Hekate, Lilith, and Me

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As I began adding photos, I realised my post was growing quite lengthy. To avoid overwhelming the thread, I’ve decided to share it separately. It’s safe to say I’m incredibly excited about this challenge! :joy: :black_heart:

Also, my apologies, as I may unintentionally reiterate some of what I’ve shared elsewhere. It can be a bit challenging to keep track of what I’ve already discussed publicly and privately. :sweat_smile:

So, let’s dive right in, starting with the “who.” I’ve previously delved deeply into Hekate and Lucifer during an earlier challenge, so I’ll make an effort not to duplicate too much of what I’ve already shared here:

Within this post, I will address the following topics:


Hekate, often known as the Queen of the Night and the Goddess of Witchcraft, holds a unique place in the Spirit World’s hierarchy. Her domain is that of the Crossroads, where the boundaries between life and death converge. Acting as an intermediary between spirits and humans, she possesses the ultimate key, one that can unlock the gates to all realms.

Though she is now predominantly associated with Greek mythology, Hekate’s name, signifying “influence from afar,” hints at her foreign origins, potentially originating in what is today Georgia on the Black Sea, a region known for her renowned devotee and priestess, Medea, as well as Queen Hecuba of Troy.

In the past, Hekate held the position of chief deity in Caria, now part of western Turkey.

The Arch of Hadrian stands as a grandiose gateway reminiscent of a Roman triumphal arch. This imposing structure once graced the path from the heart of Athens, Greece, leading to a complex of buildings on the city’s eastern side, notably including the Temple of Olympian Zeus. [Source]

In Greek mythology, she is recognised as a Titan’s daughter and as the confidante and guide of Persephone, the Queen of the Dead.

Hekate’s domain extends to magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts, and necromancy, with authority over heaven, earth, and sea. Her symbols include the torches, black dogs, snakes, and keys.


She is a goddess whose domain spans life, death, regeneration, and the mystical arts. Her authority extends over various aspects, including wisdom, choices, expiation, victory, vengeance, and travel. Moreover, she assumes the role of a silent witness to every crime, her presence unfailing.

She is often invoked as a champion of justice, particularly in cases of sexual crimes against women and girls. When justice eludes other avenues, Hekate is the divine recourse, her influence capable of redressing the balance.

Hekate wields the power to either grant or withhold any mortal’s deepest desires. Her protective mantle extends to both dogs and humans, shielding them from harm. When seeking fertility, especially the blessing of female children, Hekate is a revered matron.

In times of conflict, she offers her divine guidance, ensuring victory in battle. For those in need of healing, particularly when conventional remedies fall short, Hekate’s assistance is sought. Her divine intercession may also be requested for a swift and painless transition to the afterlife.


Hekate also possesses the ability to banish lingering spirits or, conversely, to invoke ghostly manifestations as needed.

I delve into more details about Hekate here:

And there’s yet more information here:


Lilith, often hailed as the Mother of the Succubus and the embodiment of night, stands as a potent symbol of both the mystical and the supernatural. She represents the allure of the night, the depths of magickal power, and the mysteries of sorcery and witchcraft. At her core, Lilith embodies feminine strength and unwavering individual focus.

One intriguing facet of Lilith’s lore is her connection with the cult of vampirism, a connection noted by many throughout history. Through the Astral Plane, this goddess finds her earthly presence on the dayside, grounding her ethereal essence in the physical world. She also wears the mantle of a protectress, watching over mothers and children with a maternal care that almost contrasts her more enigmatic attributes.

The owl, a creature of the night and wisdom, serves as the sacred bird of Lilith. Those seeking to invoke or align with this goddess may find the dream assumption of an owl’s form to be a profound and enlightening experience. Such experiments can offer deep insights into Lilith’s essence and the mysteries she guards.

The screech owl’s association with Lilith can be traced back to Hebrew-language texts, where the term “lilith” or “lilit” is translated as “night creatures,” “night monster,” “night hag,” or “screech owl.” This connection between Lilith and the screech owl finds its roots in Isaiah 34, where the term appears within a list of animals, further reinforcing her ties to the night and its inhabitants. [Source]

The origins of Lilith’s name are shrouded in antiquity, with some speculating that it may have derived from the Sumerian-Babylonian “Belitilli.” An intriguing twist in this tale is the discovery that one of the 17 names attributed to Lilith is none other than “Kali,” drawing a connection between two formidable goddesses from different traditions.

