find including open wounds. Then the insects create ailments in the orifices they invade for example if they go up the nose then it would begin to bleed and the illness’s that occur are resistant to conventional treatment the body only heals when the insects leave the body. The only way to heal the curse of the Mambabarang is to visit a spiritual healer but they would still have to suffer
The feeling of a thousand creepy crawlers flying out there anus. Another way the Mambabarang is said to inflict the curse is by creating a doll dressed with something of value belonging to the victim and then whispering to the bugs to invade the doll.
Picture property of -Cryptid wiki

Picture property of-Cyptid wiki

Brujeria has been allot of fun to explore im always learning and reading new things and I’ve been really happy to be able share my practice with you all. :blush::sparkles::black_heart::purple_heart::crescent_moon::new_moon:

picture property of - Mlyssa Guzman :rose:


I am going to a Celtic festival at the end of the month! Me and my husband are going to volunteer so we can get In free! We will be camping :camping: so will set up my tent and be a warrior Goddess!
Does anyone have any thoughts or tips? This should help my journey honestly I love so many paths I have had a hard time to just focus on one! I love that pagans intersect with each other! I feel we are all connected! We are all apart of this world :earth_americas: earthlings ! Lol I like to leave a gift for the fey as well ! It’s been awhile!


My Challenge Entry
I am from the Republic of Moldova. Situated in Eastern Europe, neighbouring countries Ukraine and Romania. My little country was once a part of huge Geto-Dacic Empire (part of today Romania). A long time ago, centuries BC, on my territory there was a religion that had a God as a main figure, his name was Zamolxis. Strangely, he was somewhat similar to Jesus, being an ordinary human, died, came back to life. What was unordinary about him - he was way ahead of time and a very smart human, he converted the Tracians to his beliefs and was initially a priest, and later a Divinity of his own religion. Might have been tricks, but he managed to fool the whole empire of his godly powers. :zap:
In Romania, a lot of Covens still worship him as the very first God, not judging them at all, but I still consider him a human being, a very smart and sly human. :walking_man::person_tipping_hand:
Later in History, when Roman Empire conquered and colonized the Dacians, they arrived with their culture, traditions and obviously religion. Besides Christianity and Judaism, there were the Roman Gods. YES ! The time stamps are a bit off, Roman Pantheon was waaaay long before Roman Empire captured Dacians, and Christianity was largely spread around Europe at that time. But, same as today, many people, secretly, still worshiped old Gods, and practiced Magick. Officially people stopped worshiping Roman and Greek Gods in 4th-5th century as it was prohibited by Christianity Rules. :prince::latin_cross:

Most of the story ends here, as Christianity spread wider and further, most of other small religions disappeared.

Witchery rise in 13-14th up to 15th century, a period we all know witching trials occurred. Most known European countries were England, Germany and Italy. On eastern side of Europe Ukraine and Russia had witch trials as well. Not much information about my country (Romania/Moldova), 'cuz during this period most of the time people there were at war with Turkish Empire.
During witching trials in Europe and America, on my territory a huge legend was born. You all know about Dracula. (Not a Deity, but still fun stuff)

Dracula Image SourceGoblet Image Source

My country does not have any legends about Deities, monsters, supernatural beings and any other myths. But we studied the legends of countries around us’ very well and borrowed some for ourselves.

As a little fun fact - My country makes awesome wine, that is exported everywhere in the world from America to Japan, China and around Europe, and in our cellars you can sometimes see Dionisos represented on the walls.

[Image is AI generated - no source required]

Me, as a modern Witch chose my Deity myself, without much historical background.



Where to start. My mothers mother was a psychic, and that runs strong in the female line, my aunty is a psychic too, so the women of the family have always seen ghosts, spirit, even when we’d rather not. So there’s the start of the spiritual side of me. My father’s line goes back to the Doomsday records in Anglo Saxon England, and his family name is recorded there. My grandmother on my father’s side traced further back to Germany where it’s believed they worshipped the old German gods (Norse). So that’s where Loki comes in.

My mother has always believed you find your own spiritual way so this is what I’ve done. Having been raised in a variety of countries my spiritual path has been a little chaotic. :grin:

I followed the Christian path for many years, but still had/have, visits from spirit, and used to astral travel as a child (not so easy now :person_shrugging:).
I’ve always had an entity with me, my whole life, that was both protective, powerful and sometimes a little scary, I used to call him my friend as a child, guardian angel as a Christian, and he’s taken on many faces and personalities over the years, but now, through study and communication, know who he is, and always was. The Shapeshifter, Loki. So I’ve embraced my father’s ancestors path of a Norse Heathen, albeit a Lokean.

