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After reading this and writing out my own, I’m starting to wonder if it could be Hekate taking away your stress sometimes? Is it definitely a masculine entity popping up? But then again she’s also a shape-shifter…

She’s a goddess/queen of witches, Loki a witchfather; they’re both shape-shifters; they are neither good nor bad; they both agree on this:

She’s also a dark goddess that appears in my book of demons.

Even if it’s not her, you all might get along. :joy:

Or… What if it’s Loki pretending to be a demon and trolling you? Like how one’s parents are also secretly Santa Claus. :joy: (I’m joking.)

Anyway, no pressure at all. Just a thought. And it’s hard for me not to think of my lovely Hekate. :black_heart:


@starborn I never thought of that.

Now this has freaked me out a little. At the corner of my eye, sometimes, I see a big shadow of a black dog, have done for years! There’s no pattern to this sighting though, it’s random. Can be day or night. I’ve even talked about this with my husband, why it’s always a black dog, and funnily enough, when my daughter embraced the craft last year, it was Hecate who reached out to her. :thinking::flushed:

Regarding Loki, it could be him, shapeshifting. He does have a demonic presence sometimes, and he definitely cares alot about me and my family. I haven’t had the demon visit since my official dedication to Loki, so if he comes in the night, I may ask. Although, my stress levels have also greatly reduced since embracing him and chaos, :thinking: I do feel it’s a masculine energy, it doesn’t feel feminine at all, but as Loki can shift between the sexes, I’m assuming probably, Hecate could do the same. A masculine energy would make sense for me, as I’ve never had a father figure, since my parents divorce, so this would be something my inner child would connect to more.

This is so him. He is michievious with benefits :rofl:
This is giving me pause for thought. :thinking:. Thankyou. :sparkling_heart:
Beautiful entry, I love your thoughts on Lucifer. Nice he gets some good press too. :grin::sparkling_heart:


Ok, but is it like one of those terrible ones where they tell you off for taking too much food or kick you out after two hours? Or can I stay and eat everything? :thinking:

To be fair, I’ve been researching her for months, and no one can agree on anything with her. More so than most others. :joy:

I think all can agree that she is incredibly beautiful, though. :black_heart:

That in itself is pretty curious. Either, like you said, no need, or it could mean something else.

Aww, thank you. :black_heart:

I was actually just talking to my partner about Lucifer over dinner and thought to add that it’s interesting that both he and also Hekate are known as “Lightbringer”.

Hekate: The Most Lovely One; Worker from Afar; Three-Headed Hound of the Moon; Influence from Afar; The One Before the Gate; Light Bringer. She is the Queen of the Night, Goddess of Witchcraft, and among the rulers of Spirit World. She is the Queen of the Crossroads and owns the ultimate skeleton key: the key that unlocks the gates to all realms. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Ah, but it’s Friday. And a new moon. Two days in one that I dedicate to Lilith. Oh. That actually explains a lot…


That’s so sweet, I feel you’re definitely being a good voice for him :blush: :heart:

Me too! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I love this, not something I’ve thought of before but it does make sense :black_heart:

That’s so sweet, and I do get it, I crush hard on my deities too… :smile_cat:

This is fascinating, and we’re probably running into the concepts of soft and hard polytheism here… how much are the Gods and Goddesses fixed to their role and character, and how individual they really are. Are just some of them shapeshifters, or are they all to some degree, appearing to us in the form that we’re most receptive to. For me it has definitely been Goddesses, often dark ones.

I love this :laughing: :heart_on_fire:

It’s the kind that has everything, good and bad stuff, and you can’t walk out before you’ve learned to love it all :joy:

She really is, inside and out~ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :black_heart:

Wishing you lovely time with her, and our Lilith says hi :smile_cat: :black_heart: :rose:


I really loved the entries so far, so intresting things to learn, especially about traditions I am not familiar with :smiling_face: :hugs:
Ok, I hope this time life will let me of hook :crazy_face: because I have a lot to say about the Greek tradition :mage:t2:


WOW, a wonderful and trying buffet :people_hugging:



Hmm… There’s so much potential here for crazy scenarios.

Like, every single god and goddess is just Loki playing tricks on @tracyS and the rest of us are just along for the ride. :joy:

Or everyone, including @tracyS, are all Loki. Like in the show where there are all those Loki’s and the alligator one was the star of the show. :eyes:

Or everyone is no one and no one is everyone… Okay, at this point I’m starting to make too much sense. Time to stop.

Ok, fine. But I’m not gonna learn to love peanuts. They can stay behind.


