♀ Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - The Divine Feminine

Merry meet!

Thank you once again to everyone who joined in for last week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge - The Divine Masculine :male_sign:

As the sun sets, the moon rises- after exploring an energy of strength and action last week, for this week’s challenge we will sink in to and uncover an energy of grace and receival.

The theme for this week’s challenge honors the Full Moon and is…

Divine Feminine Female Energy Goddess Challenge

:full_moon: :ocean: The Divine Feminine :shell: :female_sign:

Exploring the role and purpose of feminine energy in our lives

What is Divine Feminine Energy?

Divine Feminine Energy is the energy of the universe associated with receival- it is a passive, accepting force that flows and adapts like water. In tune with emotions, this energy is able to both gently nurture or rage like an ocean storm. The Divine Feminine often represents the qualities of nurturing, healing, beauty, intuition, and empathy. It is related to Yin and Shakti. There are many ways to channel Divine Feminine energy, both on its own or to find balance with its other, equal universal energy (The Divine Masculine).

Divine Feminine Energy is one “flavor” of energy in the world around us and within ourselves. Regardless of biological sex or gender identity, this divine energy is a force that can influence and be used by anyone.

This week, we are exploring what the Divine Feminine means to us (as, per usual, definitions can vary and are always worth exploring for yourself!), how it manifests in our lives, and the ways that we can use divine energy within the Craft :magic_wand:

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This week’s challenge is about exploring the Divine Feminine- but as always, how you do so is up to you!

So are you ready? Because it’s…



As you explore the theme this week, please remember that the Divine Feminine can be experienced and explored by anyone , regardless of their physical sex or the gender they identify as- it is a natural, important energy within the universe and within ourselves :earth_africa: :sparkles:

Picture from Pixabay

STEP 1 : Divine Feminine in Your Life and Practice :female_sign:

This challenge is all about exploring the divine feminine- but how you choose to take on this theme is up to you!

Still not sure where to begin? To help you get started, here are a few ways in which a witch might approach this challenge.

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Defining Femininity in Magick :mag:

What comes to mind when you hear the word “feminine”? While some societal stereotypes around the world feminine may also carry into its magickal associations, in magick, “divine feminine” has many more connotations than simply describing the female sex.

Magickally, Divine Feminine Energy is related to Yin energy in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)- the Divine Feminine embodies water, acceptance, intuition, and healing, to name just a few of its applications in magick.

If it’s not an area you’re familiar with, consider learning more about Divine Feminine Energy this week- for your entry, feel free to share what you learned! :blush:

Alternatively, if the definitions around Feminine (or Masculine) Divine Energy don’t align with your personal practice and beliefs, please feel free to share your thoughts and how you define energy types- all personal views are welcome to be shared! :handshake:

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Deities & Spirits of the Divine Feminine :bride_with_veil:

There are many deities, spirits, and entities associated with Divine Feminine Energy. While many are female, deities who are gender non-conforming or associated with divine feminine traits (such as water, wishes, the moon, healing, etc.) could also be viewed as having strong Divine Feminine Energy.

Here are a few suggestions you might learn about this week- feel free to look elsewhere and connect with other higher powers as well!

The Goddess’ Temple: Divine Feminine Myths & Symbols

The Triple Goddess: Mother, Maiden & Crone

11 Goddesses of the Forest, Wild Animals and Nature

Fairy Queens in Mythology

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Magick of the Moon :full_moon:

This week, on Friday May 5th (plus/minus a day before and after, when the moon is close to 100% illumination), we will be blessed with a glorious full moon- the Full Moon of May, dubbed the Full Flower Moon :blossom:

Since ancient times, the moon has been a symbol of femininity and the Divine Feminine- it is associated with numerous goddess, the sea, and magick in general. As a moon associated with beauty, abundance, and fertility, this month’s moon is an especially good one for Divine Feminine work! :sparkles:

The Full Flower Moon of May - Ritual

13 Esbat Rituals to Celebrate a Full Moon

Full Moon Spell Collection

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Magickal Feminine Correspondences :open_book:

The Divine Feminine has many correspondences in magick- these are things that relate to, call upon, and channel Divine Feminine Energy- from herbs to crystals, zodiac signs, planets, elements, and more! :star:

Consider studying some new information, examining items you already have, or building your own associations for the Divine Feminine in your practice.

