Invoking entities from the 5 elements

Are the entities spirit, fire, earth, air, and water positive?


My answer is yes earth, air, fire, water and spirit are the four elements that allow us to harvest much of astrology’s powerful ancient wisdom in a quest to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and the forces that shape us. Basically it all culminates as one to create the perfect opportunity to transform are inner being and shine outwardly in our truest form. :sparkles::sparkles::heartpulse:


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It’s nice to meet you, Angel, I’m Marsha, an Eclectic Solitary Witch, from Colorado. I would say absolutely YES, they are positive. I love working with the 5 elements. This is a great question, if you need more information, or have any more questions, let me know and I’m happy to help or point you in the right direction.

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Merry meet @angel4,

That’s a great question!

I’m not quite sure which definition of positive you are looking for, so I hope you don’t mind if I offer up my thoughts on both!

(Apologies in advance, as this great question kickstarted my love for magickal theory :laughing:)

[When Positive = Good and Negative = Bad]

From an ethical perspective (with positive being good and negative being bad as a human would define them) I would agree with Crystal and Marsha- I would say that, in general, the Elements are depicted and perceived as generally positive.

That being said, they are forces of nature, which can be just as cruel as it is kind- the ocean that is gentle and calm on a sunny day can be a raging storm that destroys the coast the next. It’s hard to apply human ethics to non-human things, so in this sense, I might actually describe the elements as being neutral- neither good nor evil. Like tools, they can be used in alignment of the person wielding them.

[When Positive = Yang and Negative = Yin]

Positive and negative are opposite traits, so, like most opposite traits (hot and cold, hard and soft, light and dark, etc) they are sorted into categories.

In this sense, Fire and Air are often associated with the Divine Masculine or Yang energies. This type of energy is associated with the “positive” trait :heavy_plus_sign:

Water and Earth are often associated with the Divine Feminine or Yin energies. This type of energy is associated with the “negative” trait (not necessarily negative as in evil, but negative as in negative space- empty, open) :heavy_minus_sign:

Spirit, as the only non-material element, would not be associated with physical categorizations (in my opinion) and would then be inherently neutral :o:

These are just my thoughts about it, offered up in hope of helping you make your own decisions about the alignments of the elements! Thank you again for such a great question! :pray: :heart:

Blessed be!


@angel4 Hello and welcome. Im Tracy from Bristol England. Thankyou for posing this question, never thought about it and Ive learnt something new which is going right into my diary. Have a lovely day lovely. Blessings.


Hi @angel4! I’m Amethyst! Welcome to the forum!

I agree with Bry, the Elements are neutral. You never know when the candle you light for comfort can turn into the flame that takes your house from you. But this is indeed an interesting discussion! Thanks for starting it!


@marsha thanks and yes can you tell me more?


Welcome @angel4! I would agree that the 4 elements of earth :earth_element:, fire :fire_element:, water :water_element:, & air :air_element: have dual aspects. So it would depend what exactly they are being invoked for & the end result. The spirit is the same.

It’s up to you what comes of them or how they are used & what would be positive for you, your beliefs, situation, & outcome. If that makes sense.

When invoking them they have a positive & strong alignment with each other. They work together & can be quite the powerful addition to what you are using them to assist with each time. So your intentions would be the driving force of how they react.


Hi @angel4

I found this image on Pinterest which explains each element.

Five Elements Pentagram
by Vegan Kitchen Magick

I would begin by creating a circle, always moving in a clockwise direction. Start by facing East, because this is where the Sun rises (Dawn), new beginnings. I studied with an American Indian Medicine Woman several years ago, and we called in the directions this way.

Here’s some great information here in the forum:

  1. Calling of The Elements

  2. Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE- Elemental Mastery

I found a great script for calling in the Elements (directions) here, by Rose Ritual

I hope this helps answer your questions, @angel4

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They are positive? Because these are real entities!


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Hello and welcome to the forum foremost and yes they are positive.


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Hi @angel4 my answer to your question is yes and no. See an entity is something in physical form and the four elements can be represented in physical form or none physical form ( a symbol) for different purposes. These elements go beyond the physical and manifest as personality traits and energetic forces too. The four elements are present all around they are within you and are essential to all life. I hope this helps :heartpulse:Blessed be


Listening to a great Greek Magician, I learned that the four elements are neutral, as are most of them. What makes them positive or negative is the intention of the one who calls them…


@AIRAM what would be the intention of calling them? How would you do the spell?


I always do a protective cycle @angel4
I start from Anatolia
From the eastern Quarter I call the Element of Air and its good Spirits with respect to the winds that blow in the quarters and their energy I call the Great Healer and ask him to pass with his entourage inside the circle to protect and commune to hear and to carry my desire with the winds to all the earth
From the Southern Quarter I call the Element of Fire the Great Warrior and his good spirits with respect and I ask him to pass through the circle the flames that purify and illuminate, the light of creation that extinguishes the darkness the shine of the stars and I ask them to carry my desire to the sun the stars and every bundle of light that embraces the earth
From the Western Soinikia I call the Element of Water and the good Spirits of him who fill the wastes of the earth with life I call the Guardian of the West Great Creator with respect! May he pass with his escort the circle to protect support and carry my desire with every drop that embraces land and sea!
From the Northern Quarter I call the Element of the Earth with respect and the Spirits her goods to pass through the circle the strength of the stones the arms and the trees! I call the Great Guardian of the Lands and the Foundations! Protect support and carry my desire in every grain of sand and every handful of soil that makes our world!
In the center of the altar I have a white candle, I light it and say
Primordial Spirit Universal love who commands the four Guardians and unites all the Elements Source and Protector of Magic I call you with great respect!
You are welcome in this space. Pass the circle and stay strong to guard and support and bless and guide the magic and energy that takes place here! May you bless us all! So I said and so shall it be!
I I begin the spell [what I wish to happen]
when I finish I greet the Elements from the left one by one and ask them to leave and close the Gates behind them
Finally, I thank the Good Spirit
he day before I took a ritual bath
sorry for the english it’s a translation
Whatever you do with Magic, be respectful


I’m learning so much on this thread there’s steam coming off my pen. Thankyou for raising this @angel4 . :sparkling_heart: