🛟 Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE - Magickal Safety

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Merry meet!

Thank you once again to everyone who joined in for last week’s Weekly Witchy Challenge - Visualizations :eye:

After opening up the inner eye last week, we are honing in on another important area of the Craft- so buckle up, snuff any unattended candles, and bring your whole attention- we are playing it safe this week! :ring_buoy:

The theme for this week’s challenge was suggested by the wonderful @Kasandra and is…

Magickal Safety Challenge Spells8

:ring_buoy: :warning: Magickal Safety :fire: :triangular_flag_on_post:

Staying safe and secure in the Craft

From the mundane to the magickal- there are many ways a witch can protect themself, their space, and those around them! From being mindful of candles during candle spells to casting protective magick- a practitioner has many things to keep in mind or utilize in the name of safety.

What safety methods do you use in your practice? Do you have any tips to share, or experiences learned the hard way? There’s no judgment here- only learning and sharing in the name of keeping one another safe :mage: :heart:

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This week’s challenge is all about magickal safety - but as always, how you do so is up to you!

So are you ready? Because it’s…



Picture by @MeganB shared in A Paralyzingly Beautiful Flower

STEP 1 : Practicing Safely :mage:

This challenge is about safety in the Craft- but how you choose to take on this theme is up to you!

Still not sure where to begin? To help you get started, here are a few ways in which a witch might approach this challenge.

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Mundane Methods of Safety :bowl_with_spoon:

When it comes to staying safe, the first and often easiest ways to prevent calamity are found in the mundane- and, depending on the type of magick you are practicing, there are many things one ought to keep in mind!

Here are a few mundane safety considerations you might focus on this week- but feel free to explore others as well!

  • :fire: Fire & Candle Safety

  • :gem: Crystal Safety

  • :herb: Having Good Herbal Hygiene

  • :woman_cook: Kitchen Magick and Avoiding Cross-Contamination

  • :potted_plant: Protecting Your Plants

  • :mushroom: Careful Foraging

  • Etc.

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Magickal Safety Methods :cauldron:

When it comes to staying safe in the Craft, there are many areas that can benefit from mindful caution- many of which are magickal in nature.

Here are just a few examples of where magick and safety intersect- from spells or rituals that protect a witch, to scenarios where heightened caution and mindfulness by the caster are recommended.

  • :shield: Protection Spells

  • :fairy: Working with magickal creatures such as the Fae

  • :smiling_imp: Demonic Magick

  • :ghost: Working with/cleansing harmful or angry spirits

  • :skull_and_crossbones: Black Magick (curses, hexes, and other spells that invoke harm)

  • :o: Properly Closing a Magick Circle

  • Etc.

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Your Personal Safety Tips :handshake:

Did you learn something along the way- from a book, a friend, or perhaps the hard way? There’s no shame here, only helping one another to avoid past mistakes and stay safe :handshake:

If you have any personal experiences, stories, or tips about magickal safety, feel free to share them as your entry this week!

Spells8: Risks of Candle Jars

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… And More! :raised_hands:

The suggestions above are just a few ideas to help kickstart your creativity- if you feel called to explore or share about magickal safety in another way, please feel free to do so! :blush:

As always, all witches are encouraged to embrace their own unique practice with how they explore the challenge theme :star2:

Video by @Silverbear shared in Crystal Elixirs: How to’s and Caution

STEP 2 : Share Your Experience :writing_hand:

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Everyone is welcome to join the challenge by practicing magick in line with the current theme. For lurkers and those who don’t feel comfortable sharing, it is absolutely okay to follow along with the challenge but keep your entry personal. Feel free to join in spirit and do what feels most comfortable for you! :blush:

That being said, please know that if you would like to receive a prize and a public shout-out, it is required that you share your experience.

Getting Your Credit :white_check_mark:

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Where Should I Share My Entry? :thinking:

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Tuesday, August 8 at 7:00 AM EDT (Eastern US Time)

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Spells8: Protection Herbs and Spices

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A toxic mushroom shared in Into the Woods for Shrooms and Blues

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A bit of caution, with focus and care
The wise witch knows to stay aware
For when it comes to safety, it is done-
To ensure a future full of magick and fun!

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Blessed Be! :ring_buoy::sparkles:


Omg love this!!! Awesome timing esp after cut my poor lil toe open n turned ut purple when a heavy solid wood board tipped over n landed on said toe. I think this great oppotunity to do some protection magic to prevent mishaps. Im like 12.48 am n totally awake n my lil toe has a pulse of its own lol n im trying to get comfortable without putting pressure on it n the side of face from smacking into bricks when arm got stuck in letter box a month or so ago is painful to lay on again. It was getting better but the pain n aching coming back esp when ive slept on that side of face. So im needing to look at reducing accidents n mishaps. So ill look at protection spells . Be a good oppotunity to choose which to go into new book of shadows. Of course the other side of this is that i am not sure going to get some sleep tonight / this morning before have to get up for work. My alarm going off at 4.45 am and all. Not sure lack of sleep going to help prevent injury. So maybe looking at magic to help with mundane stuff as well like getting enough sleep will be good to have in my exploration of protection magic. A sleepy exhausted n running around with too much to do witch is a very accident prone witch. The more exhausted n overwhelmed the more likely something go wrong. Not usually in a succession one after another like a month or so ago but still. Protection spells to cover all basis will be good idea. Protection from others as well as protection from my own proneness to accidents when exhausted n overwhelmed n too much on plate which is particularly with job is increasing substatially over next month or so. . So definatly a good time for magical safety n mundane safety lol im gonba need some goid protections in place all round to get through all thats going on right now. N also protection from negative energies from others too. Yep dexided going to focus on protection spells for this challenge… but for now lol i need to see what i can do to try get to sleep before i hace to get up in a few hours. :thinking:


Challenge Entry

Well, this challenge is right up my alley!

First up, a mystical must-have for me: the veil. While I do use it as a fashion statement with pretty scarves and bandanas, I use it to shield myself from other people’s energies. As an empath, I tend to take on other’s emotions and energies, especially negative energy. Think of it like putting on a sun hat to block UV rays. The veil shields me from unwanted energetic vibes that might sneakily hitch a ride during gatherings.

Next up, and related to the veil, is the shield. A shield is an ethereal energy barrier that deflects negative vibes like Teflon. Whether I’m dealing with a Debbie Downer, or just low-frequency energy floating around, the shield has my back. I use a shield when performing divination work to keep unwanted spirits away while letting in those that are here to assist me.

On the mundane side, there are several tactics I use. I use LED candles when not in my sacred space to prevent my curious cat from catching his tail on fire. I also keep any toxic herbs in tightly sealed jars in a cabinet that my animals can’t get in to. After yesterday, I may need to add catnip to that cabinet. :joy: :joy:


Mmm :thinking: I’ll have to think about this one. I do alot of spirit work and communication, and have been pondering on the talking board for some time (but never had the courage to get the board yet, though I do have a talking board candle holder , which has an interesting energy to it). I like the links above and this challenge I think, will get “the little grey cells” working on protection. :blush::heartpulse:


YAY SAfety!!!



@tracyS Selfishly, I’d love to see how you best protect yourself whilst working with Loki - I could learn a lot from that!!!


@jan_TheGreenWitch Funny that, He’s the only one I don’t really protect myself from. Although I always wear my amulet when chatting with him, and never forget my morning and evening offerings! :heartpulse::joy:


@Amaris_Bane I used to use head coverings a lot for shielding but weirdly after I went bald with chemo, I love to just let my head have the air and now I associate the bandanas and hats and other things with sickness (my own)…. I need to rediscover this now that my hair is growing back in. :slight_smile:

@Phoenix_Fire, I think curious cats are fantastic at chaos, and also sometimes are telling us something when we believe it’s just either chaos or mischief. Maybe shield your space and see if the cat is sending a message after all? :). Not sure, but I hope you have less accidents and your toe heals quickly!!!


I enjoyed your post @Amaris_Bane! I would love more info about your protective veil. How does it go from a scarf to a veil? I am sorry if this is super-basic, but I am a relative newby! :snowflake:


Okay, here’s my challenge-entry. And it’s pretty basic fire safety, but I couldn’t concentrate properly when I was worried about burning the house down :smile: So, this is a collection of firesafe items that I have been using. These are in conjunction with proper candleholders that the candles actually fit in!! I find right now I need that live candle, rather than battery-operated ones, so I went that extra step. For other workings that need fire, I consulted with my local witchy store and got a cauldron that had a lid, tall legs and a wire handle in order to avoid a hot surface touching me or my table!!! :fire: I just got home from holidays, and it feels good to dip back into the forum. Looking forward to learning more about spiritual safety from everyone :snowflake:

PS -the wooden box is clearly NOT firesafe, it’s just a stand for this pic :grinning:


Lol I love this meme :joy::joy::joy: this is also my favorite movie it’s a classic! :grin:


Me too…. Cinder-effing-rella!!!


@jan_TheGreenWitch I can totally see that! My sister is allergic to penicillin so she got a different antibiotic growing up that tasted like bananas. Now she can’t even smell them without thinking about being sick.

@ArcticCharm It’s all about wrapping. It’s hard to explain in text but I actually plan to do a post and accompanying TikToks on why and how I veil for my blog. I can send you the link once I have it up.


:thinking: Hmmm I have a couple of ideas for this one. I will try to get something together before the weekend as the heat and my race training seem to put me out of commission Sat-Mon lately.


Challenge Entry

I am clumsy, and don’t do well if fires from candles get out of hand and I learned this the hard way. I had ordered one of those “witchy boxes” from etsy and it came with a gorgeous candle. It had all these beautiful flowers on top of it. (I was a baby witch at the time). I decided to light it and hubby told me it was a fire hazard (he used to be a volunteer firefighter). I told him it couldn’t be a fire hazard because the lady wouldn’t have made it that way if it was, and anyway, I have this chalice of water if it really lights up. The Gods were on my side that day. I lit the candle and it became an inferno! The entire top of the candle was on fire. I did not throw the water on it because I didn’t have enough. I yelled to hubby FIRE!!! He grabbed the candle and threw it outside. If I would have been alone, I would have thrown water on it and would be hurt and the house would have probably burned down because of my ignorance. I still have that candle. I will find it and add it to this post. PLEASE use herbs and flowers sparingly. If your not sure, burn the candle outside in a fire pit. :dressed_candle: :fire:


Thank-you! Much appreciated :snowflake:


Challenge Entry

Since I work a lot of fire magick, one of the things I do before lighting a candle is make sure the candle is securely in its holder. I also make sure there’s nothing nearby that could catch on fire (that also includes dressing candles with herbs, don’t want to take any risks). Never leave a candle burning unattended and blow out/snuff out the candle when you are finished.

With herbs, I only use the ones that you can buy in a store and I will not mix any unless I’m sure they won’t cause an adverse reaction if consumed.

Essential oils can make a room smell great, but applying them on the skin could cause burning and stinging. I once made the mistake of anointing my wrists with cinnamon essential oil for a prosperity spell and it stung my skin a little.

Before dressing any candles with essential oils, always check which ones can cause a skin reaction.

I never diffuse essential oils around my cats. Always consult a veterinarian for a list of essential oils that are safe to diffuse around pets and never apply them to your pet’s skin or fur, since some are very toxic (and even fatal) to cats and dogs.

Growing up, I’ve heard the phrase, “don’t mess with what you know nothing about or can’t control” when it comes to magick. I’ve only worked with a god or goddess if I understand what they represent (is it something positive, something that can aid, not hurt). If I want to work with a new deity, I will approach them during meditation and if I’m not comfortable in their presence, I will not approach them again anytime soon. I tried approaching Tysteal, dragon Sheppard goddess, several times, and her presence was too intense for me.

I’ve been tempted to cast curses and hexes a few times during my three years in the Craft. But I stay away from baneful magick because I follow the Rede and I don’t want to put any more negativity out there (or attract any towards me). Instead, I use protection, binding or freezer spells.

Another important thing to keep in mind is be specific with what you want to achieve with your spells or you could get unexpected, sometimes, undesirable, results. For example, don’t cast a money spell without saying how the money will come to you or you might end up working overtime (like what happened to me). :confounded:


Challenge Entry
Ok. I’m going to bite the bullet here. (Will probably get cake in the face later for it :joy:) So Ive been asked, how do I protect myself whilst working with Loki. :thinking:

I had to really think about this because I don’t “officially” have a protection ritual. However thinking on this, I have taken certain steps.

1). I researched him before I made any dedication or promises. I didn’t just research the famous stories, but I read books by people (Lokeans) who are serious in their worship of him. These books are gold, as they come with the warnings, aswell as all the blessings, fun and Magick.

Warning no:1 “Those who shun Loki aren’t necessarily afraid of him for no reason!” (from Loki pagan portals). He is a god of change, he’s unpredictable, he works in chaos, and he demands you be authentic and will call you out if you’re not. This can be challenging, but if you’re true to who you are, that in itself is a protection.

Warning no:2. He’s a shapeshifter, a trickster. He’ll become to you whatever you think him to be, so if you think he’s bad, that’s what you’ll get. So in reverse, as I’ve always had a protective experience from him since childhood (though I didn’t know it was him at the time :person_facepalming:), I don’t feel anything negative, so he isn’t negative to me.

Warning no:3 Do your homework first. The advice I got from these books is, read read read. Look at any signs around, tap into your intuition, how do you feel about Loki. If it’s all good and you are 100% he’s for you. Go for it. Once committed to him, it may not go well if you decide, no thankyou later on. So be sure.

Warning no: 4. Always keep your end of the bargain, say Thankyou. Be respectful, yes Loki is a very chilled, laid back God, that loves a laugh, but he is still a god, there is a dark energy there, so don’t forget that.

So there’s the warnings. After that it’s pretty much plain sailing. My house is covered in crystals, alot of obsidian and tourmaline. I wear my tourmaline, tigers eye, and amulet always. I light my incense and cleanse my space first, then before I pray, I light 2 candles to him. I always use a candle. Never pray without it as it represents all the elements in 1. Thus I guess adding protection.
And I’ve consecrated all my candles to Loki. They have the bind rune carved on them, and each candle is sealed with my spit (sorry if this grosses you out, but I couldn’t bring myself to use blood Magick, which alot of Lokeans do, I’m a wimp, simple. :joy:).

So all in all, I think my “protection” has come from, following the guidelines of how to introduce myself to this fabulous Deity in the right way, to give him my positive energy, and believe in him to be good. I think I relate to him, as I too have been thought of in the past, in the wrong way, as have most witches, so I trust him, deep down, he knows this. So I think what I’m trying to say, is that my protection is in my relationship with Loki.
So Hail Loki, please don’t chuck a cake in my face :joy:, but if he does, let it be chocolate.

Blessed be :sparkling_heart:


Challenge Entry

With me being a baby witch I would have to say doing my research and gaining knowledge is part of my saftey. Since I decided to go on this journey i started reading, watching videos, asking questions and looking things up.

When i got my herbs in my witchcraft kit a few weeks ago i took the time to handle my herbs with care, i cleaned and cleansed each jar. I then added what the name was of the herb on a tag and on the back of the tag what it is used for, how to use it.

When i got my oils in before i handled them, i looked up each one and that is how i found one of the oils i got if you handle it to much toxins could build up on your skin and harm you, and damage your liver. With this in mind i put these oils in a box and have indext cards that say what the oil is and which ones are toxic. This box is put up on my bookshelf where I keep all my craft tools. And i let everyone in my home including guests (exspeccially if that ask whats in the box) to be careful and you ask before every touching anything becsuse we never know what can and cannot hurt us.

In another forum page i was desscussion about my set up and how i wanted to make myself a herb book with information to help me out and to make a book as well about my oils.

I also use candles in my work and do alot of my craft in the kitchen. I always have a bowl of water next to me, not just for saftey but to call upon the elements to help guide me. I do not have a fire extinguisher so i figured this is a win win in this situation. Except when it comes to me doing my cooking spells and there are grease so I have baking soda on hand at all times.


Weekly Witchy CHALLENGE ENTRY - Magickal Safety - @jan_TheGreenWitch

Witchcraft Safety

There’s not a better list or article in my opinion than what Spells8 has in the classes / online. It’s well rounded material and provides a guideline for practitioners of all types. I will be focusing on the second half of the mentioned safety tip #7, Perform cleanses and stay protected.

Blocking is a good tool to have in your safety toolbox for protection. There are many blocking techniques that are fairly common, however I was reading this book quoted below and came across a new one to me and thought I’d share it — and I’ll be trying it this weekend.

Silk: When you are trying to block out an overload of information, silk is one of the ways to do it. Read an excerpt from this book:

“….helpful tool to block out an overload of information is silk. Try wearing a silk scarf loosely around your head or draped over your shoulders and chest. Silk also helps defend the wearer from psychic attacks and block out any attempted psychic attacks.”

“Psychic Empath Secrets of Psychics and Empaths and a Guide to Developing Abilities Such as Intuition, Clairvoyance, Telepathy, Aura Reading, Healing Mediumship, and Connecting to Your Spirit Guides”
By Kimberly Moon

As I researched the magical and mundane correspondences of silk, it is something well worth thinking about and trying out! Check out this blog, I am awestruck by Silk now, fantastic article on origins of silk wearing and correspondences. I need to get a kimono!!!