Tarot: Suit of Cups

Water Element: Invocation Chant

Magickal Correspondence Charts

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

… And More! :raised_hands:

The suggestions above are just a few ideas to help kickstart your creativity- if you feel called to explore Divine Feminine in another way, please feel free to do so! :blush:

As always, all witches are encouraged to embrace their own unique practice with how they explore the theme :star2:

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STEP 2 : Share Your Experience :writing_hand:

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Everyone is welcome to join the challenge by practicing magick in line with the current theme. For lurkers and those who don’t feel comfortable sharing, it is absolutely okay to follow along with the challenge but keep your entry personal. Feel free to join in spirit and do what feels most comfortable for you! :blush:

That being said, please know that if you would like to receive a prize and a public shout-out, it is required that you share your experience.

Getting Your Credit :white_check_mark:

In order for your entry to be counted, all you have to do is write/share about your experience and label it as your challenge entry. There is a lot of chatting here (which is awesome- chatting and discussion are very welcome!) so please clearly write that it is your entry so I know to count it! :pray:

Where Should I Share My Entry? :thinking:

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Tuesday, May 9 at 7:00 AM CET (Central European Time)
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Picture from Loner Wolf: 9 Ways to Awaken the Divine Feminine

A warm reminder that the challenges are designed to be very open- everyone is encouraged to participate in a way that honors and reflects their unique practice :open_book:

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Heartfelt and giving, graceful and kind,
The Divine Feminine is in your heart and your mind.
By magick and moonlight, it will help you to shine-
Treasure it dearly, and be blessed by the divine!

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Blessed Be! :female_sign::sparkles:


challenge entry pt1
Yay i can finish what started with the last challenge with my female deities in clan
Brigid - herbalism and green/kitchen magic for healing

Freya- runes, selfcare /beauty magic

Rhiannon - liminal work
Cerridwen - moon work,
Arianhod - astronomy and wheel of year
Nematona - ogham and hearth magic

Ill have to figure some things that are specific to each deity that i can include in my practice or that already do include in my practice. Hmm ill see what i can lidt above. . Just brainstorming


This one will be a little challenging I haven’t worked with feminine deity yet, can’t wait!


How perfect is the timing with these challenges, with Beltane and the full moon, I was just thinking… did you plan it @BryWisteria or was it divine timing? :wink: :sun: :crescent_moon: :smiling_face: :pink_heart:


There is a feminine dragon from one of my dragon oracle decks named Crystal. She has only appeared once in one of my readings and that was on the anniversary of the sudden death of a coworker. The timing for this challenge is perfect because her birthday is this week. I would like to take the time to connect with Crystal for this challenge.


Hmmm… @CelestiaMoon I agree! :thinking: definitely good timing on both challenges @BryWisteria :hugs: I do work with 2 Goddesses regularly :blush: I think I want to explore it a little more as I did for the Divine Masculine. So off I go to find what I can about it!

It also dawned on me that when I did the dominant energy quiz by @Cosmic_Curiosity, I was a lot closer to balance of them than I thought according to that one… I believe it was 57% Feminine & 43% Masculine :thinking: So that’s very interesting to me as I’m pondering this one too! :smiling_face:

@brandy20 I completely understand the challenge! Most of my work has been with Goddesses & not Gods directly. However, Divine Masculine & Feminine isn’t just with deities either so that may be something to explore too!

@Phoenix_Fire oh yay for being able to round out your work with this one! Those are some good ones to work with too! :revolving_hearts:

@Kasandra oh wow! Seems like a whole bunch of Divine timing for you with this particular challenge! I am excited to see how it goes with Crystal for you this week! :hugs:

Okay, off to see what I can find about this one! :heartpulse:


Mine was 93% feminine, 7% masculine :smile_cat:
I’ve worked with so many wonderful Goddesses… :smiling_face:
And I’ve took several day long courses for femininity and sensuality, maybe I could draw from some of them… :revolving_hearts:
Really there’s just so much that I do every day anyway? That’s the challenge… :sweat_smile: :pink_heart:


Weekly Witchy Challenge - the Divine Feminine #143

What an interesting turn of events, and I thought the last one was hard. But in so many aspects, I think the Divine Feminine should be easier to explore. But maybe not.

