⚖ Divine Justice - A Grey Magick Tarot Spell to Help a Victim

When faced with injustice, especially for something serious, it’s natural to feel a tidal wave of emotions - rage, sadness, misery, hate, fear, among others.

The survival urge of fight or flight kicks in, leading victims to either want to hide from the awfulness of the situation or to go in wands blazing in the hopes of getting back at those who wronged them. Both of these are natural and understandable urges.

While we can always hope that the justice systems we humans have put in place to maintain fairness in our societies will work properly, these systems don’t address the spiritual side. For a witch or other spiritual practitioner, there are a great many resources available to help you in your holistic quest for justice.

This is one such spell - a Justice Spell that calls upon the divine, in their All-Seeing and All-Knowing power, to help a victim receive righteous justice.

How does this spell work?

In contrast to spells where the castor takes the robes of a “judge”, decides a “punishment”, and casts for the manifestation of their chosen punishment - this spell works as a fast pass to put your situation into the hands of the divine and call upon Their aid.

The All-Seeing and All-Knowing understand the entirety of the situation, including additional wrong-doings and aspects the castor is not aware of. They are not bound by human laws nor the complex systems of human society - the divine can give out exactly what is deserved to the guilty party, when They see fit, in whatever way is best suited to the situation.

The intention of this spell is fixated on justice - that those who have done wrong, be it an individual, an organization, a business, or other entity, are judged fairly and decisively by the divine. With the divine as both the judge and the prosecutor, the castor/victim is not in danger of any potential future karmic retribution in regard to the punishment of the guilty.

Tarot Spell

Because the castor is not calling for any specific punishment and is simply requesting assistance in finding justice from the divine, this spell would not generally be considered as Black/Baneful Magick. For those who follow the Wiccan Threefold Law, the Wiccan Rede, the Law of Attraction, karma, or other ethics that do not condone harming others, please be aware that this spell does not actively seek harm upon another (with the disclaimer that harm and/or hardship may come to the guilty party if that is what the divine finds they deserve).

For many, this type of justice spell falls in the “grey area” between baneful (sometimes called black) magick that harms and wholesome (sometimes called white) magick that heals - this crossroads area between the two is referred to as grey magick :grey_shades_heart:

That being said, everyone’s magickal ethics are as wonderfully unique and diverse as their practices are. Before beginning, you may want to review your personal magickal ethics and make sure that this spell is something that aligns with your beliefs.

Divine Justice

A grey magick tarot spell for justice

Bring your situation straight to the eyes of the divine - the All-Knowing and All-Seeing will deliver exactly what the guilty deserve.

You will need:

(If you do not have a tarot deck of your own yet, you can download and print the cards in this free tarot deck :flower_playing_cards:)

  • :postal_horn: The Judgement Card - Judgement is a card of the truth coming to light where all can see it

  • :balance_scale: The Justice Card - Justice is a card of rewards or punishments, accountability, karma, balance, and resolution

  • :black_circle: Black candle - black candles are associated with karmic restoration, protection, and deities of justice such as Hekate

  • :white_circle: Clear quartz crystal - clear quartz represents purity, an open mind and heart, a blank slate, and transparency

  • :last_quarter_moon: A time of balance - a celestial or astronomical period such as a First Quarter Moon, Last Quarter Moon, Spring Equinox, or Autumn Equinox: symbolic of equilibrium and balance

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

Spell Instructions:

  1. Begin by preparing the space you wish to cast this spell in. This may mean tidying up your altar, setting up your portable altar, or creating a quiet and protected space where you can cast without interruption. As this is a candle spell, please keep candle magick safety in mind :fire:

  2. When you are ready, dim the lights in your space (to the point where it is dark but you can still light your candle safely) and take three deep, centering breaths.

  3. Light your black candle.

  4. Pick up your Judgement card. Spend a few moments studying Judgement - focus on the details and symbolism on the card. Focus and invoke the energy of this card.

  5. Place Judgement to the left of your candle. Say:

I beseech you, divine powers, to summon those who must be judged
By Your will, see the entire truth of the matter
May the guilty finally face the weight of their crimes
And may the innocent walk free

  1. Pick up your Justice card. In the same way as before, spend a few moments studying Justice - focus on all of the details and symbolism and invoke the energy of the card.

  2. Place Justice to the right of your candle. Say:

I beseech you, divine powers, to bring balance where it is needed
By Your hand, reach out with righteousness to those who deserve it.
May the guilty feel the sword of justice.
And may the scales balance so that the innocent may walk free.

  1. Pick up your clear quartz and place it between your two cards, in front of your candle. By doing so, you show the divine you have a clear mind and heart. You are fully transparent and honest as you bring your situation to the eyes of the divine.

  2. With the components of the spell complete in front of you, press the palms of your hands together in a show of humble devotion and earnest request :pray:

  3. Meditate on the energy of both Judgement and Justice as you sit in the light of your candle. Feel gratitude for the efforts of the divine, and acknowledge that as They judge and deliver justice, the chosen punishment may or may not be visible to human eyes. Trust in Their wisdom and Their power. Know that the proper verdict will be given and delivered.

  4. Allow the candle to extinguish on its own or, when you feel the spell is complete, respectfully snuff it.

  5. Thank the divine for listening to your plea. Place the Judgement and Justice cards on your altar or other sacred space for three days after the spell. After three days have passed, you may return them to your deck.

~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~

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