Candle Safety 🔥


It’s no secret that witches love candles. Candles have been used in magick and religious ceremonies for centuries. Candles can bring an ambiance to any space in your home. The flicker of the flame and the scents that permeate the room can change the atmosphere and energy of that space.

However, it should go without saying that candles can also be dangerous. It is fire, after all. And if we know anything about fire, it’s that fire has the power to create, yes, but also to devastate. Risking your home, your school, or a forest for the sake of a candle is a reckless and selfish thing to do. So, let’s talk about fire safety.

“Only YOU can prevent wildfires.” - Smokey the Bear

Why is candle safety important?

According to the National Fire Protection Association, from 2012-2016 an estimated 8,200 home structure fires were reportedly caused by candles, and these fires caused an average of 80 deaths per year, 770 injuries, and over $200-million in damages.

Preparation and Prevention

I’m not saying you should never burn candles or incense, or anything for that matter. What I am saying is that you should be prepared beforehand to prevent a disaster. Here are some things you should do if you are going to have an open flame in your home.

  1. Keep all candles and burning objects at least 12 inches away from anything that can catch on fire.

  2. Keep a fire extinguisher in your home - somewhere easily accessible.

  3. When burning anything, keep water close to the area just in case.

  4. Keep candles in sturdy holders on a flat surface. You do not want them to tip over.

  5. Don’t burn candles when you are tired. You might fall asleep.

  6. NEVER use a candle if anyone in the home uses oxygen.

  7. Don’t let a candle burn overnight - even if your spell calls for it.

  8. Keep candles away from small children and pets.

What if an accident happens?

I like to think back to the training that I received when I worked in a hospital, and I’ll share that with you here. Keep in mind, though, that most house fires are 100% preventable.

You want to R.A.C.E. during a fire.

Remove - remove people from the area

Alarm - call 911 (or your emergency service line)

Contain - keep the fire from spreading by closing doors if you are escaping

Extinguish or Escape - if safe to do so, extinguish the flame. If not, get out of the building


And how do you use a fire extinguisher? Think PASS.

Pull the pin.

Aim the nozzle.

Squeeze the trigger.

Sweep back and forth.

Fires are preventable, but we have to take the right steps to get there. This means following the safety tips above and always keeping a method of extinguishing a flame close by.

Do you practice good fire safety when burning candles?

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Thanks for this safety tips! Luckily I never had any issues with fire, but I have a little fire extinguisher ready just in case!

Also, I would add to never burn a candle on a bookshelf or a windowsill with curtains!

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I 100% agree. I don’t burn anything too close to anything else, just in case. I also have anxiety, and fire is one of my major fears, so I’m extra careful!

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