I have found in my life that men/masculine are the protectors or in my case an authority figure. Even at my age, I don’t like authority figures. Whereas females/Feminine are nurturers and caregivers.
Case in fact, the female Gods have been noted to be just that.

Birgid, the Irish Goddess is a symbol of love and life.

Freyja, a Norse Goddess is connected to nature as well as fertility and the harvest. Being no pushover she’s also a goddess of war.

Gaia Greece, Wiccans and pagans consider her the 'life force of earth (earth Goddess). She represents fertility and the evolution of nature. Another Goddess who was no victim. Her most common name is Mother Nature.

Isis also known as Asset is one of the most famous of the Egyptian Goddesses. She is the Goddess of fertility and children. She was also known as the Goddess of Magic. She resurrected her murdered husband. She was noted as the goddess of 10,000 names.

Triple Goddess* Mediterranean and Eastern European cultures* are noted to have been worshipped before recorded history. She represents cycles. Menstruation, seasons, and cycle of the year. Pretty inclusive, huh?

Ix Chel is the jaguar goddess of Maya** Mexico. Goddess of love and sex, healing, and gestation. But can cause great destruction to the land, it is in to allow the birth of a better world. 3 Extinction flood events were mentioned.

There I will end my views.

Goddesses are protective, give life, and can take it away. She also isn’t afraid to chastise her children. Did you notice how many female Gods were involved in magic?

Thank you for this opportunity to once again challenge my mind.
Be Kind, be safe, and stay blessed


So I work with two female Goddesses Morrigan and Kali Ma, I started out with Kali Ma and just realized she has been with me for a very long time and also protects those born under the Libra sign, just found that out a few weeks ago. I first saw her in the Indian Jones and the Temple of Doom movie, one of my favorite movies and was fascinated by the statue they had. I have always been a fan of skulls, knives, and swords which are some of the things she carries. Kali aka Parvati, she has a few other names as well is married to Lord Shiva. A lot fear Kali but there is nothing to fear from her, she teaches us to stay out of our Ego.

I just started working with the Morrigan recently after she came to me as Crow and now I see her all around every day as a Raven. Morrigan has really been testing me lately, I do not like the sound of birds by my window in the morning and lately while listening to them and owls before my alarm goes off I have been a bit peaceful with the noise, also just looked in my tree and saw there are baby birds in there so I can’t be too mad. I have always found the triple goddess energy to be strong. I can’t wait to start diving in my shadow work with her, I have read she is really good with that. I just ordered some Raven perfume to help with deep knowledge, hidden messages, and intution. They say it helps with shadow work too.

I kept seeing signs a few weeks ago saying connect with your divine feminine energy and I had picked up this perfume sample called Sage Goddess and was sent SG Signature by mistake, it is for invoking the divine feminine. I think who ever prepared my order must have known that I needed to invoke my divine feminine. I was not upset about it but I did write them to let them know that I did not ask for that one and they made it right and they actually sent me a second one when they corrected the issue.

I think I am done now, LOL.


My challenge Entry.

I work with many Devine Feminine Engeries both in Santeria and Witchcraft. I am going to share one that is very special to me in Santeria.

I have been in Santeria since 1982. As you grow and go down the path of Santeria, if you choose, or it is revealed in divination that you need to, you can go through many initiations and receive many orishas. This is the case for me, to this day.

I was initiated into the Nana Buuken Society on May 24, 2014. No men are allowed at the ceremony, women only. No men are allowed to even receive Nana Buuken. The ceremony is what would be considered a Coven ceremony for women only, in witchcraft. The ceremony is held at night. Only Nana’s can initiate other Nana’s. My ceremony was beautiful. You build your own mound of earth (symbolizing a woman’s womb when creating a child). I will share a little bit of the ceremony. You and other Nana’s dig a trench around the mound and start a fire. Every Nana who is at the initiation puts their Nana staff in the center of the mound, the fire is lit, the other Nan’s are outside the ring of fire, you and the eldest Nana are in the center of the mound surrounded by the other Nana’s staffs and you and are initiated on the mound, by the eldest Nana, surrounded by a ring of fire. There are other parts to the ceremony but I can not disclose them. The initiation ceremony is very empowering for a female.

Here is a photo of a Nana Mound, this was not my mound at my initiation. I found it on the internet. My mound was similar to this, only bigger. I build one this size, or smaller when I honor her on my initiation day, working with her on something big or doing a special ceremony for her.

Nana Mound
Nana Mound Picture can be found if follow this link.

I will attempt to describe Nana’s Energy. Nana energy connects deep inside, inside our core, inside our womb (this is why it can only be for a female). Nana energy relates to our Grandmothers, as each of us, while in egg form, lived inside our Mothers who began their life while living inside their Mothers, hence connecting us with our Grandmother’s energy. That belly of earth rises (as a woman’s womb would when creating a child) We place our tools right into this mound of earth and light the mound using the ring of fire. This circle of fire will enable all to be cleansed away and light the path for all the new to come. This circle of fire will bring change necessary for new birth. We are connected as drummer women through the constant beating of our hearts.

You receive her secrets inside of a clay pot or clay dome. With a staff and other things to work with her. I can not show you her secrets. I do have permission (since we are witches) and Nana is the Grandmother of Witches, to post a photo of my Nana and her Staff. Birds are sacred to her. She is housed away from my other Orishas because she can not be around masculine energy. Men are forbidden to work with her. I keep her in my Witch Room. I have an Orisha room and a separate Witch room. I keep her on my bookshelf, she associates with birds and likes to be housed high up off the ground. The dolls are some of my spirited dolls. I collect and work with haunted items, but that is another story.

My Nana’s home and her Staff:

Nana Burukú is the grandmother to all of the Orishas. Also known as Nana and Buku. She is the primordial mother of the universe and of the earth. Nana Burukú is in charge of all maternal issues pertaining to females. She is the spirit of the earth and the moon. Nana Burukú is a wise old woman you likes to tend to herself watching over her grandchildren and the earth.

Nana Burukú essence was here long before the essence of the earth. She is the rays and the motion of the moon. When Olodumare made the earth it was Nana Burukú who was in charge of looking down on the earth and with her light from the moon to navigate us humans on earth.

Nana Burukú is seen near rivers and oceans. She is the ultimate mother of the waters especially the sweet river waters. Oshun domain is the sweet river waters, but its through her mother Nana Burukú, where she gets the river waters from. Nana Burukú waters come from those high secretly places high up in the mountains were streams flow down from and form the rivers and the lagoons. She is also seen in the middle of whirlpools where her offerings are left. The woody marsh areas as well belong to Nana Burukú.

Nana reminds us as women… Don’t give up your power!


@Phoenix_Fire That’s perfect! :blush: It was a pleasure hearing about the male deities in your clan last week, I’ll look forward to hearing about your relationship with the female deities in your clan for this challenge! Good luck and have fun with your entry, Phoenix!

@brandy20 I love your enthusiasm, Brandy- I can’t wait to see who you will choose to work with! Good luck and many blessings! :heart:

@CelestiaMoon Hahaha I wish I could claim to have planned it all out carefully in advance, but the idea for these two challenges appeared as if by magick- the credit goes to the divine! I think these themes wanted to be explored by the coven at this time :grinning:

@Kasandra Wishing you all the best as you honor the memory and work with Crystal this week- good luck, Kasandra! :dragon_face: :pray:

@Susurrus You’ve got this, Siofra! Can’t wait to see what you’ll choose to do :hugs:

@Garnet A beautiful exploration of the Goddesses, Garnet! :heart: And I agree with what you’ve said- although often associated with nurturing and care, a Goddess knows when it’s time for some “tough love”! The Divine Feminine has a different type of strength, but it is an immensely powerful force all the same. Beautiful work here- thank you very much for sharing! :pray:

@Heav3n It sounds like you have nurtured a strong bond with both the Goddess Morrigan and Kali Ma, Heav3n- may They continue to watch over and guide you on your journey! :heart: And it’s always amazing when things click into place and align- sounds like an affirmation of your work with the Divine Feminine! Although I am glad you eventually got the correct perfume- I hope you enjoy it! :blush: Thank you for sharing, Heav3n!