Loki placed a fulltrui on me, all those years ago, which explains all the chaos in my life, and my constantly being the outcast in my previous spiritual path. Loki has patiently waited in the sidelines as I followed different paths, always looking for “something”, only to roll his eyes at me. :rofl:

So what’s a Lokean, and how is this different from other Heathens.

Well, we’re not always welcome amongst heathen circles. When blots (toasts to the gods) are offered to the other Norse gods, if we Lokeans offer one to Loki, it can turn ugly fast :joy:, very often he is banned from being toasted or honoured. This is slowly changing as more heathens are understanding that our god isn’t all bad, and history, is well just that, history. Loki’s moved on, and is a very modern god.

Are Lokeans all witches?

Well Loki is viewed as the witchfather, and will gladly aid you in magical, particularly chaos magic, work, but many Lokeans don’t practice the craft at all.

So who is he, and how is he to work with? He’s one of the most famous, and the most controversial deities of the Norse Pantheon. He’s the great trickster! Got other gods in numerous trouble, but also got them out of it again, and if it wasn’t for him, Thor would never have had his hammer, Odin his magical horse etc etc. He’s the father of monsters , the one who killed Baldr, and bringer of Ragnarok, but he’s also the sworn blood brother of Odin, friend of Thor, and as shown above, the source of the gods most important treasures! So he’s definitely a paradox. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Loki is the teller of unpleasant truths, he is fire and following him can result in you being “burned”, as I experienced when he got fed up waiting for me to move, so ripped me away from my previous path, and forced me to acknowledge him, my true self and some of the messes in my life. :flushed: He’s not subtle. :laughing: He will challenge you, and force you to challenge yourself and the world around you. He’s a fighter for the outcast, the unlovable, injustice and family. And he will want you to champion their causes. He believes in community as this is core to all heathens, you put into the community, as we all need each other. What you put in, one day you will need to take out.

Loki is not a god to follow lightly. He’s an agent for change and chaos, be prepared to lose who you were, in order to become who you are meant to be. By embracing the chaos, life will not be orderly, and the status quo will be upset, but life will be real and he’ll show you wonders. :partying_face:

The main source of his myths are: The Elder Edda, The Prose Edda, Gesta Danoeum (The seeds of the Danes), Volsunga saga (The saga of the Volsunga), Sorla (Sorlis Tale), Lokka Tattur (Loki’s Tale) and Loke in the Younger Tradition.

Do Lokeans have any values? A question I’m asked as he’s known in the mainstream, as a trickster, liar, demon, devil, destroyer of worlds etc by most who haven’t come to know him personally .
Well actually, yes, he does. These values are “Lokified” as an alternative to the “9 Noble Virtues” espoused by some members of the Heathen community.

There are 9 Lokean Virtues

  1. Truth Be real. Be true to yourself and allow others to follow their own truth.
  2. Humour Learn to find humour in things, especially in yourself.
  3. Humility If you need to tie your balls to a goat to achieve your goal, do it! :rofl:
  4. Cunning Try to think outside the box. Don’t make a mess so big, you can’t figure your way out.
  5. Transformation Don’t be afraid of change, because that’s how we grow. Don’t be afraid of self-examination and listen to constructive criticism.
  6. Creativity Be creative. Try new things. If you don’t like it, blow it up, and try again! :bomb::bomb:
  7. Accountability You are in charge of your own life, own destiny, own actions.
  8. Empathy Try to see things from more than one view. Shapeshift into someone’s else’s shoes, don’t pass judgement.
  9. Experiment A mistake is only a mistake if you do it twice. Until then, everything’s an experiment!

There are some who believe that even now Loki is bound waiting to end the world with Ragnarok, however to me, Loki is alive and free and has brought about many Ragnaroks, as a continuous cycle of deaths and rebirths in our lives and on the world stage, with the rebirth of the pagan gods of old, that are on the rise again, day by day, as more people return to the “old ways”. Loki’s presence is seen in all the chaos and changes in the day to day, the unpredictablness of life .

So answering a call to any deity/God/demon/angel spiritual path etc is not something done lightly. So answering the call finally from Loki to me, puts him in a special position in my life where he is my partner and teacher for life .