@crystal59 Brujera I love this tradition. One of my favourite witches is Juliet Diaz, a Bruja. :sparkling_heart:
@EvaCVM This was fascinating, thankyou for sharing your wonderful culture.:heartpulse:
@CelestiaMoon I love your varied path, a beautiful magical mix of everything. :sparkling_heart:

Looking forward to seeing more entries, I’m learning sooo much. This is like a master’s degree in magic. :grin:


My brains getting fuzzled now :exploding_head: (not difficult to do mind), I do love that alligator. That show was funny. :rofl:



Oh this is fabulous. Looking forward to seeing it. :sparkling_heart:



I think they must do some of the above. I mean if Loki appeared to me in all his dark godly glory, I think I’d probably scream :scream:, then pass out. Like in Supernatural when Castiels black wings rose up behind him, awesome but in the real world, terrifying.:rofl:


I think I mentioned here somewhere, that if Lilith appeared to me in a similar fashion, I would be sure to fall to my knees before her… :flushed: :black_heart: :joy:


That was so cool!

And then a season later, he’s the lovable “fish out of water” guy, doing things like spending a whole night standing by a road. :joy:

Oh my stars. I think my brain would stop and I wouldn’t even think to do that. :joy: I’d just be like,


Awww yes~ :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I was more thinking, if she would come to me dark and imposing, black wings on her back covering the sky, looking down on my tiny form… my knees might just as well give in on their own :flushed: :black_heart: :heart_on_fire:


Challenge Entry
I am a Christian Witch
It was difficult for me to connect religion and magic at first
But reading and observing I saw that in the church everything that is done is a form of magic
ooking a bit into the family, I learned that my grandfather had been involved with Solomoniki
I started with wiccan spells and continued to work with the Archangels…Archangels are closer to my culture but magic is a great journey that has no limits…Hekati is also close to my culture, but so is Lilith, who hide religious books so well…I have a lot to learn, a lot to work on and I’m glad that I have many lives to continue…I am grateful to Wicca for being the beginning of my journey

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**challenge entry **
So i decided to look at my witchy path by making this cute witches room papercraft to go on my altar. Has differnt aspectd of my practice from herbs and even crystals etc. Ive started but thod is what will look like when im finished.

Its a project from creative park site.


Ohhh this makes me think of the theory that Loki is the Christian God… :joy: it’s a really interesting theory! I’ve mainly seen it floating around on TikTok, but it’s pretty funny! Here’s one video (hopefully it works). It basically posits that Loki is the Biblical God, and that he tricked all of humankind into worshipping him as the one true God just to get back at Odin and the other Norse Gods. I mean… it sounds like a Loki thing to do :joy: but it’s just a mythological theory that someone came up with.


Hilarious, :joy:, if true best trick ever, but me thinks maybe not. They could work together though :thinking: we’ll never know :person_shrugging::heartpulse:


Like the flying spaghetti monster? He boiled for our sins! haha


Challenge Entry

This is yet another perfectly timed challenge for me: I have hit another one of my “walls” where I’m feeling stuck in my path and don’t know which way to turn. Honestly, I feel like my feeling of spiritual stagnation has a lot to do with feeling stuck where I am in my mundane life. For my challenge entry this week, I am taking some time to reflect on my Pagan Path.

Long story short, I was raised vaguely Christian, and anything witchy was taboo. Actually, pretty much anything that wasn’t vaguely Christian was hidden from me – I lived a sheltered childhood. (However, looking back, I’ve always had witchy tendencies and have always been sensitive to energies and extremely intuitive.

When I started college, I began exploring Judaism. I even went to the kabbalat shabbat service every Friday at a synagogue of the conservative branch of Judaism.

Eventually, I couldn’t resist the pull to nature-based spirituality. Multiple worlds opened up to me and I am now no longer tied down to what is essentially one dogma. I am free to explore and experiment and experience as I feel moved to. I am free to pull from various traditions (of course, in ways that I do not purposely appropriate other cultures) and modify them to my personal beliefs. I am free to expose myself to other views in ways that I can learn from instead of brushing them off because they are different from a set tradition.

Despite my love and appreciation for the freedom that I am afforded by not following any one specific path or tradition, I do feel the desire to study and initiate into some particular tradition. That was one of my favorite things about my time studying Judaism: it gave me a set lens to see things through, which helped me make sense of the world and myself through that lens. That structured lens is helpful for having a standardized reference to learn about things in relation to, which, on the one hand, makes learning easier. However, whenever I do research into any particular traditions, they feel too restrictive or just don’t resonate with me – or are downright problematic.

In the meantime, I’ll keep walking my very crooked path, exploring the world and developing my relationship with the Divine in my own way.