@Ancient_Queen It is really interesting to hear about your experiences with Nana Buuken and Nana Burukú! The ceremony sounds amazing- there are so many deep levels of symbolism and meaning to each part of the ritual you’ve shared. I fully respect you keeping parts of the sacred rituals private, and I’m grateful that you shared the parts of the ritual that you could- it’s an honor to hear your story and learn more about your deity, Ancient Queen! You have a really lovely sacred space too- there are so many beautiful aspects to your altar area. Thank you very much for sharing! :pray: :two_hearts:


Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - The Divine Feminine - ENTRY

This Challenge will show the strength to of (2) two important Goddess that made this world an easier place to reside for now: Hecate and Freya. From the website, gaia.com, it explains the importance of bringing the divine feminine energy into your Spiritual Journey. Julie Schoen lists (5) five different ways you can make this happen:

1. Get Outside. Creating a communion with mother nature is one of the first things people are drawn to do when embarking on their spiritual journey. Why? Because in nature the feminine creative energy runs wild, its physical beauty visible and palpable. The more you are able to get outside, the more you are able to re-balance your twin energies. Even five minutes of fresh air or a short walk barefoot in the grass can be enough soul food to awaken your divine feminine.

2. Say Yes. What are those things you’ve always wondered what it would be like to do? What are those dreams of yours you just haven’t chased? You have desires and ideas for a reason, and a lot of them are coming directly from your divine feminine side. By saying “yes” to some of these experiences (without spreading yourself too thin), you can feed the “chaotic swirl” that your feminine side craves.

3. Create Rituals. Rituals are a celebration of life. They are a way to take time to acknowledge the beauty and fullness present in each moment, which is precisely why they are essential for bringing more divine feminine energy into your life. The more you are able to awaken your senses with these rituals (think things that involve altars, essential oils, food, and self-care), the more you will invite feminine energy to help guide you on your spiritual journey.

4. Learn Something New. The feminine energy desires to “deepen into the fullness of existence,” which means she’s always hungry for experiences. What can you do today that’s a little outside of the norm? Making conscious choices to enjoy new experiences will not only lead you further down your spiritual path, but it will help you balance out the masculine-energy dominance that is so prevalent in society today.

5. According to Dr. Habib Sadeghi, the co-founder of Bee Hive of Healing in Agorura Hills, CA, integrating more feminine energy into our lives involves “giving ourselves permission to be who we really are.” Living our best life, he says, is all about “learning to ignore the right things” and following the spiritual path that comes naturally before us. Journaling each day is a great way to learn how to release judgment, attachment, and other negative emotions that prevent us from fully expressing who we are. A creative act to boot, journaling is a simple way to start and end your day.

Name(s): Hecate
Rules over: Magic, witchcraft, the night, moon, ghosts and necromancy
Title: Goddess of Magic and Spells
Gender: Female
Symbols: Pair of Torches, Hecate’s wheel
Sacred animals: Black Dog, Polecat
Items: Keys, Daggers, Snakes
Parents: Perses and Asteria
Consort: None - Virgin Goddess
Other significant others: Retinue: - Lampades, Ghosts
Children: None, however in some myths there are various potential offspring mentioned - (Aegialeus, Circe, Empusa, Medea, Scylla)
Roman name: Trivia

The next The Divine Feminine is, Freya.

“One of the most revered of this pantheon was Freyja, who carried the mantle of the great mother and goddess of the hunter-gatherers of Paleolithic times into the Middle Ages, and who still “lives” within us today as an all-encompassing archetype of the Divine Feminine.” (Evelyn C. Rysdyk, 2023)

In a nutshell, Sowelu teaches us to cancel the ego, the self, and fully accept that what appears right to us is not always right. This rune is connected with Freya as the goddess of beauty, especially inner beauty that radiates just like the sun does all around us! Her energy is all about abundance, confidence, and openness so Sowelu represents her in a great way! Freya’s beauty goes beyond Aphrodite’s sense of beauty. She rules that beauty that can make us feel able to share our blessings with others, our gifts, our precious uniqueness, but not in a selfish or arrogant way. Relying on this rune can help you when feeling not able to focus on this part from a place of humility and kindness. (Evelyn C. Rysdyk, 2023)

⦁ Known as the goddess of magic and prophesy, as well as the “first shaman,”

⦁ she is the one who can see what others cannot… and weave transformative energies for positive change and healing.

⦁ She is a mistress of the animals, associated with cats, falcons, and wild boar.

⦁ She can shapeshift and make the earth shake when she is angry.

⦁ In her role as a goddess of sex and battle, she is the life-giver and death-dealer.

⦁ She represents the ancestress of all shamanic practitioners, and the graves of her ancient descendants have been discovered all over Eurasia.

⦁ Freyja is an ancestress to all who practice shamanism today. And it is through the myth and archetypal energies of this Great Disir (female spirit) that we can learn and experience firsthand how to bring the healing nature of the Divine Feminine into our lives and out into the world around us.

Needing Divine Feminine Energy in today’s society is extremely important. The time has come to divide the The Divine Feminine Energy and The Divine Masculine energy. Without this compromise, the teachings of ancestor’s and the strength of our Gods and Goddesses and so on…would make it impossible for The Divine Feminine Energy to succeed in our chaotic world today.


Hecate: https://greekgodsandgoddesses.net - Greek Gods & Goddesses, October 19, 2019

https://www.gaia.com/article/5-ways-to-harness-the-power-of-divine-feminine-energy-on-your-spiritual-journey, Julie Schoen, March 8, 2020

Freyja | The Shift Network. Evelyn C. Rysdyk, 2023


Challenge Entry

Last week was the Divine Masculine & I had researched that a bit differently than I originally thought I would, so instead of using obvious for me concerning Divine Feminine… I continued where I left off with the last Challenge :hugs:

My last challenge entry was more about the energies within everyone & finding ways to connect with the or balance them out within ourselves. I related it to different things that I currently use in my practice such as:

  • Divine Masculine can be seen in - The Emperor within the Major Arcana
  • Divine Feminine can be seen in - The Empress within the Major Arcana

I also work with 2 Goddesses but within them, their energies also have some of what would be considered Divine Masculine Energy one stronger than the other… but they both have at least some intertwined with themselves & kind of balance :balance_scale: the scales in that respect.

Divine Feminine energy is also an energy that needs to be balance within everyone & step into Her power… for a very long time both energies have been highlighted by their Shadow sides historically so the perception of them has taken time to come into the light. For a very long time Divine Feminine energy has been expressed as:

  • Insecure
  • Co-Dependent
  • The victim
  • Manipulative
  • Overly Emotional
  • Inauthentic
  • Cruel

Not necessarily each one of those & also not at the same time for each of them… but if you think about it at some point one of those words has been used in reference to feminine energy in some way whether expressly or indirectly. Much the same as Divine Masculine was or is viewed & its Shadow attributes being overly used. Also not every person is going to have the same views or attributes of the shadow traits of either energy, but they are there nonetheless. The ultimate idea or goal is recognize them & accept them but do the work to overcome them or change them or balance them out within ourselves.

Things referring to the Light side of Divine Feminine energy would be:

  • Intuitive
  • Vulnerable
  • Authentic
  • Creative
  • Compassionate
  • Inter-Dependent
  • Open Minded
  • Sensual
  • Instinctual

Each part of the Divine Feminine or Masuline in terms of their Light, can have too much of a good thing, which is where the balancing act of these attributes also comes in to play for each person. Once different parts start to develop, wake up, balance… some of the effects one will notice is:

  • Enhanced Intuition
  • More Flexibility & Spontaneity
  • Greater Self Compassion
  • Increased Love & Acceptance of Others
  • Increased Ability to Let Go
  • Heightened Connection with Your Body & Sensuality
  • Enhanced Ability to Relax, Receive, & Be

Some things you can do to work on your Divine Feminine:

  • Connect with your inner Divine Mother
  • Examine your wounds surrounding Femininity
  • Tune into your emotions
  • Cultivate your Intuition
  • Slow down & be present
  • Honor, protect, & celebrate Mother Earth

→ For the complete lists/charts of the Shadow & Light sides of Divine Feminine/Masculine, effects of working on your own Divine Feminine, & things to do to start working on Divine Feminine within yourself along with further information regarding the Divine Feminine Energy click here (Divine Feminine: Loner Wolf)


Thank you for sharing this I see why now I was being moved to work with my Divine Feminine recently. Also your source Loner Wolf I have found my way on that site a few times when searching things lately :smile:.


Thanks for the info on Hecate and Freya, one of my close friends works with Hecate and my daughter has found out that she is her Goddess too.


Thank you for sharing and your altar is lovely.


@Medea I really enjoyed that & all the information on Hecate & Frejya! I feel like I’m learning so much with these challe.ges :hugs:

@Heav3n I love :heart: Loner Wolf… I had actually come across when I started working on or learning about Empath topics & Shadow Work a couple of years ago. I accidentally found the Divine energy information when I was searching for quizzes last week on Divine Masculine… that challenge was definitely somewhat of a challenge for me because I had never really thought or explored that before or Feminine & wanted to know more than just Gods & Goddesses. :hugs: I hope it helps you too! :revolving_hearts:


Funny you mentioned Shadow work again I stumbled on that on there too, LOL. I hear you universe I am working on it, LOL. I did just sign up for a class that is 5 days and I hope it helps.


Challenge Entry

As I was nearing my one year witch anniversary, I decided that I was really ok with having my craft fall into the Christian pantheon. There are a lot of things about Christianity that I do not like, but there are a lot of things that I do like. I have always related to and seen Christianity differently than most people, which makes a lot of sense now that I know who I am. I’ve never had a hard time seeing the feminine in God, I’ve never had a hard time seeing where nature and being a steward of the land fits in, I’ve never had a hard time with seeing the ancient wisdome embredded (albeit deeply) into Christianity. So, since it was working for me and made me feel spitirually connected to the universe, I decided I was going with it for now.

I came across this gorgeous statue of Mary Magdalene portrayed as the goddess and was instantly drawn to her. She came in the mail today and I love her so very much! I cannot wait to incorporate her into my practice and meditations.


With her anticipated arrival, I started thinking about Mary Magdalene and the divine feminine. Many, many people see her as a representation of the divine feminine and I am really enjoying reading right now. I haven’t exactly got all of my own thoughts together on how I see her in this role, but it feels really right to me.

Here is one website that I found interesting.

Last year, I found a musician named Magnolia Strange who has an album of Hildegard von Bignen… Hildegard was a Christian mystic who wrote beautiful music about the divine feminine in Christianity. I LOVE Magnolia’s renditions, but she doesn’t have anything on youtube or spotify, but here is a another version I found. Hildegard’s work on the divine feminine is over 800 years old and still resonates with people around the world!

As always, I am just exploring and enjoying the journey. I’ll keep everyone posted as I make some more discoveries!


Good evening. Thank you for your reply back. I wanted to add one more thing about Hecate. I was on the app for the Mythic Treasures Shop I am going to tonight and I read this on a post:

" It is Very Important That Once You Leave The Crossroad That You NEVER Look Back. You may hear her footsteps or her dogs. Keep going and looking straight ahead. Hecate is a Goddess that works best if you develop a relationship with her. You can set up an altar for her and leave offerings. Working with her can be rewarding, amazing, and life changing. " (MythicTreasures@Gmail.com, Susan Stephens, 2023)

Blessed Be,