How does all this effect me each day?
I can only say from my own personal experience, as he is a shapeshifter, he will become to you whatever you want. He’s my best friend, my defender, my teacher and guide. He’s the one I cry to when it all blows up in my face, and the one who reminds me to smile and start again. :grin: He’s a fighter for you, and a dam good laugh. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
He also kicks my butt when I’m out of order, gets in my face and messes up my plans when I try to control life reminding me, you can’t control life. If I get on my high horse, he pushes me off. His tricks teach me lessons I need to learn, his chaos reminds me to live in the present and stop digging up the past, his shapeshifter teaches me to embrace everything and not be afraid of the unknown, and his daily messes with my tech, radio and phone, well, it’s to wind me up and to remind me he’s here, and to enjoy each moment. :heartpulse:

Becoming a Norse Heathen, particularly a Lokean, is probably the best decision I’ve made. It’s who I am. I often wondered why Loki left me on my Christian path for so long, so I asked my Aunty “psychic”. She reminded me, I had much to learn. What Loki is not, is a badass rebel who creates chaos just to upset people. Being a Christian taught me self control, love, what it is to commit amongst other things, virtues that Loki values that I learnt well in that path

So here he is. Lovely Loki. Father of monsters, outcasts, witches, the different. Bringer of fire, and chaos.
Loved by his followers. A source of controversy even today amongst fellow Heathens (but he’s slowly bringing them round) :thinking::rofl:

I’d like to end this challenge with a quote from A Modern Heathens Guide To Norse Paganism, which I feels sums up all our searches for our true path

“Odin is well-known as a seeker of knowledge. He sacrificed an eye for it. He hung himself on the World Tree Yggdrasil, a sacrifice to himself, to gain knowledge about the runes. Now you are following in Odin’s footsteps, sacrificing your time in a quest for greater knowledge. I commend you for emulating the All-Father, Odin, in your quest for a richer, fuller, more meaningful life.”

That is what Loki has done for me! Blessed be my lovelies :sparkling_heart:

Image by Muirin007 on DeviantArt


@EvaCVM @tracyS This is my 1st challenge and this is awesome! I love how detailed your entries are and how knowledgeable you are! You can feel the passion in your entry! You are an inspiration :sparkles: :heart: :yellow_heart: :sparkling_heart: :two_hearts:


Beautiful entries and challenge :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Something tells me I’m going to have a passionate wall of text for this challenge too… :wink: :sparkling_heart:


I’ll do my best to get this challenge entry in but seeing as how I’ve been awake 36 hours straight, been stuck in the Newark airport for almost 24 hours and still have 20 hours of travel left… I’m not sure what will be possible.


Challenge entry!

My magickal traditions

I often find inspiration in the rich tapestry of Greek and Slavic traditions, owing to my family’s origins in the historical regions of Maceon and Thrace. In ancient times, these lands were steeped in Greek polytheism, a belief system that left a lasting mark on the culture and spirituality of the region. For instance,

Renowned Classical Greek historians like Herodotus and Thucydides recorded a captivating legend: the Macedonian kings of the Argead dynasty proudly claimed descent from Temenus, the King of Argos. This ancestral lineage bestowed upon them a connection to the legendary Heracles and a direct link to Zeus, the chief deity of the Greek pantheon.

As I delved deeper into my spiritual journey, I discovered an affinity for Luciferianism, although it was a path that required some time to fully embrace. I’ll delve into that in just a moment.

My quest for spiritual knowledge extends beyond Greek and Slavic traditions. I’m currently immersed in learning about Celtic, Norse, and Egyptian traditions. I totally embrace eclecticism, drawing wisdom and insights from diverse sources and weaving them together like a form of magickal alchemy.

My philosophical influences

Interestingly, at my core, I align with philosophical materialism. It can be summarised as my belief in “I am; therefore I think,” rather than the more traditional “I think, therefore I am.” In other words, I perceive my existence in the material world, within this physical body, as the foundation for experiencing consciousness and living out my life in a linear fashion. :woman_standing:

I use the phrase “interestingly” because materialism often stands in contrast to spiritualism, which falls under the umbrella of philosophical idealism. However, materialists like me acknowledge the presence of contradictions as an inherent aspect of existence. These contradictions are not negative; they resemble a balanced tug-of-war, with opposing forces tugging us in different directions, ultimately helping us find, define, and understand our positions in the world.

Additionally, in classical antiquity, the term “religio” had a broad meaning, encompassing conscientiousness, a sense of what’s right, moral duty, or obligation to various aspects of life. Interestingly, this term laid the foundation for the word “religion” as we know it today. In the ancient world, philosophy was a holistic study, covering virtually everything. While modern times have segmented it into numerous specialised fields, its core remains rooted in logical reasoning. Similarly, religion addresses morality, which is also a domain explored by philosophy. These different paths, at their core, attempt to convey the same fundamental truths.

A significant part of my approach revolves around dialectical materialism. I seek to uncover the synthesis between opposing ideas, each represented as a thesis and antithesis. This synthesis isn’t merely a compromise but rather a way to navigate towards the truth or the correct path forward, drawing insights from both sides to construct a more comprehensive understanding. This doesn’t imply that both sides are equally valid, but rather that sometimes, a kernel of truth can be found even in the wrong approach.

Hence, I’m on a quest to discover how to harmoniously blend the spiritual aspects of humanity with rigorous scientific principles. This stems from my deep interest in paving the way for a future characterised by equality and post-scarcity, where everyone’s needs are met, and the fear of basic survival is eradicated.

As a communist, it’s evident that I’m not a supporter of individualistic, competition-based innovation and societal structures. These beliefs significantly influence my practices; I aim to give, share, nurture, and cooperate.

In any case, I firmly believe that a harmonious synthesis can be achieved, and my ongoing search is a testament to that belief.

My journey so far

Sorry for repeating this so much, but it’s worth mentioning that my initial quest was to connect with Lilith, as I felt an undeniable pull toward her. Her energy, strength, charm, and beauty held a profound fascination for me.

Lilith is an enigmatic figure, often described in various and sometimes conflicting ways — as Adam’s first wife, a demon, a sex goddess, and more. She possesses versatile powers, although her specialities lie in witchcraft and matters of sexuality. She is the personification of the night, bearing distinctive features such as black hair and piercing red eyes.

My exploration persisted until I stumbled upon a specific reading that struck a deep chord within me. To put it in perspective, it resonated so profoundly that it brought tears to my eyes, a rarity for me. Let me share a snippet from that reading of my last past life, which I’ve edited slightly for spelling and grammar:

In your previous life, she says that your death was caused by another and a surprise, and so you were not ready to leave your body when you did and because of this you remember factors, such as your interests or calling. You are being called by her, and others such as Lilith to help you remember and consider exploring this so much more in this life.

Hekate says you lived a tragic childhood and were left literally homeless and with little support, and you did pass away very young, 18/19. You performed magic, worked with Hekate, and helped manifest things such as money through a lost wallet or places to live with others, and it happened you all could manifest these things to you. And naturally wanted stronger magic knowledge to help you improve your lives in a big way.

My philosophical background plays a crucial role in my journey because, at its core, my motivation stems from a deep desire to assist others. If my efforts don’t contribute to helping others, I tend to lose interest, and this situation is no exception.

So, when I read that I had discovered a sense of purpose and motivation in joining forces with others to benefit “us” instead of just “me,” it filled me with warmth and renewed motivation.

For example, in another thread, I wrote this about “miasma”:

Considering my philosophical background, it’s evident how the communal aspects of these beliefs deeply resonate with me, from the emphasis on collective collaboration to the recognition of how our actions can ripple through our communities.

Moreover, while I have yet to give many offerings of the sort, these statements about Hekate provide further insight into how and why she fits perfectly with my personal philosophies:


Now, you might be wondering how I ventured into the realm of Luciferianism. While one could jest about it being the “left-hand path” and the term’s relationship with communism, the actual path to Luciferianism was paved by Lilith. I believe she recognised the alignment between my philosophical views and where I find myself now. With Lilith’s guidance, I discovered Hekate, and I believe she also led me to Lucifer.

My journey involved finding solace and strength through both Hekate and Lilith. I explored various facets of my evolving spiritual practice through small rituals and spells while devouring all the related knowledge I could find. Strangely, every time I intended to focus my studies, I was irresistibly drawn to materials about Lucifer and various demons.

Then, I stumbled upon something that resonated profoundly with my philosophies, particularly the one asserting that life is inherently a struggle. Instead of passively accepting this, it encouraged embracing and confronting that struggle head-on. Well, the book I was reading explained that people are naturally drawn to demons because they refuse to accept a life devoid of desires. They find it impossible to be content with the monotonous routine of daily life in a world filled with struggle.

The book asserted that Luciferianism is a faith centred on truth, enlightenment, knowledge, and responsibility. Lucifer, the Light Bearer for humanity, was unwavering in his commitment to safeguarding mankind’s free will, which ultimately led to the schism between the opposing forces we recognise today.

Naturally, I began to contemplate how the concept of hell fits into this belief system. It dawned on me that the notion of hell as a nightmarish realm doesn’t trace its roots to the ancient polytheistic religions but rather to the Abrahamic faiths. Additionally, the text I was engrossed in clarified that Lucifer chose to depart from heaven willingly. This revelation transformed hell into a place designed not only for punishing the wicked, as conventionally portrayed, but also into a realm of boundless prosperity, security, love, and joy for his devoted followers. It was a reassuring realisation that we wouldn’t face torment for collaborating with demons or Lucifer.

A prominent distinction between Luciferianism and Satanism lies in our rejection of the “do what thou wilt” philosophy. We firmly believe in your freedom to shape your desired life, but we also acknowledge that you cannot escape the consequences of evil actions. This resonates deeply with my personal philosophy, which emphasises the importance of distinguishing between the ability to do something and whether it should be done, i.e. just because I can get away with murder, doesn’t mean I should.

Anyway, I’ll delve deeper into Luciferianism at another time.


So, let’s return to Hekate, a deity who resides within the abyss, deep within the darkness of the underworld. She assumes the role of a catalyst, adept at removing the barriers that often obstruct our choices. At the crossroads of our lives, she grants us the power to choose our path, fostering transformation and preventing stagnation. While she serves as the driving force behind these processes, the ultimate decision lies with us — whether to allow her to absorb our sins and carry them into her enigmatic realm. Much like Hekate’s guiding Persephone, she can only illuminate the path; she cannot traverse it on our behalf. However, as she remains a steadfast guide through the shadows, she not only serves as my mentor but also ignites the inspiration within me to become such a guiding presence myself.

Hekate’s mastery of plants and her deep understanding of their magical and healing attributes have made her an invaluable guide in my exploration of herbalism. For example, her temple in Colchis, situated on the Black Sea (now in modern-day Georgia), was once accompanied by a famed magical garden. Some scholars suggest that an ancient Greek women’s guild, devoted to Hekate, held the responsibility of gathering and preserving visionary, hallucinatory, and poisonous plants. In Greek, the same word refers to a “pharmacist,” a “poisoner,” and a “witch.”

Furthermore, Hekate, the Queen Witch, possesses an extraordinary capacity for shape-shifting. While she frequently appears as a black dog or a woman, she is not limited to these forms. On occasion, she transforms into a mermaid, black cat, snake, or even a dragon. Her versatility is emblematic of her multifaceted nature, often symbolised through her depictions as the virgin, the crone, and the mother.

Depending on the specific insight or guidance I seek, she may reveal herself in various forms. For instance, when I yearn for protection and nurturing, she may manifest as the caring mother. Alternatively, when I require guidance in the realms of witchcraft, she may take on the guise of the wise crone. Additionally, I keep three Hekate coins close to me, and from time to time, I draw one to discern the type of guidance I currently require the most, allowing her wisdom to illuminate my path.

As I recognise the need for substantial shadow work in my personal journey, I turn to Hekate. While my partner takes pride in my resilience throughout the challenges I’ve faced, there have been moments when I’ve struggled immensely and inadvertently caused emotional harm to others. With awareness of Hekate’s guidance, I aspire to navigate and transcend the hurdles I’ve encountered, gathering the strength to not only help but also fight for those around me.

Under Hekate’s wise guidance, I’ve not only harnessed and embraced my intuition but also uncovered hidden reservoirs of inner strength, enabling me to chart a course towards a brighter future. Additionally, she has bestowed upon me a means to forge deeper connections with others, extending her support and facilitating opportunities for collaboration. In this way, our shared spiritual journey as human beings on this planet becomes more profound, strengthening the bonds that tie us together.

In any case, I could delve into this topic endlessly, and I haven’t even begun on Lilith, so I’ll pause here for now. Thank you for making it this far if you’re still with me. :black_heart:


You did a magnificent job on your challenge entry @tracyS!:clap:so much that I even read it three times. I always love reading your post you out did yourself on this one. :two_hearts::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart::sparkling_heart: :infinite_roots:


:warning: Content warning: themes related to sexuality

Challenge Entry

That is definitely me :blush: It’s all interconnected to me, so I believe that wisdom and love are to be found everywhere, and have found that many traditions talk about the same fundamental things, but with different names and from slightly different angles. I tend to follow my intuition and guidance to tell me what to focus on, what nourishes me spiritually right now.

Tantra is the big one for me. I work with energies, the chakras, and states of consciousness. Love, bliss, ecstacy, excitement, flow… those are definitely my favorites. Desire… now there’s a double edged sword if you’ve ever seen one! :sweat_smile: :heart_on_fire:

I also draw a lot from shamanism, dealing with the same themes. Dancing, drumming, trance states… I’ve been curious about plant medicines too, the kind that make you see things, but unfortunately the law wouldn’t be on my side there if I decided to go deeper :sweat_smile:

Probably some Wicca here and there… love for the Moon and the nature, crystals… :blush: Also I love getting into the spirit of the sabbats with everyone here :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Existential Kink – the weird and controversial one that says that life is a buffet of sensation, and we can learn to love it all, even the messed up stuff. :black_heart:

(Also regular kink. So many important considerations when it comes to consent and boundaries, and of course the wide world of what people find enjoyable! Altered states of consciousness very much possible and often desirable :blush: :heart:)

Through the tantra connection, Hinduism has become a major influence for me, mainly the Shakta and Shaiva traditions. I’ve come to believe in the way of dharma and adharma, the way that’s aligned and the way that’s not. Ignorance, avidya, creates nonalignment, adharma. Which comes from samskaras, core beliefs, and leads to karma, which will bite you in the sensitive place. Makes total sense, right? :wink:

I’ve also found that there’s quite a bit of overlap with Buddhism and Tao, sometimes with subtle differences. I haven’t looked that deep into them yet though, so I can’t point out that many things exactly.

Meditation is an important part of my practice, and so are mantras, and personal connection with deities.

Now where does Lilith come from? Good question… :sweat_smile: My work with her isn’t really tied to any tradition, other than the oldest one, the pleasurable joining of bodies and spirits… :smile_cat: :revolving_hearts:

The work of Carl Jung probably goes into this category, and his teacher Freud, who was big into dream interpretation. Shadow work and archetypes, and the process of individuation or Great Work, making the unconscious conscious. Intersects with the tradition of spiritual alchemy too, which I feel beautifully mirrors tantra. Solve et coagula. Aurum nostrum non est aurum vulgi. :silver_heart:

Psychotherapy, especially the kind dealing with trauma. If I’m going to work professionally (which I’d very much like) my work would have to be trauma informed, especially the more it has to do with sexuality. There’s just a lot of stuff people have there, I know I do.

Good question… I think I was trying to get deeper into Wicca when I started out, yet there was just something that didn’t work out… the connection to nature and the Goddess was a beautiful one that I’ve kept from those days :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Also my love for the Moon became more pronounced, and I felt drawn to the Moon deities… Selene is a beautiful one, who I still love, and I was just reminded, how she’s not just a Moon goddess, but the Moon herself, which is lovely :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :silver_heart: I worked with Hecate for a while, and it was her who led me to Lilith :black_heart: I also warmly remember enjoying coffee together with Brigid, and making her a cross out of bondage rope, of all materials! :joy: Well, it wasn’t particularly stiff like reeds, but it was bright red and very much associated with burning passionate fire :wink: :heart_on_fire:

I remember a phase before finding Lilith where I was like… there are all these sometimes literally horny male gods, but where are the sex goddesses? :joy: :heart: There was definitely a thirst there that needed to be quenched :sweat_smile: Finding Lilith, and finding tantra classes were huge steps on my journey, allowing me to explore that side of myself that had so much unrealized potential. I’m much more relaxed and comfortable in my sexuality and sensuality today, and it works seamlessly with my magick :sparkling_heart:


@crystal59 aww thankyou. I love my Loki, it was a chance to give him some good press lol, poor beastie gets alot of bad press. :rofl::joy:.
This is a fabulous challenge, I’m learning so much about all these different paths, I think I’ll bookmark this post so I can go back over everyone’s entries. It’s great. :sparkling_heart: