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The weekly challenge this week has been a challenge for me. I am a Christian but believe that God is love and all religions and beliefs are good unless you harm someone purposely. I have been studying dieties and am drawn to one.i need to study more about her. I’m kind of lost right now.


@Ostara I find that meditation on that particular deity will help you to discern more about what you need. As a former Catholic, I still believe that “God” is all source and that one way to honor is no better than another. I also found that angel magick and Psalm magick are powerful.

I also have a mantra I say daily (or try to) to remind me that God is everywhere and everything.

God is infinite power
God is infinite love
God is Divine light of source
God is Divine truth
God is infinite abundance
God is infinite wisdom
God is infinite grace
God is infinite peace and harmony
God is in all things and all things are good.

Blessed be :tada:


Thank you. I love this.


If you look into those Christian beliefs you will find no shortage of offerings made Not to go into detail as many of us are very familiar with most of the stories but a story that always got to me is this one. On the night of the birth there were shepherds tending a flock no? Now think about it why would angels appear to them? Imagine this. What if by chance those shepherds were tending the Passover lambs I have always believed he was actually likely born that time of year. You know kind of a hey you guys want to see a real lamb? Never let faith confuse or limit you. When we slip free from this collection of cells who knows what awaits us. I am sure of one thing. It is bigger than we imagine it to be.


For me I appreciate the opportunity to know many different faiths!I like that Jesus died for our sins and makes me feel good that I am forgiven for many of my shortcomings! I believe in the Holy Spirit but also love the Lord and Lady! The other day a lady asked me if she could pray over me and my son and I think she had good intentions. As for me I like the wiccan faith because I am learning to be one with nature! The land has many different things that helps in my magical experience. Earth my crystals the air is my life force and I believe God did breath his life into me and I was destined to be a healer! I work with different animals spirits as well. I work with angels! I work with mother Gaia and Aphrodite, Persephone, Artemis and Diana. I like to incorporate water element as a tool to heal my soul and purify my heart and emotions! I like visiting the ocean. I want to visit the rivers and ether is like spirit and you can call upon! To me Jesus walked on water so maybe he was performing miracles! We have that authority too! We can perform miracles with our words and actions! I like that wiccan have The Lord and Lady I think Mary was not worshiped enough! But you can worship who you want. I think it’s awesome that you have something that you can go to that can help and assist you with your life.


Thank you @jim . I agree about Christian beliefs. Most, if not all, Christian beliefs came from the pagans. @Jeannie1 that is how I feel about this new adventure I am taking in life right now. Thank you all for helping me out on this!


HI! I’m a Christian, too (baptized and confirmed Episcopalian but now non-denominational). I have been inside a mosque, I love the Catholic mass, I love Jewish sabbats. I think I just like plain like spirituality, period. When I was a little girl, I used to hold Sunday services in the alley LOL for my little friends. Our moms were boho types and they didn’t take us to church very often LOL. They were usually recovering from Saturday night.

I take what I like and I leave the rest. Baby Jesus in the mager and angels, oh yes, Leviticus, no thanks. More and more, I’ve learned how much Christianity owes to pagan traditions. I’m coming to think of things in terms of I don’t know…energy? HIgher power? I am still working it out. But with the last challenge, I learned there’s a line of thinking that they are aligned…you know, the Judeo Christian God, Odin, Jupiter, Zeus, and so many others are similar in many ways. And then, I’ve heard people like Chris Witecki (astrologer) refer to “ascended masters” like Jesus and the Buddha. I think this works for me because I do not have an orthodox, strict kind of Christianity and I have no problem shaving away stuff that does not vibe with me, my values and beliefs. I really love what these Wicca traditions are doing for me. I feel very close to God in so many more incorrnations, whether it is elementals, Hellenic deities, Celtic deitties, etc. . As long as it is consisitent with my values, I am open to it. I have not yet connected all the dots but I feel happy, so that is a good indicator.


Greetings @Ostara! :blush:

I’m sorry the challenge put you in a tricky place, but it looks like you’ve got some great advice here and I hope you were able to overcome that feeling of being lost! :pray: The challenges can indeed be challenging at times, but through facing them and finding our own answers to the questions they pose, the hope is that you find new understanding and confidence within your own practice :handshake: :sparkles:

I’m proud of you for stepping back to observe your unique beliefs and taking the time to work out what feels best for you within your spirituality. In my opinion, I think that dedication and careful thought in search of clarity is one of the best offerings you could give yourself! :heart: And if you’d like, I would be happy to count this as an entry to this week’s Offerings Challenge :blush:

Wishing you all the best, Linda- many blessings to you!


Thank you. I have learned so much this week studying the different dietys and getting all the helpful advise from everyone. I am no longer lost thanks to everyone’s help.


I’m really glad to hear that you’ve found your way and reached a new level of confidence in your practice, Linda- congrats to you! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Many blessings! :heart:


I am a Wiccan and my chosen diety is Jesus (yup I did that)

I do not agree with organized religion and according to the gospels (and I’m paraphrasing) Jesus don’t like greed. He was against the taxes imposed the money lenders etc but that’s ALL you hear in church… This fund that fund and the pastor driving his BMW. Jesus is great, people not so much.

So I am a very proud Christian Wiccan! I’m thinking of calling it Chrisiccan


@susan8 I totally agree! I think Chrisiccan is a great name. Lol!


One of these even :


Or we could just go for truth in advertising with :

Chris-Hypocrite-wicca wicca boom boom. Now I think I’m just delerious from lack of sleep.

My Son visited from college and his flight back was at 5.00am…an hour 1/2 away!! He does that on purpose… I know it to be true :joy:


My son is the same way. He schedules his flights around Houston’s rush hour traffic!


You articulated this so well. I may be the next Chrisiccan when I get around to finishing the spells8 courses! :slight_smile:


It really is sad that the so-called Christians have messed it up for what Jesus really intended!!!
. If you read the gospels… Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John… and see what he did… and what he said and how he was… he was an upfront guy. He took no crap, and He gave no crap unless it was needed. He was all about being with the downtrodden. He was not about being with the rich or famous. If Jesus walked the streets today he’d be on skid row with the junkies and the bums because THAT’S where he’s needed most. Hes like the friend that you can call up, no matter what, with no judgment.
One of my favorite quotes by Jesus is this" why do you worry about the speck of dust in your brother’s eye and you won’t remove the plank of wood in your own". That speaks volumes. And remember, The It’s not that the blessed are calling on Jesus… It’s that Jesus blesses those who call on Him.


This is so perfect!


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