Blue Moon Magick for Health and Wellness - Spelling 🐝 Challenge

The Spelling Bee challenge comes right at the perfect time for me. I had already planned on writing a special spell and ritual for the Blue Moon and now I have the motivation to actually get it done. Plus, this gives you a bit of insight into how I write my spells and the thought process that goes into it.

What is my goal?

I lead a healthy and fulfilled life. My body and mind are healthy and I am happy.

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I heavily associate the Blue Moon with long-term goals since it only comes around every two to three years. This year, I have a heavy focus on my health :woman_health_worker:

Long story short, I’m dealing with some medical things that might prove to be difficult to deal with the older I get. I’ve tested positive for an antibody of an autoimmune condition called Sjogren’s Syndrome. This is the same autoimmune condition that my mom has, and so I kind of knew there was a possibility of me getting it because it’s genetic.

Anywho, the focus of my :crescent_moon: Blue Moon:crescent_moon: spellwork will be on my health and wellness. I’m already doing what I can on my end physically (and I’m scheduled to see a specialist in December) but there’s no harm in having an extra magickal boost.

What do I need?

:candle: White Pillar Candle
:herb: Rosemary (overall health - for candle dressing)
:herb: Cinnamon (heart health - for candle dressing)
:herb: Basil (bodily health - for candle dressing)
:herb: Lavender Essential Oil (easing anxiety and worry - for candle dressing)
:herb: Olive Oil (carrier oil - for candle dressing)
:dagger: Carving Tool (to carve sigils into the candle)
:dragon_face: Dragon’s Blood Incense (for protection…plus I just like the way it smells)
:hotsprings: An offering for Brighid
:herb: Bay Leaf (for burning)
:spiral_notepad: Paper (for burning)
:fire: Cauldron or fire-safe container (for burning)
:droplet: Bowl of water or fire extinguisher (gotta be safe!)
:notebook: Notebook or loose paper (for journaling and scripting)

What will I do?

  1. Sit in a quiet place and meditate on my specific goal.
    I’ll take this time to free write and script write. During my meditation, I will ask Brighid and my ancestors (because…Samhain) for assistance in achieving my goals and to offer any insight They may have into my present situation as well as the future.

  2. Combine the loose herbs in a mortar and pestle and grind as fine as possible.
    I don’t have an invocation planned for this step. I will let the moment, feelings, and energy carry me and speak directly from the heart.

  3. Combine the powdered herbs with the olive oil and lavender essential oil

  4. Hold the white pillar candle with both hands.
    Close my eyes and envision it full of white healing energy, glowing in my hands. Say the following:

Lady Brighid, I seek Thee. Goddess of flowing waters and healing wells, I ask for Your aid in quelling the pain I feel. I ask for Your aid in healing the broken and mending the sick of my body and soul. Goddess of the Sacred Flame, I ask Thee to be with me in my work tonight.

Blessed Lady, please accept the offering I have to give Thee. Please hear my call.

  1. Begin carving into the candle.
    For this spell, I will be carving several things. I will be carving a pentacle and the words health, balance, wellness, and life. I might also create a sigil for my affirmation, but I haven’t decided yet.
  2. Once the candle is carved, begin dressing it with the herb and oil mixture.
    Visualize the infusion blessing and consecrating the candle with healing energy and intention. Say the following:

Healing herbs and oil mix, energy flows from cinnamon sticks, Herbs and oils do combine, to heal the body, soul, and mind.

  1. Once the candle is dressed, meditate with it before I light it.
    Breathe into it. Talk to it and whisper my intentions.
  2. Take a deep breath and light the candle.
  3. In the light of the candle, take a piece of paper, and write the affirmation.

I lead a healthy and fulfilled life. My body and mind are healthy and I am happy.

  1. Take the bay leaf and draw a pentacle with a triquetra on top.
    This is to symbolize protection (the pentacle) and health of the mind, body, and spirit (the triquetra).
  2. Fold the two up together and close my eyes.
    Say the following as I burn the paper.

As I will it, so it shall be.

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I’ll finish by scripting and meditating again, focusing on the future and the space between this Blue Moon and the next. If I feel like it, I might pull a few tarot cards and commune with my ancestors. I’ll let the candle burn for as long as I can, and then when I need an extra reminder and boost for the long-term spell, I’ll light it again :fire:

The candle :candle: will be used as a regular reminder of the work I’m doing daily to live a healthy life. When I’m feeling low, or if I’m having a flare or a bad symptom day, I plan on sitting with it and meditating on my goals. It is a candle I plan on keeping between now and the next :crescent_moon: Blue Moon :crescent_moon: which happens to be on August 31, 2023, as a physical representation of my spellwork and intentions. When the next Blue Moon rolls around, I’ll have the same candle to use for the same intentions, making the long-term spellwork that much more powerful.

:notebook_with_decorative_cover: I also plan on keeping a journal specifically for this large spell. I want to document how I’m feeling over the next three years, the time between this full moon and the next, to gauge what I need to adjust for the next time. :notebook_with_decorative_cover:

It’s a long process, but I feel like this sort of spellwork, especially with the issues I’m currently facing, requires time to work and be effective.

This is your reminder that magick, spells, and potions are not substitutes for medical care. See a doctor, take care of yourself, and practice magick wisely.


Thanks for sharing, Megan. That was beautifully written and it’s a solid plan of action for a long-term process.

Blessings and Health to you, now and always! :candle:


Thank you @Francisco :candle:

I appreciate it. Now I just have to set the plan in motion :ocean:


This is gorgeous @MeganB, I love the idea of keeping the blue moon candle and making the 3 year plan - I definitely want to incorporate this idea into my blue moon magic. :heart_eyes:
I wish you the health and happiness you deserve and that this beautiful spell is a success :hearts:


Thank you :heart_eyes: very much @Limeberry

One of the things I love doing on the :first_quarter_moon_with_face: Blue Moon :last_quarter_moon_with_face: is using it as a marker for these longer goals. I find that it helps me keep track to have a starting point and an end point!


Wow. What a lovely ritual for health! Thanks for sharing!


You write really good spells! That was easy to read and I’m bookmarking it. :slight_smile::pray: Thank you


Hi Megan really good spell!!! Your a :star2:Really was introspective. I like how goal oriented you are! I am honored to know you, your spell gives me inspiration and If it’s OK with you I would like to add it to my BOS! Thanks for sharing!!!


Thank you, Kasie :hugs:

Aww thank you! :heart:

Go for it!

I’m glad you all like my spell so much :cherry_blossom: I honestly can’t wait for the blue moon to get here so I can do this spell. Even my meditation leading up to it has been intense.

And I would be honored to know that it has inspired you all and you’ve added it to your own Books of Shadows :sparkles:


Beautiful, @MeganB :blush: This is some thoughtful and potent spellwork- a pleasure to read! I love the idea of using the candle as a reminder and source of inspiration after the spellwork :candle: Thank you so much for sharing. Sending many well-wishes for good health your way- Blessed be! :pray:


Thank you :candle: I appreciate it so much!

This is the idea…but we’ll see if it actually happens :rofl:


Love :heart: your spell! I am inspired!


Glad I could inspire you :heart:


@MeganB I just found this … It is lovely and beautifully written. I may have to settle for Yule to do something similar. VERY NICE. I like the way you think!


This is a wonderful ritual. Thanks so much for sharing as I am also going through some health issues :blush: :heart: :dizzy:


MeganB what a wonderful spell. :black_heart: I hope it’s ok if I use it also. I’m not confidant enough to make my own yet.


Oh, thank you! It absolutely is okay! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m glad to hear you like it!