Lilith’s connections intertwine with other prominent goddesses, notably Inanna and Ishtar. Inanna, revered as the ancient Mesopotamian goddess of love, war, and fertility, embodies a multifaceted spectrum of attributes. Her influence spans beauty, sexuality, divine law, and political authority.

Originally venerated in the Sumerian culture, Inanna’s renown reached far and wide, transcending borders to become known by different names in various civilisations, including the Akkadian Empire, Babylonians, and Assyrians, where she took on the mantle of Ishtar. Among her titles, she bore the illustrious designation of the Queen of Heaven.

“The Gates of Babylon” captures a detailed view of a segment of the Ishtar Gate, a magnificent architectural marvel that once adorned the city of Babylon. This awe-inspiring gate, constructed around 575 BC under the rule of King Nebuchadnezzar II, now finds its remnants preserved in the Pergamon Museum in Berlin, Germany. [Source]

The parallel threads that connect Lilith, Inanna, and Ishtar offer a glimpse into the overlapping beliefs of ancient mythology. It is a reminder that these goddesses, each representing unique facets of feminine power and the human experience, share a connection that transcends time and culture. Their stories serve as a testament to the enduring significance of these archetypal figures in the collective human psyche.

I’m beginning to explore the seals and sigils of Lilith here:

And there’s yet more information here:

Finding Hekate & Lilith

Allow me to recount a tale I’ve shared before – a journey that commenced with the elusive figure of Lilith. It was a calling that resonated within me for months, a whisper from the depths of my soul that refused to be ignored. My quest to understand and connect with Lilith unfolded gradually, stretching across a span of several months, marked by persistent exploration, research, and reaching out to others for insight and guidance.

Part of my motivation was to decipher the underlying reasons for the strong attractions I’ve always felt towards certain elements: the night and the vast expanse of the night sky; the allure of both the full moon and moonless nights; moonstones, onyx, and obsidian; black and red; the imagery of roses and thorns; a fascination with darkness, shadows, vampires and a sensuality I cannot fully understand myself; and the mysterious allure of forests beneath the shroud of night.


From a young age, I’ve poured these obsessions into my poems and stories, with a notable surge during challenging moments, often provoked by the actions or behaviours of those I held closest. I once wrote:

Glance towards the heavens a moment, that remote magnificence above you. Are the lofty stars flickering still, those petite burning orbs of light? Is the enigmatic, exquisite moon shining down, sheltering your adrift self?

Alas, you have meandered into my austere, desolate world of melancholy reverie where the stars have gone astray, and the moon struggles to radiate down upon us. It is a world of darkness, gloom and shadows. There is nought but silence and calm in this twilight world.

Look about you, gaze upon these scars – deep and unfathomable, unrelenting and eternal.

The persistent imagery of a snake ring adorned with black gemstones lingered in my thoughts until I found the perfect one to manifest it into reality. (We’ll look at this soon.) These recurring themes were so consistent that I couldn’t help but wonder if they held a deeper significance, and indeed they did. This quest led me to the discovery of both Hekate and Lilith, two powerful goddesses whose energies resonate profoundly with these elements and symbols that have woven their way into the tapestry of my life.

During those months of seeking, I delved into the lore surrounding Lilith, drawn by her mysterious allure and the secrets she held within her mythological grasp. My relentless pursuit of knowledge led me down a winding path, filled with ancient texts, teachings, and conversations with those who already proclaimed to have connections with this elusive deity.

As I immersed myself in the layers of Lilith’s mythology and symbolism, I began to sense a connection, a resonance that transcended the boundaries of time and space. It was as if I had embarked on a pilgrimage, guided by an inner compass that steered me towards a deeper understanding of both myself and the figure who had beckoned me on this remarkable journey.

In the end, what I uncovered was not just a wealth of knowledge about Lilith but also insight into the power of intuition and the enduring allure of ancient myths. My quest, born from a fleeting whisper within, had blossomed into an enduring exploration of the mystical and the arcane – a testament to the inexhaustible well of wisdom that mythology and the ancient gods continue to offer to those who dare to seek.


Meanwhile, Hekate has a way of communicating her presence in subtle yet profound ways. One of the most memorable moments was when she sent a black butterfly, similar to the one pictured above, to visit my apartment balcony on the day I fully embraced my journey into witchhood. It was a beautiful and unexpected sign that felt like a welcoming gesture from the goddess herself.

On that same day, I received music from an unknown source, but something in my intuition told me it wasn’t her doing. Hekate’s messages often have a distinct energy, and this one didn’t quite match the familiar sensations I’ve come to associate with her. I’m still unsure of whom the music was sent, but it was an enchanting half an hour, for sure.

Another time, I was wandering the streets on a full moon night, searching for the perfect crossroad to leave an offering for Hekate. The moon’s glow illuminated my path, but I couldn’t seem to find the right spot. Just when I was on the verge of giving up, I decided to follow the moon itself. As I approached the crossroad most near my apartment building, the haunting sounds of hounds filled the air. Their eerie howls echoed around me, and I knew without a doubt that I had stumbled upon the crossroad Hekate had guided me to.


During the next full moon, I returned to that very crossroad with offerings in mind. Along the way, I encountered a homeless person who was sleeping on a bench. Remembering what Hekate appreciates, I purchased some extra items while doing my late-night grocery shopping. My offerings included crescent-shaped bread and dark chocolate, all carefully packed in a separate bag. Placing it gently next to the slumbering individual, I felt excitement and a connection with the goddess. This was not just a tribute to Hekate but also a reminder of her guidance in my life.

I suppose to emphasise the presence of Hekate and Lilith, they became the driving forces that led me to acquire a wand. Once I had it, I found myself astounded by the signs that pointed toward both of these powerful goddesses. The details of which, I shared in the wands challenge:

The moment that solidified the importance of Hekate and Lilith in my life was a revelation, possibly linked to past lives or reincarnation. Through Hekate, I learned about my previous existence – a life marked by similar hardships, personal struggles, the emergence of a desire to help others, and a tragically violent end before I even reached the age of 20. As I heard this story, my tears flowed, not from sorrow but from a profound sense of being seen and understood.

In that moment, I felt that Hekate acknowledged who I was, reiterated her ongoing support, and revealed that she had been with me all along. It was an indescribable connection, a recognition that transcended words, and it was then that I wholeheartedly embraced Hekate as my matron.

More recently, I uncovered a surprising link in my life: my name, Katerina, might have origins intertwined with the ancient goddess Hekate.

it could derive from the name of the goddess Hecate

Life continues to be an ever-enriching journey filled with valuable learning experiences.

Loving Hekate & Lilith

What stands out most about Hekate and Lilith for me is their unwavering strength and how they employ it not only to aid and uplift others but also to impart the wisdom of self-empowerment. This resilience and commitment to nurturing and guiding others resonate deeply with me, offering a path that I aspire to tread.

My devotional rituals are usually quite simple, with the central focus often being the straightforward act of lighting a candle. However, as I mentioned earlier, on occasion, I venture outside to find ways to provide more traditional offerings. Whenever possible, I also maintain dedicated altar spaces for my deities.

Displayed above are a selection of my cherished Hekate items, each holding a unique significance within my spiritual journey.

Among these treasures, you’ll find an array of feathers, each representing a connection to the ethereal realm and the wings of Hekate herself.

Keys, another prominent element in this collection, are potent symbols of Hekate’s role as the guardian of the crossroads, holding the power to unlock hidden knowledge and opportunities.

Nestled among these items, you’ll notice coins representing the phases of the Maiden, Mother, and Crone—a triad that encapsulates the cyclical nature of life, death, and rebirth. These coins are not just tokens of time but also symbols of Hekate’s multifaceted identity and her presence throughout the various stages of life’s journey.

Shown above, my second-ever spell jar holds a special place in my heart, created as a part of my journey into witchcraft during a self-initiation ritual. This jar embodies a connection to the goddess Hekate.

Within this vessel, you’ll find a mix of ingredients chosen to resonate with my reverence for Hekate.

One particularly cherished item within this jar is a snake ring shown above, a treasure that has been with me for years and carries sentimental value. This ring symbolises transformation, rebirth, and the shedding of old skin, just as a snake does.

Displayed above is a selection of my cherished Lilith items. At the back stands a small statue of Lilith, serving as a focal point for my worship, allowing me to connect with Lilith on a tangible level.

Adjacent to the statue, an offering bowl, a vessel through which I present gifts and tokens to Lilith. Between this bowl and a small chalice, though not depicted here, I present my offerings to Lilith.

The altar plate in this arrangement serves as a sacred surface through which demonolatrists usually use to connect and communicate with their deities/demons. It’s a dedicated space where I harness her energy and work with her through spellwork, invocations, and meditations.

Oh, dark goddess, Mother of the night, Lilith,
I beckon your presence, hear my call.
Lilith, guide me through this sacred night,
Bestow upon me your magickal power and wisdom,
The same essence you harnessed when you invoked the mighty name of the divine
In the timeless dawn of existence.

Lilith, assist me in traversing the realms between,
Grant me sight of the vast heavens above and the abyss below,
Unveil the gates of perception, let my vision be clear.
Great Lilith, stand by my side in this moment!

Dark goddess, I humbly offer these gifts,
Accept my tokens of reverence and devotion.
So may it be, as I will it to be.

Through insightful conversations with the wonderful @CelestiaMoon, my connection with Lilith is deepening even further. Much love to you, dear Celestial one. :black_heart:


Finding Lucifer

Furthermore, my instincts whispered to me that the enigmatic presence, which manifested as an eternal shadow and a blazing flame during my childhood, might have been none other than the Lightbringer himself – Lucifer.

As a child, I was often visited by this mysterious entity, and its dual nature left an indelible mark on my memory. In its shadowy form, it exuded an aura of enigma and depth that seemed to extend infinitely, beckoning me into the unknown. But when it transformed into a fierce and brilliant flame in a later dream, I couldn’t help but wonder if this was the same entity that history and mythology had associated with Lucifer, the bringer of enlightenment and rebellion against the cosmic order.

The notion that I had encountered Lucifer in my formative years was both unsettling and exhilarating. It was a realisation that I carried with me into adulthood.

Lucifer’s unique nature sets him apart from many other deities. Unlike some, he doesn’t require physical offerings; instead, he prefers the more ethereal gestures of prayer or a sacrifice of one’s vices. (It’s a distinct facet of his character that may remind you, @tracyS, of the way dear Alu takes away your troubles, offering solace in return.)


This year, an extraordinary celestial alignment made my birthday even more special. You might mark it as falling on 19 May, but where I reside, the black moon reached its “fullest” potency at precisely 01:50 on 20 May 2023. Interestingly, this celestial event occurred exactly eight hours before my recorded birth time.

To honour this exceptional convergence, I embarked on a series of rituals that commenced precisely eight hours before the black moon’s moment. I collaborated with a witch in Spain, who did her work on the eve of her 19 May to coincide with my time. Together, our rituals served as my introduction to Lucifer.

In this, I found a deep resonance and an opportunity for spiritual exploration that transcended the ordinary. It was a celebration not only of my rebirth but also of the connections that I find through life, reminding me of the mysteries of the universe and the experiences that await those who seek them.

I recently posted a photo of my demon altar tiles, which include representations of the sigils of each Lilith, Marbas, (inverted) Belial, and Lucifer. These tiles serve a specific purpose, as I mentioned with the Lilith tile, facilitating my connection with and communication with these powerful spirits of the darker realms.

In this Demonolatry post, we have an ongoing discussion about Lucifer and other demons, and the wonderful @tracyS is embarking on an exciting quest with her beloved Loki:

It seems I’ve created quite the Katerina mega post… :woman_facepalming: Nevertheless, I appreciate the chance to once more delve into the boundless world of deities and ramble on almost endlessly. :black_heart:


An entire book in 3 hours? You do constantly amaze! :sparkling_heart:


I have an entire Notion project full of notes, which helps a lot. :joy: There’s no way all of the background information fits in my head. :black_heart:

The Hekate section alone in my notes is about 8,000 words. :sweat_smile:


This is beautiful, full of so much love and devotion. Thankyou for sharing your heart lovely @starborn :heartpulse::partying_face:


We both know it’s not how much we know, but knowing where to find the information is key :dizzy: :sparkling_heart:


True! I suppose you could then say this is months in the making, not merely three hours. :black_heart:


You’re still amazing :sparkling_heart:Between you and Tracy this old man can barely keep up just reading what you two are donig :dizzy:



@starborn an amazing wealth of information. Thank you for sharing, it will take me awhile to digest this but it is really comprehensive! You Notion, do you Zettelkasten too?


Thank you for sharing your truth with me! And the unwavering truths of your journey! I love your passion you have for diety! I also felt a deep connection to Hecate and she found me during the dark night of the soul! She continues to hold her tourches up high for me in the dark places! She is my diety I chose to honor too! I believe she lead us to cross paths! I got the call :telephone_receiver: too in a dream.
She is definitely pleased with your dedication!
As far as Lucifer goes I felt a nudge before and I feel it in my bones :bone: again.
Lilith when I broke up with my ex, I felt extreme anger and pain. So much to dive into here.
Great offerings it really gave me goosebumps! Once again I love your passion and May Hecate, Lilith and Lucifer continue to light your path!
Thank you


I can’t use the app as I’m a Windows user, but the method sounds interesting. I will have to wrap my head around it. From what I’ve learnt so far, it seems Obsidian might be a better note app for following this method than Notion.

Do you? Any tips, if so?


Such a beautiful thread, and I feel honored to be able to even further deepen your connection with our lovely Lilith :smiling_face: :black_heart:

Speaking of Hekate and dreams, I had an interesting one a couple of nights ago… I was on my way home with a scooter, the kind that gets its power from you kicking yourself forward, hardly my usual method of transportation :joy: I was still going very fast, the wind in my hair was very nice :blush: I passed someone who was at the same time my mother and my girlfriend, and she was worried about my speed, that I might be overexerting myself. I smiled at her, and reassured her that none of this is my doing, it’s all Hekate :smile: :black_heart:

This is an interesting connection, and I can see the two have many similarities. Their energies and presences have a slightly different feel to me though (and I’ve had the pleasure of having both of them speak through me at times) :black_heart:

Another curious thing was seeing the name of Lord Shiva in the Complete Book of Demonolatry :black_heart: He and Kali do often go hand in hand, and Kali was my introduction to him, much like Lilith was for you to Lucifer :blush: Maybe the two also share a connection… this is going to be a deeeep rabbit hole, I feel :smile_cat: :rabbit: :hole: :rabbit:


I’ve used it with Obsidian on Linux. I have seen lots of apps and even something in Notion. https://zettelkasten.de is a good starting point. Read about Niklas Luhmann. It is more a methodology than a platform specific app.


@starborn you’re such a great writer! When you speak from the :heart: it brightly shines through! I see many more books in your future! The only thing is, how do you have time to do all you do? You work, you write, you’re a practicing witch, obviously you read and research a lot too! I don’t work, but having ALS is akin to full time work! Sometimes even when i have some extra energy i don’t get much done!


This is fascinating, and surprisingly close to something I’m building… now I’m feeling extra motivated to get it to a state where I can show it off here. I’ve named it after Saraswati, the Hindu goddess of creativity, flow and the arts. I’m very much intending to make it my second brain. :blue_heart:


I can’t wait to see it.


And what a blessing it is! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: This is amazing, Katerina, a true wealth of information and knowledge enhanced with the personal flair of your elegant writing style. I really enjoyed reading this!

When it comes to deities, there are many places one can go for general facts (which is awesome!), but reading facts is different than hearing a personal story from the heart. Reading your heartfelt words here is an adventure into your deep bonds with the divine and really highlights what makes Them special and powerful to you. It’s a wonderful experience and a real honor to be able to read! Thank you so much for sharing, Katerina! :pray: :blush: :heart: :sparkles:


Thank you for the lovely kind words, everyone. :black_heart: I’m a little mentally overwhelmed, so I can’t address you all individually at the moment. But I want you all to know that I appreciate your kindness and support. :bowing_woman:

I know you’re being somewhat rhetorical, but there really are a lot of factors behind this. Perhaps it would make a fun story sometime. :sweat_smile:

I’m looking forward to seeing this, too. :black_heart: Is there any goddess influence in the UI design?


Sending big hugs over the Magick airways. :sparkling_heart::hugs::sparkling_heart:


Wow @starborn you never cease to amaze me!

I agree with Shadeweaver this old woman can barely keep up with you and @tracyS. Lol!

I agree with Sivonnah too. You are a great writer!

Your challenge entry is amazing Starborn!


Sweet~ :blush: :blue_heart:
It’s a very lightweight UI with light blues and greys which does fit her :blush: I want to make a good solid UI you can use without JS, which might be a little bit more Durga, no bells or whistles :smile: :heart: When that’s in good shape I can add some JS tricks like drag and drop and autocomplete fields, to make it more pleasurable to use, more of that Saraswati flow there :blush: For the Lakshmi touch of making it look good and polished I might need some outside help :wink: :green_heart: